Saturday, 10 April 2021

Venturing out of lockdown

As we venture out of lockdown and are now allowed to see other people, I guess some attention needs to be paid on the extra pounds gained in lockdown!! I jumped straight on board after the Easter Excess and have been trying to get myself back in to the fasting, high protein/high fat//low/no carbs and sugar regime. I need to be super strict to get myself back in the zone. It's been hard when you've had nothing to look forward to but we might be going to Greece this summer, who knows if it will go ahead but if it does I need to be ready!!

We were contacted by the owner of the place we'd booked in Kassiopi, saying our dates were no longer available for the whole week but he'd find us alternative accommodation. This gave us the prompt to actually make out trip a 3 stop holiday, staying in Corfu Town first, then stopping over in Kalami, before going on up to Kassiopi. Something to look forward to, even if it doesn't happen.

Sophie and I ventured out for the first time on Thursday. She's had this week off, as have Jeff and Sam but the weather has been something and nothing. I still worked the Monday and Wednesday so we've not really done much and Jeff has happily returned to his refereeing!!  Anyway we went over to The Newt, just 30mins up the road but it was a change of scenery.

We got there early, so it was nice and quiet....

....and we got to see the deer.

It was blumin cold though, and as everything has to be outside until the 17th of May, it wasn't worth hanging around. So as we were leaving and it was getting busy, we got my coffee and brought it home.

Jeff, Sophie and Sam all return to work next week, we should have been in Seville!!! Millfield broke up a week early and so are back in a week earlier than the state schools. Shops are allowed to reopen on Monday, as is eating outside. I'm hoping to see my sister for a walk and a catch up mid week. Get to have a patch test for my hair colour on Friday, inching closer to getting my hair sorted. Yoga opens back up and there's a spare place for me, so slowly and safely we venture back into the world!!

Have a good week xx

Sunday, 4 April 2021

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Always such a happy occasion....... can it not be, when you get to eat the most delicious chocolate cake x

And get to enjoy chocolate eggs....

....and hot cross buns!!

I'll be honest, I've indulged a little too much. Have reached my crunch point, keep going as I am and see all my hard work evaporate or knuckle down, change a few habits and get things back on track!! Have recently read/am hoping to finish today 'Downsizing' by Tom Watson, the former Deputy Leader of the Labour party. He lost 8 stone and might just be the nudge I need, to motivate me to start on my mini journey ahead. If I do something now, then I'll be giving myself an easier task ahead.

Lots of positives in the garden. 
We planted a lot more bulbs this year and everywhere is looking lovely.

These were £1.50 a pot from work, how lovely do they look?

So this week, we've said farewell to March.....

...and said hello to April.

We've been treated to some wonderful blue skies and sunshine but too chill of a wind 
to be able to sit out and enjoy it.

Jeff's been busy out the front, trying to bring my idea to life!

Basically I wanted a large planter across the front of the house. A couple of years ago, he ordered these two planters from Ebay (top half of pic), not what I wanted at all. They get lost and just looked untidy. 

What I wanted, was this!!!
A chunky, meant to be there, planter!!
I'm hoping to fill it with Sunflowers at the back, geraniums and lobelia spilling over the front and then a mid height 'something' to give a bit of medium height. The plan then is to fill it with bulbs in the Autumn, ready for a fab display in Spring and then replant ready for Summer.

Saw this fabulous spring display up in the grounds of Jeff's school

In fact our whole walk was beautiful.

Perfect colour combo!!

So here's wishing you all a wonderful, sun filled Easter.
I hope you get to spend time with family if you can or just get to enjoy a little time to relax! Jeff is out refereeing a football game, Sophie came down to say good morning and has retreated to her room, Sam has yet to make an appearance!! I'm about to make myself a coffee and hot cross bun and see if it's warm enough yet to sit outside...... was (just) xx

Monday, 29 March 2021

'Stay Local' and a birthday!!

