Monday 26 June 2023

30 Year Uni Reunion!

30 Year Reunion!!
I've not changed that much, better hair!!

A folder full of memories.

30 years since Graduation!

And our final get together.

We were very unique, in that we were a really small group studying teaching at Charlotte Mason College in Ambleside. We were affiliated to Lancaster University where you spent your second year, although Steve and I went to America for the year as exchange students. Being such a small group, we got to be really close and did a lot together. Obviously you splintered off into smaller groups but really strong friendships were made and this weekend illustrated that perfectly. We might of not seen each other for 30 years but it was as if we'd seen each other yesterday x

So I drove up to Cheltenham, to meet up with my friend Claire, then she drove the next 4 hour leg up to Sharon's, where we were staying. The M6 on a Friday evening wasn't the best idea.....

......but we kept sending progress pics....

....and weather updates!!!

Until we finally made it!
Sharon had kindly invited us all to stay with her at her fabulous airbnb, 
so we got a head start catching up and sharing ALLLL the stories!! 
It was a late night .....

....but breakfast started off with a Bucks Fizz!

Before we headed over to Ambleside, back to Charlotte Mason College, where it all happened!

Although now it's named The University of Cumbria!!

I'd been tasked with making a banner!

Which was perfect and themed......

......with Sharon's cake toppers!

Sharon had done a fantastic job with all the planning and prep....

.....and of course the guys hovered near the food....

.....and the most delicious 'Bath Buns' always a favourite!!

The prep team before everyone else arrived! 

We all got to have a tour of the campus with current students...

....and the Obligatory Photo!

It was a good turnout all things considered.

Being with my partner in crime, always a highlight!!

Us now!

Us then!!

We had plenty of time to chat and catch up. Some I'd not seen since the day I'd left, 
some since a few weddings, other's a small get-together 8 years ago!

Lots of photo opportunities.....

....lots of new memories x

And then it was into town to visit some of our favourite haunts!!
The Golden Rule!

Zeffirelis for food!

Churchills, although not as we remembered it!!!

And Back to the Golden Rule!!

Steve and I did a quick whizz down to Derby Cottage, where we lived in our final two years.

It had to be done.

The Derby Cottage Crew then!!

We were all there, except Sophie, who is over in Australia. 
We did video call her though for a catch up !!

Derby Cottage Crew now, minus Sophie!

Farewell Ambleside!
And back to Sharon's!

Sunday morning coffee in the sun and more chat....

....a catch up with her parents before heading to the pub for lunch.
And the looooong journey back home!

Sharon was the most generous, kind hearted host. Nothing was too much trouble and she wouldn't accept anything for her hospitality. So we gifted her a voucher for the pub, so she could have a restful evening and I've popped some flowers her way, as a small gesture of our thanks. 

It was the BEST weekend, with the BEST people....
....LOVED every minute of it and wouldn't of missed it for the world!! 
We've vowed not to leave it another 30 years!!

Thursday 22 June 2023

We LOVE Harry!!


Last night Sophie and I got to see Harry Styles in concert, at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, the final date of his UK Tour and it was FABULOUS!!!

I'm very lucky that Sophie lives in Cardiff and enjoys going to these things with her Mum!!

Just follow the feathers xx

Gin and Juice pit stop!

Well, a beer for me!!

Before the main event!

Had fabulous seats, with the most incredible view!

The main man!

It was just THE best night!
And we didn't walk 4 miles home this time!!

Earlier in the day, we'd popped over to Snails Deli.....

.......lovely local (to Sophie) cafe and.....

......enjoyed THE most delicious pancakes for brunch!

The day before, Sophie and I cooked and enjoyed an evening with Sam.
Loved hearing about his Montenegro adventures.

Earlier in the morning, I went to my 14th Chiropractor session!
Huge improvement, monthly appointments going forward!

Monday evening, on my return from Cornwall, I went to our local Strode theatre to see 'Are you there God? It's me, Margaret', a Judy Blume book from my own teenage years. Glad I made the effort to see it, even if a night on the sofa would have been very desirable.

Am home now......for one night!!!
The sunflowers are overtaking me!!

Off up to Cumbria on Friday (tomorrow)
My 30 year University Reunion!!!
Am meeting my friend in Cheltenham and travelling up together, a 5 and a half/six hour journey ahead of us......but it'll be worth it. Am looking forward to seeing everyone. Will report back on Monday!!