Saturday, 1 January 2011

A year of dots and spots

So it's a new year, I've shared a year in the dots and spots home and now I thought I'd take an opportunity to look back through the dots and spots year and see just how much we have achieved!

Wow! What a lot!


February saw us launch another range of cards - of course one for Valentines!

March is of course for Mother's day.

April saw me working on a range of Owl posters - a perfect addition for any child's bedroom.

And of course our decorative tape - which has proved to be a very popular dots and spots product.

May - I had the opportunity to visit the printers and see all my dots and spots goodies in production. Such an incredible insight.

I brought out 3 new ranges of postcards ....

.... and a range of notebooks.

June saw me complete my beach hut wedding commission...

.... and bring out a new, updated catalogue
(our new version will arrive next week!)

July was a major time for dots and spots when we exhibited at our first Trade fair in Harrogate. We have not stopped from that day forward!

August saw us move into premises locally, as we finally agreed that dots and spots had all got too much for our little house. There are only so many boxes you can home at the end of your bed!

So Jeff spent the remaining days of his summer holiday in Ikea cube unit hell!

September was very busy, fulfilling all our show orders, working our way through numerous trade orders brought in by our new agents.

October - whilst busy with orders day to day, behind the scenes I was busy designing new products - our new sticker sets for boys and girls.

Our new fridge magnets are already proving to be very popular.

In November we felt very grown up and changed our postal system to online- which during the busy Christmas period was a huge time saver.

I continued to work on new tape designs which are now on sale on our website.

December has pretty much been a blur - busy with orders and preparations for our next big Trade show in January. Lots of work has been going on behind the scenes and I will fill you in on all our new designs next time. I'm busy preparing envelopes for our new catalogue to be sent out, boxes of samples filled with all our new goodies for our Agents and Jeff has been busy getting everything on the website

So, what a busy year 2010 was and 2011 I hope, will be more of the same. We have our big London Trade show - Top Drawer in just 2 weeks time - eek!

I am already working with the printers on our wrap and tag range which I have been promising retailers for over a year now. Space was always an excuse but latterly it has quite simply been time.

I have some other product ideas in the pipeline plus continuing to update and keep fresh what we already do!
So it does look like a busy time ahead and of course I promise to keep you all updated with regular posts here!

Wow! What a year 2010 was.....

....roll on 2011!


hello gorgeous said...

Wow! what a full and exciting year that was....and as far as I can tell more of the same to come...well done gorgeous! Very inspirational....

Happy New Year to you and your family, here's to health, happiness and much love for 2011!


hello gorgeous xxx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Congratulations on a fantastic year! Happy New Year!

crafts@home said...

It's been an amazing journey, watching you grow and grow throughout the year, Have a Happy New 2011, Sue x

Muddy Puddle Crafts said...

what an achievement Becky!!
Happy New Year, hope 2011 brings you further success & thanks for sharing your journey with us x

Marion said...

What an amazing year, Becky. Congratulations!
It's lovely to see such success in a home business.
Here's to 2011 - hope it leads oneards and upwards.

madebymum said...

happy new year I am going to enjoy looking through your blog I just found it.

Anthea said...

It certainly has been a fantastic year for you! When I first stumbled across your website back in May I was immeadiatly drawn in by your designs and by your fabulous blog! Good luck and all the best for 2011, Becky!

Anthea x Forest Flower

ps Can't wait for the gift wrap and tags :)

Sew Very English......... said...

Hi Becky, Fab Blog and what a fantastic year you've had and another super one coming up from the sound of things. Best Of Luck for Top Drawer, I'm sure you will be hugely sucessful.

Ps....In your spare time (ha ha ha) are you planning on a calender?

Best Wishes