Saturday 25 April 2020


Crikey Week 5!!

We end another week of lockdown and I guess you could begin to say, transitioning into the 'new norm'!! Although I'd quite happily go back to the 'old norm'. It would have been the start of the Summer term for everyone, Sam's final term at school ever but instead Jeff is teaching virtually, Sophie still has online lectures before her Year 2 exams begin and Sam can do as he pleases!!

We've enjoyed another burst of fabulous weather, so much so you forget it's only April!

We've taken advantage of the warm sunshine and ventured further on our 'Boris Walks'...

...across the Levels, along the river Brue to the weir, on to Butleigh road, over the bridge then back the other side. It's been glorious and it certainly makes you appreciate your immediate surroundings. 

As I said, Jeff has been back teaching this week, Sophie busy revising and Sam has nothing to do!!

I did make Sam come outside the other day, to get some sun on his bones. We found the beach stuff hidden in the shed, so had a fun hour in the garden together.

I've been reading!

I booked Friday as another holiday, so have had a 4 day break whilst the weather has been good. Despite colleagues self isolating etc we're generously staffed due to the cafe and counters being closed, so we're being encouraged to take holiday where we can. I was happy to oblige x

Wednesday - day one!

Thursday - day two!

Friday - day three!

Saturday - day four

Looks like the weather is about to turn next week, so we made the most of the sunshine and spent today out in the garden. Jeff is normally working, so we leave it until May half term to get organised but during lockdown Saturday school has been cancelled, so I could be around to direct!! I'd managed to get some geraniums and sweet pea seeds from work and some lobelia and pots from Tesco's this morning. So we emptied and swapped around the pots, cleared the 
forget-me-nots which were beginning to go to seed and got clearing and planting.

Ended my four day mini break with a final 'Boris walk' which ended up being a 'stinging' affair. Got ambushed by nettles. Thankfully Sam came to our rescue being the only one wearing long trousers and cleared a path for us. Took a lot longer than intended but we got to enjoy the setting sun as we walked home. Back to work tomorrow!!

Saturday 18 April 2020


So week four of LOCKDOWN nearly completed!! 

The week I should have been taking Sophie back to Uni. We were meant to be going to London on the Wednesday, with me staying over for a couple of days, getting her sorted before returning home on the Thursday. I'd booked Friday as holiday to recover but decided to take it anyway, a chance to recharge and just take a break from work. She received some good news, confirmation that her Placement Year will still be going ahead. To be fair, given all that's going on, there will be plenty of statistics to analyse but it's a big relief!!

The forecast was good, so I've spent time out in the garden, reading!

Day one of my mini holiday

I baked cookies, enjoyed my Boris walk and spent every moment possible out in the garden.

I had to pick up a prescription on Thursday morning, queuing 2m apart being the new norm!

And at 8pm I clapped, cheered and applauded our fabulous NHS. I must say it was more resounding tonight, it's been a bit lacklustre previously, so it was good to hear the cheers of support and appreciation from our neighbours too. I can't even begin to imagine what they must be going through at this moment in time.

We have so much to be thankful for. The LOCKDOWN has been extended for another three weeks and if I were to bet, I'd be thinking a further 3 weeks after that, maybe with a few less restrictions. But who knows, it all depends on how well people continue to self isolate and socially distance. My friend in France said it was stricter there, I wish it was here, too many people aren't following the guidelines and we could be here, for what seems like forever!!

Day two of my mini holiday

I haven't hated Lockdown, in fact it's been lovely being together. Yes, Sophie and Sam bicker, yes I miss my days out, shopping, meeting friends for coffee but we've been treated to the most gorgeous weather and like most things in life, if you look for the positives, however small, life isn't so bad x

Friday, we woke to rain. It had been forecast but to be fair the garden needed it and the plants always look super green and alive at this time of year in the rain.  

Day three of my mini holiday

We still managed a 'BorisWalk' in fact I dragged them both out for some fresh air in between the showers. I gave Sam a trim and tidied up my own locks!! It'll be 8 weeks next week since I've had it cut and I'm getting desperate. Goodness only knows what it will look like at the end of lockdown.

So today, Saturday, is still a little on the soggy side, my final day of my mini holiday. Tomorrow it's back to it, normal hours for the next four weeks at least. It's really not so bad, it's just I just do 2x 8hr shifts on the Sunday and Monday in a supervisor/runner role, it's a lot more responsibility with no extra pay and I'll be honest, I find it a little more stressful to be fair. 

Day four of my mini holiday

So I've made the most of my last full day off, lie in, food shop, chat to my Granny, then baked scones which we had for lunch - yum! Caught up with my sister over the phone, been out on my 'Boris Walk' with Sam and Jeff today. The fields are full of dandelion heads.....

 ....blow and make a million wishes x

Have a good week x

Sunday 12 April 2020


Lockdown week three, very nearly done!
Despite being enforced to stay at home, the time time is passing quickly.

