Sunday 25 February 2024

Gallery Week One!!

Ahhhh! Spent the first part of the week on the sofa.....

.....feeling poorly but trying to get better for.....

......week one in the Gallery!!!

I hate being in ill at the best of times, but when you're starting your new role, officially, in the Gallery, it's not the time to be calling in sick! Thankfully it was manageable and as the role isn't physically demanding, I could pace myself. Would have been better without two evening commitments....

.....the Private View on the opening day....

....and a talk by two of the Artists, the following evening.

Snow Artist - Simon Beck

And Susanna Bauer and her delicate 'leaf crochet' work.

It's been nice to have the occasional visit, from a certain someone!!!

All in all, I've had a good week. I've met some lovely people, had some very interesting chats, listened in on a few teacher led discussions, just enjoyed working in an inspirational space and have loved researching the wonderful artists and their work in the exhibition. It would be nice to be a little busier, it can be quite quiet at times but..... as I said to Jeff, I come home happy, not stressed, not anxious, not physically exhausted. A much better working environment.

It's pretty much rained every day, making for a wet walk to work but when the rain has stopped, it's been lovely to take in the beautiful grounds.

'Our Grounds!!!' at home are looking lovely too. 

Each year, Jeff plants a few more bulbs in the lawn and this year, 
they really do add a punch of colour.

It's horrible out today (Sunday), grey, wet, rainy, windy, thoroughly miserable! Did a quick food shop in the morning and intend to spend the rest of the day cosied up indoors. I'm still not 100%, sinus pain, headache, not as bad as last weekend, but it's still lingering. NEED/WANT to feel better and long to feel some warm sunshine. I need to plan out our Italian adventure, think of warmer, sunnier days ahead. This time of year is always the worst. You get the odd glimmer of sunshine but then there's still a month or two of rubbish weather still to come! Anyway two more days off before week two commences, and the start of a new month begins. Have a good week x

Sunday 18 February 2024

Half term

Half term

Went to Cornwall in the rain.....
.....came home from Cornwall in the rain!
But we were so lucky to get two dry'ish days whilst we were there!

So after 20+ years driving past it and having never gone.... 
we went to the Eden Project.

We really enjoyed it. Obviously went into the two biomes. 
Managed to dodge the showers and had a really good day.

We were so lucky. We were the last group to be allowed to go up onto the upper platform in the Rainforest Biome. The heat was up to 32 degrees, maximum temperature! Fab views from the top! Although a bit hot and sweaty

As with most places I go to, I'm always happy to see a friendly robin.

We were staying with my mum and dad. With out Newt membership you can get into a few places for free. Eden yesterday and the Lost Gardens of Heligan. I went here the last time I was down but Jeff had never been, so with a dry day forecast, we lucked out. 

I love it there.

The gardens are beautiful and there are a few good walks.

The jungle rope bridge.

We were sensible and bought pasties en route. 
Although still had to queue half an hour for a coffee! 

Another friend x

We spent our two evenings with mum and dad, enjoyed a couple of meals out.

Then headed on home on Tuesday via Ikea and the big Taunton Sainsbury's.

Tuesday was also Shrove Tuesday, so pancakes for tea!

Wednesday was Valentines day and a catch up day.
Jeff had the dentist, a haircut and his car booked in for new tyres.
I went to Yeovil to collect something from New Look. 

On Thursday we said farewell to 'The Red Shed!!' sort of Sam's first car! We bought it in lockdown once he'd passed his test, so he wouldn't have to drive a 'girlie' Micra! But it's become unreliable, was due to have it's MOT, and this week wouldn't start at all, so it's gone.
We are back to being a two car family! I have my KA, Jeff has his retro Peugot 205!

On Thursday I had a physio session for my back. I've waited over three months. Just fed up of still having back pain a year and a half on, but I think I basically just have to live with it!! Have been given some exercises and an open appointment but basically the gist is 'learn to live with it!!'

We went out in the evening to see the Holdovers. Jeff is trying to see a film a month, and as this was just down at Strode, a 10 minute walk away, we went! It was okay! Would've been disappointed had I gone out of my way to see it but a for a wet Thursday evening in February, it was okay!