The 'stay at home' rule is lifted today, replaced with the 'stay local' rule!! A lot of personal interpretation there and peoples 'moral compass' will be tested. I read it, as being able to travel within Somerset, allowing me to diversify my walks, meet up with my sister, possible trip to the nearest coast etc. Still unsure if a day trip to Cornwall to see family is within the rules, a 6hr round trip, might leave it a few weeks still.

Anyway I'm sure things will become clearer as the weeks go by. One definite thing happened, we celebrated a birthday yesterday, poor Jeff has had two lockdown birthdays. I was working all day but we had a nice family tea and tried to make it special.

So Cheers....... the birthday boy, lockdown slowly lifting and the promise of warm, 
sunny weather for a couple of days xx


Saturday, 27 March 2021

LD3/WK12 - last week of lockdown!!!

So week 12 of lockdown, the final week!!
If all goes to plan, on Monday, the 'stay at home' rule is lifted, that means lockdown comes to an end. It's a little up to personal interpretation, as you are still encouraged to 'stay local' as much as possible but travel outside the local area is allowed. You are also allowed to meet outside, following the 'rule of six' and this includes meeting in private gardens.

Whilst we are confined still to home, I encouraged Jeff to cut the front hedge. It's an annual thing, last year Jeff did it whilst I was at work, needed a little supervision to get it level!! 

Sam and I whizzed up to Walton Hill after tea, to catch the sunset. 

So glad we made it up there in time, so worth it x

On my day off on Thursday, Jeff and I went off out for a long walk...

...the footpath takes you through this beautiful private garden.
It felt so wrong walking through someones private property but the owner was actually out in her garden and stopped to have a nice chat too.

Beautiful spring blossom.

With the weather warming up and the prospect of time out in the garden, Jeff asked if it was the start of my reading season. I only ever read on holiday or whilst sat out in the garden. I ordered The Switch as I loved the Flatshare last summer. The horizontal pile, are books read last year in enjoyment order, the others are left over from last summer, The Beach Read was a Christmas gift, so plenty of reading material to get me started.

So this morning Jeff and I headed out for another walk along the river Brue. Part of it was new to him, I walked it the other week, takes nearly 3 hours but you've the ever changing view of the Tor along the way and a meandering river to follow.

A week or so ago I took this picture, I wanted to return when the blossom had come out a little more.

 Today was the day to capture it again and with a bonus blue sky - perfect Spring colour combo!!

More bright yellow in the house, perfect Spring bunting! 
We have a birthday in the house tomorrow, poor Jeff gets to celebrate two lockdown birthdays! He was lucky last year, I was organised and had bought his gifts before we went into lockdown. This year we've agreed not to buy for buying sake, so nothing too impulsive in the pile!

Have made birthday brownies!!
Naughty but VERY nice xx

Saturday, 20 March 2021

LD3/WK11..... a year on from the start!!

So lockdown 3, week 11 (sigh!!)

Jeff and Sam have broken up for the Easter break, a week early than originally planned, due to Covid!! They go back a week early, so have a longer Summer term. It means the weather will be colder and Jeff's birthday will be in the holidays rather than always just as he breaks up.

I went for a walk on Wednesday, I was determined to get out and ended up walking 11.29km or 7 miles. Part of it was new territory, out along the River Brue......

....with the Tor always in view.....

....although it's amazing what you can crop out of a photo!!

Wednesday also marked the One Year Anniversary of going to Reading to collect Sophie and bring her home. At no point did I expect it to be for a whole year but here we are, a full year on and she's still very much at home, still a little hopeful of some time in Cardiff, even if it means commuting or staying overnight in a hotel. The following day a year ago, Sam was told to stop working, exams were cancelled and school was over. He's now accepting his place for University in September ....

So today, to mark the start of Jeff's holiday, we went walking. Actually did the same distance as I did on Wednesday 11.29km but we cheated slightly and got Sophie to come and collect us

We walked all out along the South Drain to Ham Wall Nature Reserve.

Made a friend during our coffee stop!

And celebrated the official (astronomical) start of Spring x
So many signs, everywhere you look.

Jeff managed to try out every bench and seat along the way!! 


We're thinking of taking a picnic with us next time x