Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Home Sweet Home

Top Drawer at Earl's Court - London, has been a fabulous show for us.

It has taken days of planning, a set up day and 3 days for the actual show but it's been great.

It's been a wonderful experience to share a platform with so many talented people and designers. I was lucky to have such wonderful neighbours - makes all the difference when you are with them for 8 and a half hours every day!

The standard of display and exhibits were truly inspiring.

Someone even brought in their own Double Decker Bus!

But I was really pleased with what dots and spots had to offer.

One lady said - ''You are so Top Drawer!'' as it's a design led show I felt a huge amount of pride.
We had a fabulous show - lots of orders, I'm certainly going to be kept very busy! Lots of catalogues were given out to genuinely interested people. Lots of business cards to follow up and potentially a couple of very exciting projects and product designs ahead.

I've been on the phone to see if my 'help' is available all next week as there is a huge amount to get prepped and sent out. So it's good bye London until this time next year (Yes! We have already booked our stand!) and hello Harrogate in 6 months time.
I have loved my time at the show but it is soooooo nice to be home!


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Your success story is inspirational! Thank you for sharing it all along the way. Coongratulations on a great show - you are truly Top Drawer!

Pipany said...

So great to hear it all went well for you. Good luck with the next bit x

The Flower Garden said...

Well done.
I am so happy for you. Your drive and determination has paid off. It is wonderful to see a small business growing under the current financial climate.
Jo x

Judith said...

Congrats to all orders. Glad to hear that you had so much fun.
I wish you all the best and enjoy being home again(-:
greetings, Judith

All things nice... said...

Well done and I'm glad it went good for you.

All things nice...

Strawberry Annies said...

Great blog posts and your stand looked even better in the flesh. I stopped by very briefly and you were busy with customers, so I said a very brief hello to your husband and moved on.
We've got a stand at Spring Fair (our first trade event) so I have followed your progress as something to aspire to in the future x