Saturday 30 July 2022

A 'plod' week!

It's been a something and nothing week, a slow week. Nothing wrong with that, just nothing 'wow' to report! Worked my Sunday, Monday, went to Yeovil with Sophie Tuesday morning. Had to go in for a meeting at work on Wednesday morning, then had an appointment with the lovely dentist, for a check up in the afternoon.

Wednesday would have been Granny's 99th birthday. 
Can't believe it's already nearly a year since we said goodbye.

Thursday morning was an appointment at the Dr's to discuss the Menopause.
And so my HRT journey begins! Had a 6 monthly blood test between November and May and a follow up appointment finally. Spoke to lovely practitioner, who gave me 30 mins of her time, explained everything, considered my PCOS and my fear of weight gain. Have started on alternate patches for 3 months, then go back and see how things have been. My main issues are night sweats, poor sleep, brain fog, have to write everything down, ditsy, hip pain...... So fingers crossed I see some improvement.

Made the most of any sunshine and sat out and enjoyed the garden.

And when it was cloudy, plotted and started planning our next trip to Dubrovnik.

We've booked this apartment in the old town. Including flights, it's working out less than £50 per person, per day! We're using Dubrovnik as a base and exploring further afield from there.

So not only is the week over but tomorrow is the last day of July!!
This past month has flown by and it's been so full of wonderful times, Jeff's brothers wedding, our holiday, Sophie's Graduation, the first fig for picking!!! Next week is fully booked up with various days out, so August will start off with a bang!!

Saturday 23 July 2022

What a week!!

Gosh what a busy week! I normally write a blog post on a Saturday to round up the week but have already shared Sophie's Graduation on Tuesday and written a few holiday posts. So following on from Sophie's Graduation on Tuesday......

....we cancelled plans to eat out due to the heat,
 so booked somewhere locally for the following evening. 

A chance for a final celebration

Sam is currently away with friends, hence not around in any pics!

We went to a Greek Taverna in Wells, haven't been there before but it keeps the 
Greek feels going for just that little bit longer and I'm all for that!


The sunflowers are beginning to flower. Sophie did a great job keeping them watered whilst we were away. I'm hopeful they'll still be around for our anniversary in a week or two.

They haven't grown as tall as last year and we planted a multi stem variety that hasn't appeared as yet. 
I guess there's still time!

They do make me smile.

Might have a pumpkin too.....

.....and I've picked and enjoyed my first ripe fig.

Thursday and Friday were catch up days, hair appointments etc. It's back to work for me tomorrow, so I'm thankful this delivery arrived today whilst I was in. Not sure where he'd of left the box otherwise. Just a little on the large side!!

I've gifted Sophie the pink medium case, as a Graduation gift, ready and waiting for any future travels and adventures. And I've bought the yellow set for Sam to use, as we've booked a family holiday for next summer and I'm sure he'll be off with his friends at some stage.

So the TRIPP family grows, Just need to put them away!!
Managed to gift our old suitcases for free collection to a local friend, 
so have the space to put them away until our next adventure in October.

Friday 22 July 2022

Assos - days 7-10


So we had booked a taxi before we came away, as the buses are few and far between, to collect us from Fikardo and bring us to Assos, our final destination of this trip.

I remember googling photos of Assos and all of them showed this fabulous place right by the sea and then on Airbnb, I realised we could actually book that fabulous place!!! It's wonderful and we are literally right on the waters edge.

The interior is lovely too, all recently done up, a wonderful final few days to look forward to x

So day seven and farewell Fiskardo, hello Assos, our home for the next four days. We took advantage of the cloudy start and climbed 170m up to the old Venetian Fort, incredible views from the top. Explored the village and then had a swim before a chilled evening and a delicious meal. 

The Old Venetian Fort on the Hill, taken from our accommodation.

The views from the top were incredible and worth the climb.

Views down to Assos village.

Me precariously perched, with Assos below!
And yes!! my face did go that red!!
It was HOT!!!!

The perfect picnic spot, in the shade 

Once back down in the town we treated ourselves to a beer, 
from what would become our favourite taverna.

There were only four places to choose from and this was our favourite!