I've changed my hours around at work, a 6am alarm on Tuesday meant I got to enjoy this view but it also meant a shuffle around of my days and resulted in.....

....3 consecutive days off together.
Three much needed days off, to completely switch off and recharge.

Obviously we've no plans, nowhere to go but I like staying at home. It's probably what we would have done anyway. Possibly a day trip to Cornwall to see Mum and Dad and Granny, possibly a meet up with my sister in Bath, whilst out on a shopping trip but in all honesty, we do like to be at home!

The weather has been glorious, just like summer. I've been pretending I'm abroad, I've even read a book, which I only ever do when on 'proper holiday'. I've been spending all my time out in the garden, suncream on, book in hand and relax, just what I needed. 

I've been out on my daily 'Boris Walk' with either Sophie or Sam in tow. We've lived in Street 5 years this summer and I'm discovering new bits I didn't even know existed, whilst out on my daily walks.

We've been eating Al Fresco, both lunch and tea out in the garden. The temperature is due to drop tomorrow, so I'm making the most of it while we can. It's coincided with the Easter Weekend and it's been fabulous.

Day One - Good Friday

Hot Cross Buns, fish on Good Friday, chocolate cake - all the Easter traditions.

Day Two - Easter Saturday

More Hot Cross Buns, beautiful sunshine, family time x

Day Three - Easter Sunday 

Eggs for lunch, roast for tea, chocolate for pud!!

Happy Easter x

Saturday 4 April 2020


 Pinch and a punch......

..... farewell March.....

....hello April.....

.....and week 2 of Lockdown!!!

When I look back at March, I can remember feeling this was going to happen. When we visited Sophie at the start of the month, we joked about not going due to Corona Virus. The first death had actually been recorded in Reading the day before! The following weekend Sam and I went to Bristol and it was eerily quiet first thing, it sort of felt wrong to be there. Fast forward to the following weekend and a cancelled trip to meet up with a friend, with the country going into LOCKDOWN on the Monday evening. The sad thing is cancelling plans, things you've looked forward to. Jeff and I had been going to see the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra play in Bath, he and his brother were meeting up in the week to see JCC a punk poet, tickets gifted at christmas. Jeff was to be doing the Easter revision courses this week in school, instead he's had a list of jobs from me, to work his way through.

We may be missing all these lovely days out but the internet has rewarded us with fun, positive, uplifting songs, dance routines, musical performances, to keep us going...

On my day off, I took on the new role as family barber!! Jeff was pretty pleased with his cut, although Sam's outcome a little more dubious. He insisted on a Buzz Cut, now never to be repeated again and no photo's to be taken for the duration!! (not my fault!!)

Work is still stressful but it has improved. We've new 'sneeze guards' on the checkouts, there's a limited in and out policy. As of today, there's a one person, one trolley, one household policy being enforced. Limits are being lifted, so sensible, efficient shopping can be encouraged. Customers are being made to observe the 2m distancing rule, for their own safety and ours! Some people still don't get it. I spent four hours on self scan yesterday, wiping down each till, keypad, touchscreen, basket handle after every use. It amazes me that a single purchase of one pack of sushi, one bar of chocolate, one bottle of ginger beer, is essential shopping, worth potentially risking your life for!?! Might sound dramatic but supermarkets see the greatest mix of people at this time of self isolation. The potential for the virus to spread is huge. Shop efficiently, get food for the next 4/5 days, get in and out as quickly and safely as possible, then stay at home, not pop back in because you've forgotten something, that can wait until the next time!!

We are doing all of this to support the fabulous NHS, who quite frankly must be exhausted! Clapping for a couple of minutes on a Thursday evening, is just a small show of appreciation for everything they are doing right now.

I'm still fitting in my yoga, when I can and going for a daily walk, with either Sophie or Sam in tow!!

The weather has been on our side in all of this, makes spending time out in the garden most enjoyable and this makes me so happy. My fig tree is leafing up and is full of new figs forming.

I picked all the fallen daffodils from the garden, to enjoy inside. Last autumn Jeff planted loads of mixed daffodil bulbs, so it's been lovely to see all the different blooms as they open. 

Jeff and I have spent a worthwhile half an hour this morning re-potting all my houseplants. That's one job that's been on the to do list for ages ticked off!

So I've a day off today then two 8hr shifts ahead of me! It's felt quite daunting going in to work, not knowing what to expect and I've looked forward to my time off, my allotted hour of daily fresh air. I do appreciate, more than ever, where we live and how lucky we are to live in a rural area.

So as the sun goes down on another week, I'm thankful to be fit and healthy in a time when others are fighting for their lives. My routines haven't changed greatly, other than feeling more stressed and anxious about having to go to work. I urge others to take this seriously, stay home, stay safe and help stop the spread of this awful Virus.


Have a good week, take care of yourselves, stay home and stay safe x