Monday, 13 June 2011

At last - the wrap is in the building!!!!!

This has seemed a very long process but we have got there - today I took delivery of my new wrapping paper!

From that first thought over 2 years ago, to getting premises big enough to store it, to then coming up with the designs, getting the printers to work their technical magic, to tweaking wet tests and finally printing!

Getting the colour and quality has been the main focus and I must say seeing the finished product today - I am not disappointed!

So today it took 3 journeys - the palettes one by one got loaded onto the van.

My fantastic shelves - purposely bought for the job, were ready and waiting.

Each set of paper - 24 packs of 250 sheets per pack had to be lifted, by hand up onto the loading bay.

Steve then wheeled them down the corridor to my unit.

Then unloaded the packs on to the shelves one by one - this process had to be repeated 6 times!!

Until finally it was here - all stacked up nice and neat - ready to start selling......

........well there is a slight delay as we are just waiting on the tags - then we will be good to go!

so here are the designs - multi flower with a pink/red spot reverse

multi heart with a pink/red star reverse

Lovebirds with a pink/red stripe reverse

Birthday bunting with a blue/red spot reverse

Celebrate! with a blue/red star reverse

and finally our seaside design with a blue/red stripe reverse.

I haven't forgotten all of you lovely blog followers who left a comment back in February when I was doing some initial research. When the tags arrive, I will randomly chose a winner or 2 to receive some of our new paper.

A huge Thank You must go to the FABULOUS team at St Andrews Press for all their hard work and for making my dream of gift wrap a reality - THANK YOU!


Locket Pocket said...

They are all beautiful! You must be so pleased to have them in stock. Lucy x

Mrs Shilts said...

ohh fabulous! looks brilliant, can't wait to buy up some dots and spots wrapping paper :)

Jenny said...

They look fab!! Poor Steve tho - that is a lot of wrapping paper he's had to move! x

The Pea Pod said...

Well done! It must be a great feeling to finally have it all in storage and ready to go after all the planning. Steve is a star too!

LaurenCherice said...

Wow, fantastic! Really interesting post :)

Plus Size Shopaholic said...

Ooh, it looks awesome and I will definitely be taking some off your hands soon ;) x

Pene said...

Oh WOW they are all absolutely gorgeous, you must be thrilled. Well done becky I'm thrilled for you
Pene x

B............... said...

WOW looking fab!

B xxx

gooseberrymoon said...

They all look fabulous and I love, love, love the seaside design. Well done, sounds like it's been a long process to get this far.

spotty N stripy said...

Looks absolutely amazing!