Saturday 31 July 2021

Day trippers!

So this week has flown by! I worked Sunday, Monday and the Tuesday, which was my Granny's 98th Birthday. I managed to FaceTime her but it wasn't like seeing her in person. She's still in a care home but they've changed the rules from one named visitor to two different visitors at one time, so.....

....Sophie and I went down for the day on Thursday. 
What a lovely smile when she realised it was us.......

.....stood at the window. 
Sadly we still couldn't get any closer than standing outside, talking to her through a window but it was so lovely to see her, it didn't matter.....

.....even in the rain!!
I haven't seen her since December. We visited just before Christmas, then we went into Lockdown and before I could visit at Easter, once it was lifted, she broke her wrist and has ever since been either in hospital or a care home. I just want her to get home selfishly, so I can sit and hold her hand and give her a hug. It's been well over 18 months now since I have physically touched her xx

We popped in to my Mum and Dad's before we went to see her. 
Saw my sister and niece who were down visiting and got to have a real pasty for lunch.

How pretty does this bit of my dad's garden look?

Very Greek I thought!!

The nearly home trees!

We stopped off at Ikea on the way home, made it there just in time for tea!
Ikea doesn't close until 8pm but the cafe closed at 6.30, I guess we had 5 minutes to spare!!

We went on a mission to start getting Sam's Uni stuff. I thought I was a lot more organised than I actually am, have tonnes of stuff still to buy but am trying to hold out until the Summer sales start, a few more weeks to wait yet!

The weather has been appalling, my poor sunflowers. The daises have been flattened! 
We've had the most torrential downpours and no warmth to write home about.....

....but then the next minute sunshine and rainbows. 
Beautiful as they are, I want a good dose of per-longed, warm sunshine please xx

Monday 26 July 2021

No isolation....

 ...back to work with a bump!!

I went on holiday expecting to isolate. That changed whilst we were away but I'll be honest, I would have been very happy to have had an extra 10 days off, even if it had of been unpaid. Still once you get back, it's as if you never left and the first of many 8hr shifts was done and dusted!!

We came home to the best weather - too hot for some! 
Our first night home and we were treated to a hot air balloon flying over the Tor.

A gorgeous evening and.....

....all the doors and windows open, in an attempt to get a breeze going through the house.

Meals, Mediterranean in style, eaten outside.
Keeping the holiday dream alive as long as we can!!

It all changed on Saturday, thunderstorms forecast. 
So Sophie and I went to Bristol.....

....and treated ourselves to lunch at The Real Greek.

If only we were in the REAL GREECE, swimming in this beautiful sea!

Friday 23 July 2021

A few of my favourite pics

I LOVE taking photos. 
I take 1000's!
Here are a few of my favourites.

"Guys, keep tavelling"

Daminos, our Corfu Town Host's review of us! xx