Monday 28 August 2017

Bank Holiday weekend


What a Bank Holiday Weekend - blue skies and hot sunshine!


Saturday 26 August 2017

Garden round up!

Not been the most exciting of weeks - Sophie's been working (last day tomorrow!!) Sam's been out with friends, Jeff's been back into work since the GCSE results came out on Thursday, so I've been pretty much at home pottering. Should really have been painting the bathroom but can't quite get motivated to start, have been out in the garden instead!

Found this photo of the garden, which acts as a great comparison. The top pic was taken early January and then the garden as it is now.

There's still the planting out of the bed along the back wall - I want to fill it with Allium bulbs, ready for next summer and possibly peonies or hydrangeas. And there will be, eventually, a 'proper' wooden path to connect the 2 decks.

The few vegetables we've planted are doing well now. The apple tree is full to bursting with fruit this year and my raspberry canes, strawberry plants and the rhubarb, are all getting established in their new spot, ready to fruit next year, fingers crossed. 

Mixed fortunes with the courgette and beans - both have been a little late to the party but are now producing great crops, particularly the beans.

These tomatoes have completely self seeded from the compost we put out in that bed. Hoping the tomatoes will ripen over this warm, sunny bank holiday weekend, such a bonus.

And these wild strawberries, left in the garden by the previous owner, have fruited all summer.

Although we back right onto other gardens, have neighbours either side, I don't feel over looked in this garden and we have the wonderful, ever changing view of Glastonbury Tor to look out to. 

Having glanced at the forecast, I'll be spending the rest of my weekend out there, enjoying this much needed and overdue sunshine. Have a great Bank Holiday Weekend x

Thursday 17 August 2017

Out and about!

Making the most of the dry but overcast weather - I went with the boys walking the Polden Way. It's only 5 minutes drive away and follows the ridge line to the Hood Monument, with fabulous views and then a wander down through the forest, before we turned and came home before the rain.

Couldn't resist taking a pic of these little toadstools.

On Wednesday Sophie and I enjoyed a day trip to Southampton. Southampton was on our Uni Open Day tour and she liked the Campus feel, just needed to see what the actual city offered. It didn't really tick the box, so we're back to Cardiff in a couple of weeks, to see what that has to offer and see if we can get past it not being a campus uni! We've added Reading Uni to our tour and possibly Leeds!

So today was results day! The school said it would email results through from 6am, more like 7am before they 'pinged' in and the anguish was over. She did well but was disappointed, as there will be no guarantees of an offer from her favourite uni, Birmingham. It's still in the mix and with hard work, she has every chance of achieving her dream. I'll be so glad when this is all behind us and both of them, are where they want to be, doing what they want to do and are basically happy. 

So glad it wasn't like this in our day - I think there is almost too much information, decision making and pressure on them now. I chose where I wanted to go from a paper prospectus, had an interview (as it was for teaching and art) got C, D, E in my A' Levels and still went to study where I wanted and went on to get a 2:1 and teaching qualification. Fingers crossed it'll all come good in the end.

Sunday 13 August 2017

Mid- summer hols!

We're at that mid point of the Summer holidays.

and finally we've had a little overdue sunshine.

Not all day, every day but snippets of blue sky, worthy of getting the sun lounger out for! Saying that, I think there is already a slightly autumnal feel in the air, a coolness behind the sun, trees already starting to turn and a need for a blanket in the evenings, whilst sat on the sofa.

We have been spoilt by some fabulous skies in the evening.....

Sam called to me to capture this beautiful sight. His room, at the front of the house, had turned orange, so he called for me to see - only lasted 10 minutes but was stunning.

Mid week I drove up to Gloucester Quays to catch up with old school friends. It was a grey old day but as we mostly sat, drank coffee, ate and caught up, so didn't really notice the weather.

Friends since the start of Secondary school!

Jeff treated me to a pair of new trainers. I feel I should be out doing some exercise and have missed the benefits of running, so am hoping these might get me out there again. It's been a year since I stopped, due to a back injury (from falling off a table!) and a hip pain that wouldn't go away. The man very kindly advised me as to which pair would best suit. These have extra support and as I have flat feet, were actually the only pair suitable for me - I'm hoping they'll lessen any hip niggles too. I've been out once, got a baseline time to improve upon, now to get out for a second run and start making it a habit again!!

I'm conscious that my 'enjoy summer' dieting model, possibly hasn't been the best approach for me and can feel the extra pounds creeping on. So rather than wait until September, I'm mindfully starting to be a little more focused again. We have been patiently waiting for things to grow and ripen in the garden and this morning I picked the first of the blackberries, with the apples not far behind. See another nudge to autumn right there. I feel we've been cheated out of a summer this year, unless we are to be treated to a lovely late edition, fingers crossed.

Monday 7 August 2017

Birthday Boy!

I love birthday's - setting the scene, bunting, present wrapping and....

....cake making!

Today this one ......

.....turns 15!

When did my 'baby' get so tall!?!

Still young enough to.....

....blow out the candles and make a wish x

Happy birthday Sam x

Thursday 3 August 2017

August or did we jump to October??

So it's August, not that you'd notice......

..... by the grey, miserable weather. It really is rather unseasonal!

21 years ago it was a beautifully sunshiny day.
The most perfect day to marry your best friend.

And look how happy we are, 21 years on x

It wouldn't be our Wedding Anniversary without a bunch of sunflowers in the mix.

We've marked the occasion by booking our flights for next years holiday! 
It feels good to know it's all booked and paid for.

We are doing things slightly different next year to try to please everyone. Previously we've booked a package holiday through Thompson's, partly for the peace of mind if anything went wrong and partly because it was just easier to tie everything together in one go. But on our last family trip to Ibiza, the sunbed dash in the morning was just awful and I vowed to never do that again. Last year holidaying in Sorrento with Sophie confirmed that, as although we had a hotel as a base, we went off to do other things rather than be tied to a sunbed spot. So this year we have booked a private villa with a pool and then arranged our flights separately. We're going to somewhere we've been before - Puerto Pollensa, but we intend to see more of the local area as we won't have to bagsy a sunbed for the day or be tied to meals with an all inclusive set up. I now have a year to save up some spending/food money and have something to look forward to on these grey, miserable August days.