Friday 24 July 2015

Hip Hip Hooray....

...we're off on holiday x

The dots and spots shop is closed whilst we take a much needed family holiday.
Given today's rain, I'm more than happy to be escaping to the sunshine.

I'm nearly packed with a complete new wardrobe this year.

Thanks to Slimming World I shall be enjoying this holiday 4st 10lbs lighter than last year. I don't intend to go completely off plan but shall have what I fancy and enjoy every mouthful. Swimming daily will substitute my running whilst we're away. If I remember rightly, last year I think I managed to lose a pound whilst away - I have 6 lbs to play with in my target range so plenty of room for the odd treat, beer or ice-cream x

Of course that's assuming they'll let me fly! 
My passport picture is so different to how I look now!!

Have a great week and I'll post once we're home x

Friday 17 July 2015

Quick catch up!

So it's already Friday again - where is the time going? No huge developments on the house front, have been too busy with dots and spots orders to get stuck into anything yet. Really waiting for the school holidays to start and Sophie's room will be all systems go! We do now have architects drawings and as I type, said drawings are with various builders to quote for. We can then decide whether we go for one storey or two depending on the cost and finally get things put in for planning permission.

On the SW front, despite eating loads in attempt to stay the same or gain, I actually lost another half a pound this week. I'm still in target but am nearing the lower end again - need to work out what I now need to eat, to maintain rather than lose!!

I've started up the running again - have found a 5k route here in Street. My pace has slowed a little but I'm sure once I run 3 times a week again it'll improve.

I still struggle sometimes to think of myself now as a runner! Never in a million years did I think I would ever come to enjoy running!! When I started back in March I remember being so chuffed at running a whole 5k with no walking in 30 minutes. I then a few weeks ago, ran a Personal Best of 25 minutes and 23 seconds! I've run the Wells 5k and the Bath Race for Life and can easily run 3x 5k's a week. I really enjoy that bit of 'me time' first thing in the morning, a really good play list powers me on and when I'm done, I'm set up ready for the day ahead. My body shape has changed too, I'm much more toned thanks to the running x

So the children broke up today and the Summer hols begin - I just hope the sunshine catches up with us all. I have a wedding of an old school friend to go to tomorrow and I think Sophie has plans to visit IKEA too, so a busy few days ahead - have a lovely weekend.

Saturday 11 July 2015

New Home - Week One!

It's hard to believe we've been in our new house a week already - this past week has flown by and we've worked jolly hard. I would describe the house now in a state of being temporarily habitable!!! With the build starting September/October (fingers crossed) we can live like this for the next 6 months or so. The plan then, is to move over into the new bit whilst the main house is tackled. 

We're cobbling together bits and pieces for now but not sure these are quite up to the job lol. My big FAIL! I was happily putting them up when Jeff came up the stairs and said 'A bit short aren't they?' I hadn't even noticed the length - whoops! Even in this state, they're better than what was up.

Jeff and I found a route to run and I went out for the first time in 2 weeks this morning. It was hard work but we did a good time and each time I go out, the route will become more familiar. Not as good as my old run but I'm sure over time I will suss out a good route for me.

I've kept on-plan throughout the upheaval of the move and lost again this week, although still in my target range, most probably because I haven't stopped. I've been told to eat more now I'm at Target, so I'm hoping now we're settled, things will start to slot into a pattern and I'll start maintaining rather than losing.

Am still loving picking fresh raspberries from the garden - we're hoping they survive the building work and plan to have a fruit and veg garden running along down the side of the house, right beside the kitchen once it's all done.

The boys 'played' at being tree surgeon's this morning and cut down a tall thin conifer from the front garden - it'll let in more of the evening sunshine and frees up an extra space for a parking spot - a good job all round.

Whilst the boys were busy cutting down trees, Sophie and I moved all her stuff into the box room so we can start actually decorating her room soon. We found good floorboards to sand and paint and I can feel a trip to Ikea and the next big Flea coming on soon. 

