Sunday 3 December 2023

I got another job!!

On Wednesday I had an interview......

....and I got the job!!
 Gallery Invigilator

So when exhibitions are on at the Atkinson Gallery, I will welcome visitors, answer any questions, look after the exhibits in the gallery. It's two blocks of  5 week stints, in Feb/March and Sept/Oct, so fits in perfectly alongside my Exam Invigilation. I was worried the exam invigilation wouldn't give me enough money but I think the two roles together will be enough. I'm really looking forward to it.

There is a sculpture trail up at the school. Lots of fabulous sculptures dotted around the site. So, I may be asked to go in occasionally to take groups around the trail. It's looking lovely up there at the moment with all the Christmas lights on. I'm done working now for the year, which is just wonderful. I don't know when I last had such a relaxed December!! I've invigilated a few internal exams this week and am now not needed until the 4th of January!!

Plenty of time to get out walking when the weather plays ball.
An atmospheric Glastonbury Tor

Spotify Wrapped came out this week. Always brings a flurry of messages to the family group chat. I like to listen to music in the car but it's often on the radio or a CD, I don't actually listen to loads on my phone, so I had a really low number of minutes, compared to Sam up in 50,000 plus!!

My walking friend, Lynn and I, went to Wells on Thursday as the weather was rubbish, extremely cold and everywhere is just sooooo muddy. I 'spotted' these little plates in a charity shop for £2, apparently vintage Tams! Not that that means much to me, I just liked the colour and design. There were cups and saucers which I left behind, I did joke, should I have gone back for them!!!

So Thursday was also the last day of November! It's been a jam packed, enjoyable month x

And so pinch and a punch..... hello December x

And hello Advent!

The Christmas Cupboard doors are open.....

....and slowly a little bit of Christmas can drip in daily x

The wreath is on the door.....

......the Christmas duvet is on.....

....and the Christmas mugs are in use!

Friday was a beautiful morning....

....the best way to start December.

Beautiful Ham Wall at 8.00am

Still, peaceful....

....the place to myself.....

Not what I was expecting to see as I turned the corner!

Everything was frosty and beautiful

One fluffed up robin, trying to keep warm.

Saturday was much the same, although incredibly foggy.
I met my sister over at the Newt....

....for breakfast.....

......and a wander.

The deer were very still, stayed still as we walked past. 
They normally run off when you approach them.

We had a lovely walk, enjoyed an extra coffee, before heading home. 
It's our last chance to meet up before Christmas, so was lovely to have a catch up x

Got back home and Jeff's football game had been cancelled, so he decided to get the Christmas lights up outside. They're not up for long, so I like them up for the month of December. A little bit of cheer on these gloomy December days.

Today (Sunday) is grey and dull. A day of doing very little. 
I have finished off all my Christmas cards, popped in any notes, stamped them and.....

...posted them!
A job well done! 

I am going to get the house cleaned and tree up this week. Will be too rushed to do it all after Malaga, so whilst I have the luxury of time, the most in years, I will take it slow and actually enjoy doing it, rather than another job to be ticked off the list in a hurry! 

Thought I'd leave you with this beautiful Robin.

If the weather is on my side this week, I'll try and get over to Ham Wall again. 
It's not soooo muddy and I love to see the birds, feed them from my hand if I'm lucky x
Have a good week x

Monday 27 November 2023

A fabulous festive few days x

Just got back from a few days away, all the festive feels x

4 weeks today and it will be Christmas!!

It's been a really busy week.
Jeff was off on Monday but the weather was rubbish and I didn't feel great. I didn't react very well to the painkillers I'd been prescribed for my frozen shoulder, so cut my morning short, came home and spent the afternoon on the sofa! Felt better by the Tuesday, so got out for some fresh air and a much needed wander around my favourite woods.

Absolutely loads of fabulous fungi about.

On Wednesday it rained!!
So I decided to get my Christmas cards written. 
7 hours later.......job done!!

Thursday and what seems like an age ago, I walked with Lynn!
I think I was away, then she was away, then I worked and the weather....

....anyway, we walked from Ham Wall to Avalon Marshes and back. 

Enjoyed all weathers, cold but good to get out.

Was up bright and breezy on Friday and headed over to Bath, 
to meet up with my sister and have a wander around the Christmas markets.

Sophie got the train over from Cardiff and joined us in the afternoon.

Everywhere was looking and feeling very festive x

My niece then joined us after school and we met up for food......

.....before the main event.....

....Love Actually with a live orchestra.
Sophie and I saw this in 2019 and it was wonderful. A really fabulous start to the festive season. You can't help but get goosebumps as the orchestra crescendos. It was my niece's first watch of Love Actually, so what a fabulous way to begin. Wonderful.

Hard to believe it's celebrating 20 years!!
And I still see something new, every time I see it!

Saturday morning was beautiful. 
If I hadn't already had plans, I would have gone out for an early morning walk.

First frost of the year. 
Had to scrape the car last night in Bath before we could head home.
Sophie came home with me last night and today, we headed to......


A little shopping....

...lunch at Zizzi's...

....then Annie at the Hippodrome!
Our last musical at the Hippodrome for the year!

Another fabulous performance x

Bristol looking festive on our walk back to the car.

Sophie persuaded me that it would be a good idea for me to take her back to Cardiff!! So we went via Ikea for a little look around and meatballs for tea!! then sat and watched Strictly together x

Sunday and Christmas tree decorating!
Sophie won't get home to help me decorate our tree this year, so Christmas tunes, sparkling lights, coffee, panettone, clementines - perfect x

Starting new memories. 
It's still early but time for her to enjoy her tree, before coming home for Christmas and we get to enjoy decorating it together. I gave her a selection of our home tree decorations last year, and mixed in with new ones, she can build her own memories and traditions x

Then a bonus treat, Sam came round for tea!
Love seeing them both together x

I stayed Sunday night, then left early this morning, stopping at Cribbs on my way home!
I didn't buy much, in fact I didn't really need anything. I'm pretty much done with my gift buying this year, just need to wrap! I always like to wrap my presents once the tree is up, Christmas tunes playing and all the festive feels. I won't put our tree up until sometime late next week, usually 2 weeks before Christmas. I have a busy few days ahead, a few work sessions in the mix too, and need to give the house a good clean before I begin to get Christmassy!!