Sunday, 12 June 2011

A lovely surprise!

After all the excitement of Friday - Saturday was to be a normal day at home - catching up on those little jobs, resting after all my cleaning!!!!! and taking in the excitement from the previous day. But the doorbell rang - it was the postman with a parcel!

I wasn't expecting a parcel - so had no idea what could be inside and who it was from!

It was a beautiful fabric wreath and fabric cone made by the talented Lisa Perry - now this was totally unnecessary but absolutely gorgeous. You see, well over a year ago, I did some postcards for her business Nappy Cakes - I'm so busy now and she wanted to use the original art work to do some cards of her own. I just sent her the original design, not wanting payment and thought nothing more of it.....

... until yesterday morning when this gorgeous parcel arrived. I love Lisa's work - one of her beautiful wreaths is a very treasured item of mine and has now found it's home on the side of my new 1950's retro cupboard. This wreath is obviously a Christmas one but it's too nice to hide away in a cupboard for the majority of the year - will have to find somewhere to display it!

She also made this gorgeous card which will be finding it's way into a frame too.

Thank you very much Lisa - all gorgeous - all very naughty but lovingly received!


home made gorgeous said...

Wow, what a beautiful wreath and such a nice surprise to receive it in the post like that...Sarah x

Miffy said...

My pleasure - so glad you liked it!! - If you ever need any more wreaths you know where to come!!! Lisa xx