Wednesday, 15 June 2011

For Take That fans only!!

Back in November, I celebrated my 40th Birthday and my husband gave me the best present ever - tickets for Take That! I am a 'real' fan - always have been.

So last night was the night - my night with the boys and my sister.

We crossed over the bridge and made our way to

Cardiff and the Millennium Stadium.

We were right up in the top of the stadium - just 3 rows from the back but it was worth it, regardless of where we were - the atmosphere was A*M*A*Z*I*N*G

With the big screens you could see




and *Jason*

They first performed as a four......

Then on came *Mr Robbie Williams*

who sang all the favourites including Angels!

Then they all joined together to sing - The Flood and

the Back drop was a wall of real water!

and the original Take That line up was complete!

They sang a fab mix of old and new tracks -

The set was incredible and the atmosphere electric

I have never seen anything like it!

Thank you Jeff for the birthday surprise tickets - had the best time!

Am feeling a little tired after not getting in until 1.30 this morning - starting to feel my age!!!

Here is a 'wobbily' minute video - just to get the scale of it all!


Plus Size Shopaholic said...

I LOVE Take That! They remind me of my youth, and I was SO pleased when they came back.

I think as we grow up we feel that we should refrain from squealing and giggling like girls, but we should all do something once in a while which makes us feel YOUNG! x

Jenny said...

Oh I am jealous! I have never been to a concert on such a massive scale but I have been a take that fan since the beginning too (I think I was only 10 or something when I got their first album!) What an amazing birthday present! x

LissyLou said...

I am a real fan too. I have loved them from the beginning. I was so mad on Mark - i even when to his home in Oldham and stole a pebble out of his back yard. I still have it!!! Now i still think mark is sweet but i think i prefer Robbie or Howard now.
Can't wait till the concert in London in July - they always put on great shows. Glad you had fun xxx

B............... said...

Lucky you!
I was 40 in November too but had a holiday for my gift, would of been a hard choice if my Man had said 'Take That' tickets or holiday lol!

B xxx

Judith said...

hummmm oooooo aaaaa

no no no
not jealous
no no no

yes yes yes
I am
(shame on me)

Helen said...

so glad you had a fab time , you were in my neck of the woods and i was working in CARDIFF last night and everyone was moaning about the extra traffic on the roads , but i was telling them that "TAKE THAT " , were in town .
Hope you have a little extra sleep , goodluck with evrything love Helen xx

Hazel said...

Only 18 more sleeps 'til it's out turn! Looks soooo good - can't wait.

Pocketful of Patterns said...

WOW - looks a-ma-zing; so wish I'd been able to get tickets!! Lucky, lucky thing :)

milly and pip said...

Sigh! I love Take That. Thanks for posting the video. Looks like you had an amzing view