I felt a bit off on Friday, had a sore throat and cough starting the day before and now sinus pain but I popped over to Wells in the morning. Making the most of my time off before I start in the gallery next week. Didn't spot the kingfisher but did spots lots of snowdrops and daffodils.

A lovely, albeit damp morning over at The Newt, with my lovely friend on Saturday. Hoping she becomes a member, so we return on a sunnier day. I had a free pass from Christmas, would have otherwise been £20. This was the only picture I took. Was feeling off! Still sinus pain. Mum and dad were both unwell when we were down, so I think they were a little too generous!!

I came home and spent the afternoon and evening on the sofa, binge watching the new One Day series on Netflix, all 14 episodes!!! Read the book back in the day, watched the film, now the series.

Have just discovered we still have the film on dvd!! That's my afternoon sorted!
Jeff goes back to work tomorrow, a six week term ahead. I have 3 days to feel better, before ......

.....I start my 5 week run, hosting the Sustainable Art Exhibition at the Atkinson Gallery. 
It's open Wednesday to Saturday 9.30am to 5.00pm. Anyone can come and look around, you just need to book a slot! via the link in their bio. 

I've had a sneaky peek and it's looking great ⭐️
There's also talk on the Thursday evening, by a couple of the exhibiting artists. Again, it's free, and anyone is more than welcome to come along. I'm looking forward to it. Hoping this focus will speed February and March along, and before you know it, it will be Easter and the better weather xx

Saturday 10 February 2024

A nothing week!

Doing my post a day early, as we're off to Cornwall tomorrow for a couple of days to see my Mum and Dad. Jeff broke up for half term yesterday lunchtime. I've had a really nothing kinda week on paper, but have got a lot done in my head!!

Other than meeting my neighbour for coffee and going for my boob check up, I've done very little. I did invigilate one exam back on Monday but that's about it. The weather has been rubbish - grey, wet, cold, miserable. Got a bit of blue sky today, that makes all the difference but the weather is looking unsettled for the week ahead. I'm done with this rubbish weather. I must confess, I've spent a big chunk of time down a YouTube, podcast, research hole, all about protein and collagen and menopause and...... I want to use the 5 weeks after half term, to be really focused and disciplined in my food choices, so I can start to feel better, lessen the aches and pains, hence I'm giving the collagen a go......

I've bought some collagen to try. There are sooooo many brands and powders and capsuals and celebrities, trying to get you to buy a specific brand.....bit of a minefield. Which is why I've probably not bought it before. Plus it's expensive to get wrong. So I hope I've gone for the right one and start to feel some of the benefits! I've familiarised myself with good protein sources and revisited PCOS and what to avoid to feel better!. Every winter I fall into a carb trap. I know they're no good for me but I want/crave/eat them nonetheless. So I figure after half term, I'm in the Gallery 4 days a week, for 5 weeks. What I take to work with me, is what I can eat. I have no means to snack or buy anything extra. So if I take in good food, that is all I can have! And I finish at 5pm, so we'll be straight into having tea once home, so no 3pm hungry/bored/looking for something to eat, time!!! It's just over 8 weeks until we go to Italy and 20 weeks until we go to Greece. I want to feel amazing for both. Fit, healthy, energised, no aches and pains! So if I don't get my arse in gear pronto, time will run out. So a couple of days in Cornwall to enjoy first - pasty, fish and chips, cream tea!!! Then it's back to it! I'll let you know if I stick to it and how I get on!!

Sunday 4 February 2024


Pinch and a punch......

.....hello February!
YAY! I survived January! In fact I'd say it came and went quite quickly!!

It's been a bust week, catching up with friends before I start work in the gallery after half term. I walked with Lynn on Tuesday, so we could squeeze in a walk. She's off to Spain and then it's half term and then I'm working....... Everywhere is so muddy at the moment, so we decided to walk some of the Glastonbury Mural trail.

There are 50 murals dotted around the town.

We only found 14 of the official murals, so can go again and tick off a few more.

It was deceptively cold, in fact it was blumin freezing, so we warmed up in Fara! 
A really nice, but very expensive coffee shop. A once in a while treat, I think!

The Tor, Thursday morning.

