Thursday 23 April 2009

Spot the Spot #2 - In the Kitchen with dots and spots, Part 1

Welcome back to our irregular game of spot the spot! Today, we invite you into the dots and spots kitchen, to see what you can see!

Put on the kettle and join us for a cuppa!

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Saturday 18 April 2009

Birthdays and Weddings

Many weeks ago, when the snow was falling and it was hard to imagine that it would ever be warm again, dots and spots was delighted to be commissioned to produce a bespoke card, heart and label for a young lady who celebrates her birthday today. Not only is it her birthday today, it is also her brother's wedding day, so an extra special day for the family.

In addition to the range of dots and spots goods that you can see and buy at , dots and spots takes on commissions, big and small. Visit our commissions page to see more individual pieces of work produced by dots and spots to meet individual requirements. Birthdays, weddings, change of address, the possibilities are endless. Why not commission dots and spots to produce an individual and unique piece of artwork for you?

Finally, dots and spots would like to wish Sue a very Happy Birthday and the very best of luck and congratulations to your brother and his bride on this special day.

Wednesday 15 April 2009

dots and spots at the Seaside

dots and spots at the seaside

Is it the sound of the surf breaking on the shore? Or the smell of salt and freshness in your nostrils?

Perhaps it is the feel of the wind whipping through your hair and the gentle 'mush' of firm sand yielding to your bare foot.

Or is it the tangy and taste of of the fresh sea air on your tongue?

Or is it drinking in the clear vista, stretching out to the horizon; the light, the hues, the textures that make a visit to the beach so special, so invigorating?

Who knows? But what we do know is that there is nothing like a visit to the beach to clear the mind, refresh the soul and rejuvenate the body.

Summer, and holidaying at the English seaside, is just around the corner and whether it's paddling in the (icy!) sea, messing about on boats, hunting for crabs in rock pools or just soaking up the sun, bring the beach home with dots and spots.

Thursday 9 April 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from

dots and spots!

Easter is a special time and, however you celebrate Easter,
dots and spots
would like to invite you to join our Easter fun!

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Thursday 2 April 2009

Our Favourite Shop #2

The sun is shining, the long Easter weekend lies ahead, why not take the time to visit one of England's most picturesque towns: Bourton -on- the- Water, a jewel in the Cotswold crown. The Cotswolds have always been regarded as the Heart of England, with an architectural style all of its own. Steeply pitched roofs, stone mullions and dormer windows are typical, but it is, perhaps, the warm, yellow Cotswold stone that abounds that gives the region such a unique appeal.

Bourton-on-the Water straddles the river Windrush, with a series of elegant low bridges, tree shaded greens and tidy stone banks - not surprisingly it is known as the Venice of the Cotswolds. The town, approximately 4 miles from Stow-on-the-Wold, hosts a number of delightful shops and cafes, making it the ideal place for a day visit or relaxing weekend.

The Laurel Tree is one of dots and spots favourite shops and can be found on the High Street of this pretty village, selling the most delightful range of gifts, decorations and accessories. Visit the Laurel Tree to see how shops should be!

The Laurel Tree
dots and spots