Saturday, 8 January 2011

New catalogue has arrived!

On Wednesday I received another delivery late in the afternoon - 30,000 cards and my
*NEW* catalogue - 28 pages of dots and spots goodies.

So I had 250+ to prepare for our catalogue drop, to send out to all our stockists and any traders who have shown an interest or enquired about the dots and spots range.
The catalogue is printed for both our web customers and our trade partners, so this trade copy needed a terms and conditions sheet to be stapled in...

... a Top Drawer sticker as a reminder on the back cover,

and a trade order form to outline prices, buying multiples etc.

I then enveloped them all - the envelopes had been addressed during the Christmas break and then added the finishing touch - a strip of decorative tape and a sticker.

I can't believe it has taken me the best part of a day to complete this one task
and the realisation that I'll be doing this again in less than 6 months time
when we have our next new edition, showcasing more new products in time for Harrogate.

So if you are a stockist and have shown an interest or stock the dots and spots range of goodies then look out for your copy over the next few days. If you haven't received one and would like one then please do get in touch.

Just another 200+ to prepare for the show - might enlist a little help for the next round as I'm now off to my studio to complete some personalised orders, embellished prints for a trade stockist and design a wedding invitation!

So much for working less at the weekends!


All things nice... said...

Well done, that was alot of work :) Keep it up and I'm sure it'll go well :)Enjoy the rest of the weekend

All things nice...

Nic said...

Ooh I was going to say that maybe you should enlist some help for the next catalogue stuffing session ;)

They look great!

Julia said...

Phew! Reckon you could do with a nice sit down and a cuppa after all that hard work!
Your catalogues are looking great, love the attention to detail with the envelopes too, that's just the kind of thing that makes you stand out from the crowd!

Love Julia x

Jenny said...

My you sound like you are having a busy weekend, I've not had a bad one myself, though still trying to get to grips with twitter, haha! Hope you get it all done soon and get some well deserved rest! jenny x

joy said...

I wish I lived a bit closer, would just love to pop round and help out on a part-time basis, sadly its just that bit too far for me to travel. well done, really looking forward to receiving my copy. good luck for the coming season,

Jades Craft Crafts said...

Keep up the good work! the catalogues look great!
Good Luck for 2011.

Jade xx

Judith said...

You must be very proud,
You CAN be very proud, it looks so nice!!!
greetings, Judith

Fay's Studio said...

You truly are a wonder woman! You manage your time so well. 30,000 cards packaged must feel wonderful too. Keep up all the hard work, and good luck at Top Drawer. Fab show!
x Fay


What a charming blog you have here :o)


Claire said...

Hi, just want to say thankyou for my order, it arrived yesterday. Full of dottiness, will be the first of many orders from me, its all gorgeous!
Claire x