So we've not stopped and we've a long list still to tackle but I feel we're getting there! The house is already feeling like home - a good move I feel x

Thursday 9 July 2015

New Home - day 5,6!

So yesterday, after making up copious dots and spots orders, there wasn't much time left to really get stuck into anything, so I spent an hour or two creating a little corner for me in the sitting room. It's probably not even 1/10th of my old studio but it'll do to tide me over.

Forgot to share with you yesterday our view from the bathroom of Glastonbury Tor
 Not bad eh?

Found wild strawberries in the garden today and raspberries and there is rhubarb, so not feeling too bad now about leaving mine behind. Love this garden already. Hard to believe it's Friday tomorrow and a whole week has passed nearly since we moved. Have a good feeling about this move and this house - here's hoping we'll be very happy here x

Wednesday 8 July 2015

New Home - day 2,3,4!!

So the house is beginning and when I say beginning, I mean just about beginning to take on a slight resemblance of home! Lots of boxes have been unpacked or stacked neatly in corners. The plan is to make the house temporarily liveable for the next 6-8 months until the new bit is built - we'll then transfer into the new bit and tackle the main house.

The kitchen has been given a jolly good clean, although I must say although the kitchen isn't to my taste, it was left clean! We took down the curtains, removed some cupboard doors to create some open shelves and had to remove a cupboard to fit the fridge-freezer in but it's now up and running and functional, with a lovely view out onto the garden. It will eventually become a downstairs loo, utility and have a door out onto the garden.

The bathroom carpet was one of the first things to go - I managed to buy a cheap off-cut of lino and with an extra bit left over in the house, we have a new clean floor - I even fitted it myself!! We've replaced the loo seat, shower head and removed a shelf and a cupboard. Just need to track down a replacement curtain  or buy a cheap blind and it'll do for the next few months.

We're using one of the downstairs reception rooms as our bedroom. We've put our curtains up although as you can see they don't meet in the middle lol. Jeff's put up hanging rails either side of the chimney breast as temporary wardrobes, so it's purely functional, rather than decorative at this stage.

Yesterday I re-arranged Sam's room so it was more habitable for the next month or so. The plan is to get Sophie and Sam's rooms done this Summer, so we're using the box room as a holding room for each of them whilst I decorate. The box room will eventually become dots and spots HQ!

For now, the kitchen table can't actually fit into the house but is down in the Summer house out of the way and in the dry. When it's been damp out, we've been having meals out there. We have a smaller table set up in the sitting room if it pours and we can't eat outside or get to the Summer House.

So we've been busy, actually we've been VERY busy! Now things are beginning to take shape the house is already beginning to feel like home, although I'm itching to get on with the build and need my architect to get a move on now!!

So that gives you a little idea of what I've been up to - a busy bee!

Tuesday 7 July 2015

New home - day 1

First morning in our new home and we awoke to sunshine and found a sunny spot to have a coffee.

A quick garden tour - it's a lovely garden - not much I'd change at all.

And a quick house tour - managed to take a few quick photo's before the removal men filled them all with boxes!!  Think potential!!

So we're in and are working hard to sort everything into a temporary living condition, as we're hope to build an extension. Been slightly scuppered by the Not on the High Street Summer SALE starting the week we were due to move. So on top of the packing, moving, unpacking and sorting, I've been daily making up and sending out copious orders. I just keep thinking that'll pay for a new sofa!!

Monday 6 July 2015

Move Day - catch up

So this was my view on Thursday night, the last photo taken from my spot on the sofa. I have not worked soooo very hard in a very long time, this week was full on for sure but we were ready for the move. Boy do we have a lot of stuff!!

The men were fantastic - they work blumin hard and they had our busy road to contend with but within 6 hours, we were off and heading over to Street and within a further 2 hours, we were unpacked!!

We decided to leave the chaos and headed to Frankie and Benny's for tea - it was just what we needed, a chance just to sit, no distractions and take stock of the days events. The last week has been so very stressful but now we are in, we can take our time to get things done. 
Will give you a tour of the new place next post xx