Monday, 6 June 2011

A little treat!

Over the last week I have been giving the house a little TLC - as I explained in an earlier post I'm used to moving every 3 years and we have been here longer than that - so to help settle my wandering thoughts, I have been doing a little painting, putting up a few new pictures etc. I treated myself the other day, to this gorgeous material.

It's Lil Plain Jane in Aqua by Michael Miller and I wanted to turn it into some new cushion covers to brighten up the sofas.

Now I can't sew - I've always wanted to but never found that pocket of time to sit down and teach myself but I've been spoilt, my Mother-in-Law always did 'sewing stuff' for me so I never had to do it myself.

When she very sadly passed away, I was lucky to find this lovely, very talented lady who could sew, at my husbands work. I gave him the material to take into work this morning and asked if sometime this week she could make me 4 cushion covers.

He came home with 4 beautiful cushion covers this evening!!! I'm off to buy her a big bouquet of flowers to say thank you. I can't believe the speedy service and I absolutely love them.


Judith said...

Love them too, the colours are so happy!

cupcakejojo said...

Oh I love that fabric! Very happy & cheery for the summer! x

Claire said...

Well I could of written that post and the previous one about moving. I am exactly the same as you, ive lived in this house the longest and thats 3 years! Ive had itchy feet for a year and hubby refusing to scratch them lol. So like you im moving things around, we have knocked a wall down between kitchen and back room and plan to knock through front and back rooms but that urge will still be there!!!!! Love the material for the cushions, it looks so bright and cheery, just like your home. Claire xx

Pene said...

The cushions are lovely, it's amazing how a cushion or throw can change a room.
I have moved 19 times since I left home 30yrs ago but have been in the house we're in now for 6yrs!! Did think of moving 3yrs ago but then the property market crashed so decided what the heck I can live with the view lol;0)
Pene x

Plus Size Shopaholic said...

They look so cheerful! Lovely.

I get itchy feet every couple of years, but that's because we rent and most landlords are such swines I can only bear them for a couple of years max. Hopefully this place will be different ;)

All things nice... said...

Oh they are so pretty, love the colours :)

All things nice...