Thursday, 23 June 2011

I am Drowning!

Back in January during Top Drawer (London Trade Show) we met a buyer for a company which has 30+ stores in the UK. We received a Christmas order from them in late April- a 'big' order for an August dispatch. We found the money to get the print runs under way for 38,000 Christmas cards, 17,000 place settings and packet tops. I ordered the cello's and 60,000 envelopes and worked out, from a previous large'ish order, that it would take me about 27 days to pack.

So as everything arrived, it got neatly piled in every available space ready to be started when there was a quiet moment. The ideal situation would be to have it all packed by the end of June before we went off to our next trade show in Harrogate in July, as we would be busy on our return.

Well it is now the 23rd of June and only one week to go in my 'ideal' scenario and I have to date, only managed to pack nearly 800 packs (5464 packs short of my target!) as there simply has not been many 'quiet moments'!!

Am I beginning to panic? - just a little if I'm honest!!!

I do have a little help but even with the 2 of us, we don't seem to be getting very far because at the same time all our new products are arriving and need packing before the show. I need to send sample packs out to my agents, design the new order form, make up, label and address 500+ catalogue packs to be sent out to all our trade customers. I need to prepare my show stand, ribbon up my display boards and think about my stand layout. The website and trade website need to be updated as well as dealing with our normal day to day website and trade orders.

I do have until the beginning of August, I wanted to be organised by the end of June so that July could be my show focus - but I will have to find the time to do them both at the same time. It will get done - I will make sure of it but not quite how I would have liked.

Oh, and today they added 4,000+ rolls of tape to their order! So I will have to find the money and time for that too! The joys of running a small but scalable business.

I feel so privileged that they placed an order with us and I know it will get done but if I am a little quiet in the next few weeks - you know why!!


crafts@home said...

and I think I'm busy!!!!
Good Luck :)
Sue :)

Plus Size Shopaholic said...

Good luck! I'd be in major freakout mode by now x

Jenny said...

You are the busiest lady I know by far!! Hope you manage to get it all done without too many sleepless nights x

dosierosie said...

Good luck.

WinnibriggsHouse said...

How wonderful to hear of such deserving success. I wish you luck (and 48hour days!) with all that packing. How wonderful it will feel when its done....mind thats not saying you wont be doing it again after Harrogate.
Jenny x

Muddy Puddle Crafts said...

Wow Becky I'm freaking out for you, but I know you'll do it. You seam to achieve & reach every goal that comes your way, a true super woman, good luck x

Fay's Studio said...

Wow Becky! You must feel overwhelmed, but you can do it. Good luck! x Fay

Elli Moody said...

Wow - I'd come and help you if I lived closer! Good luck getting it all sorted, think of the satisfaction when it's all done! x

Jilly said...

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Kerry Mosley said...

My heart goes out to you.....I've had some panicky moments in my time....but I am sure it will get done.