I met up with my friend Nicky in the afternoon for more coffee!! Dropped her home, and as we sat outside her house, engine idling, there was a pop and a load of smoke/steam came out of the engine. Thankfully Jeff enjoys tinkering with cars and has managed to work out the problem and is currently (Sunday) working his magic now, to fix it and get it back on the road! 

The sky Thursday evening.

When I got home, Sophie was back. They're doing work on the rail tracks overnight where she lives in Cardiff, so she decided to come here and work from home, as we were meeting up at the weekend anyway. Good job she did, as she's been poorly, possible tonsillitis, so she actually ended up having a sick day on Thursday and spent it in bed or on the sofa!

On Wednesday, I met up with a friend for lunch and hear all about her recent trip to New York. Sophie and I hope to go in a year or two, we're giving ourselves a bit of time to save up, as we want to spend a week there, if we can afford it. I squeezed in a trip to the doctor's on my way! I received a missed call the evening before, rang to check and it was the doctors, offering me a cancellation slot to get my steroid injection in my shoulder. I've been on the waiting list now for 3 months!! So I had to take it. I think I'm entering the thawing stage! I have less pain, a tiny bit more movement but still can't move my arm behind my back. I'm hoping with the injection, I can improve this. 

Thursday, and I had a day out planned, treating my friend, a former Sainsbury's colleague, to a day out at the Newt. She's retiring in July and I had a free guest pass, so thought we'd combine the two. I treated her to a visit and brunch in the garden cafe. Something she would have never otherwise done.

We really lucked out on the weather, the most beautiful day.

And lots of signs of Spring about!

Thankfully Sophie was feeling a bit brighter on Friday. We changed our plans slightly, leaving home later, missing out on a days shopping in Bristol, but at least she felt well enough to see.....


Bought these tickets back in Jan 2023, last saw it in March 2015 
and had wanted to see it again ever since! 

Met my sister and niece there. It’s an incredible show, just spoilt by my view. ....

.....of all the people to sit in front of me! 
The annoying thing was, it wasn't even his paid for seat. He moved across into the spare seat in front of me, so he and his partner could have more room, 3 seats between them!! He would have blocked Sophie's view though, had he been in his correct seat! I did ask to move but got told I couldn't until the interval. So the first half was really spoilt to be fair. He kept moving and leaning into the extra seat, which restricted my view even more. Soooo annoying!

We also stumbled upon the Bristol Light Festival . Had no idea it was on, what a bonus! 
Caught a couple of the installations on our walk down through Bristol to the Hippodrome.

I went all the way to London last year to see Evanescent by Atelier Sisu ....

.....and here it was, in Bristol, on College Green! 
 So lucky, definitely a case of being in the right place at the right time x

Had a quiet day on Saturday. Sophie headed home after tea, so she could have a lazy Sunday at home. Jeff and I were going out anyway!! Yes! a rare 'something together' in term time. 

Nothing too exciting, just down the road to Strode Theatre, in the Studio. It's a tiny venue but it's local and we feel you should support local when you can! Had a better view!!!

We watched the film 'Next Goal Wins'. 
Based on a true story about the American Samoa national football team, ''considered one of the weakest soccer teams in the world, and it's attempt to qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, having previously lost to Australia 31-0''. It was okay, an easy watch! We've booked to see another film in half term. Like I said, if we don't use it, we lose it, so we're trying to go a bit more, support it if there's something worth seeing. 

A quiet Sunday here. 
I think I appreciate them more after my Sainsbury's days, running around like a mad woman for 8 hours. It's grey but dry. Jeff's been out all morning fixing my car, I've been pottering inside, in the warm. So just one more week, then half term. I've a couple more friends to catch up with this week, got my breast screening appointment, an internal exam invigilation slot booked in, then half term. We've got a few days in Cornwall planned, it's Shrove Tuesday and Valentines! Jeff has the dentist, we have our film date x We don't go away in February half term, Jeff just needs to chill but we'll get the ferries booked for our Greek trip, start to plan out the detail of our Italian adventure and give some thought to what we want to do in October half term. We've booked the flights but have no accommodation booked yet, so I want a rough idea of our plans, so I can start looking. Lots of warmer, sunnier days to look forward to x