Saturday, 4 June 2011

Saturday morning - working!

This morning I had to drag everyone over to the unit - I'm awaiting delivery of 24,000 postcards and despite kitting out my new premises back in February, I was already running out of space! So I did a quick trip to Ikea yesterday, Jeff put the units together this morning - the children shelved them out and moved the old stock around and hey presto we are now ready for their imminent arrival!

I have started to prep for my big order - 6,264 packs of Christmas cards need to be packed and 2088 packs of Christmas place settings - I have been waiting for the printed stock to arrive barcoded packet tops and 17,584 cards!!!!

This is just some of it!!! I now need to knuckle down and get packing - delivery is to take place August the 1st but I would like to have got it all packed before we go off to our next trade show in Harrogate mid July.

And once home, I'm still on my cleaning frenzy - the under stairs computer area has just been given a clear out - there is now space and it is dust free!!!! I have no doubt though, that this time next week, it will be back in it's normal state - full of clutter!


Mother Hen said...

I wish dots and spots lived closer and I would come work for you!

madebymum said...

Gosh you have your hands full. But lucky you having such a supportive family.

Joy said...

Wow! It all looks lovely.