We had a swim, then went back to our apartment, it wasn't like it was any distance!!

So for our first night we choose a busy taverna in the center and the food was delicious. Like lots of places the best tables were reserved. A little silly as most times during the time we were there, they were left empty for the duration.

After tea we walked up the hill on the far side and looked down on the village. This was basically the center of the resort and our restaurant choice for that evening.

All smiles x

The view of our accommodation from the top of the hill.

Jeff's favourite beer - Alpha and mine was FIX.

Out of the three places we stayed, this felt the most traditionally greek.

I will miss the cinnamon doughnuts from Fiskardo for breakfast!


I could of not chosen a better place for Jeff to take his morning swim!

Literally a few steps away form the sea!

Can you spot him?

So day eight and a relaxing beach day. Early swim for Jeff, bakery run and all important first coffee of the day, then sun lounger luxury. Wonderful meal in the evening, then walked afterwards, in search of a sunset but will have to climb back up to the top of the old fort to see it properly. 

All important bakery.

All important sun lounger.
How lovely to have these on your doorstep!?!
Only 12 euros a day for 2 loungers and an umbrella. We stayed at our accommodation end of the beach, where the locals camped out, so listened to greek all day!

And relax, looking up to the old fort.

Assos was the perfect choice for a chilled last few days.

Coffee from our balcony

Trying to work out whether to try this beach the next day!

It's hard to believe that this beautiful village was absolutely destroyed by Cyclone Ianos, also known as Medicane Ianos, a rare Mediterranean tropical-like cyclone (Medicane) that impacted the eastern Mediterranean on 17 and 18 September 2020 , just under two years ago.

This is where I'm sat in the above picture 

Absolutely devastating, you can read more HERE 

It's hard to believe now.

Our beautiful taverna, looked like this below.

And this is the restaurant we dined in the first night!

We are so lucky that we got to experience the beautiful Assos.

Anyway back to now....

...... and our favourite spot!

The most delicious food.

And view!
(across to our accommodation)

All the delicious food!

A greek fisherman.

Loved these painted steps!

And a lovely photo of us both, taken by another visitor. 
We did find that in all three places I would volunteer to take a photo of a couple and it was more often than not reciprocated.

The best sunrise yet!
Wait until tomorrow!!!


It took me nine whole days, in Greece, to have Greek yogurt for breakfast!!
This was delicious, worth the wait!

Love this little boat x

So day nine, where has the time gone? First Greek yogurt this trip, with honey, fruit and walnuts to start the day. Found our spot on the smaller beach in Assos, crystal clear waters to swim in. Early final evening meal and to end our stay, we decided to find the sunset, on the other side of the fort! Was worth the hot trek, 10,000+ steps and mozzie bites!

So we checked this out the day before. Jeff thought the swimming here was better, clearer water!

We still had our trusty umbrella  and marked our spot!

This beach was just to the other side of our accommodation. It wasn't as busy, maybe a little more transient, as the main car park was just above it and it's situated just as you walk down from the fort, so there were a lot more people swimming and going, rather than staying all day.

We decided on an early tea.....

.....our last fried courgettes of the trip!

A quick rest......

...before changing and then heading out to find a sunset!!

Just follow the arrows!!
The young sun lounger boy told us about this track, round the side of the fort that took you to the far side of the island where you could see the sun set.

Beautiful views along the way.....

....but boy, was that sun still hot!

Eventually we could see the sea!

And all we had to do was fend off the midges and sit and wait!

Jeff did some yoga......

.......and I took hundreds of photographs!

It was worth every step!

Love him xx

We had plenty of company on the way back and Jeff had a trusty stick, 
 just in case they became unfriendly!

We came back via the main fort path, its paved and about 2m wide, compared to the stony track we walked there on. Beautiful views of Assos at night.


Last day and I went back for more Greek yogurt.

We have eaten the most delicious food this trip.
Looks loads all put together like that!!

So day ten! Got sun loungers for a bit of luxury on our final day. We paid for an extra night at our accommodation, so we could enjoy a full beach day and not stress about leaving in the morning, where to put our cases, shower etc. Our flight wasn't until 11pm, so we didn't plan to leave the resort until gone 6pm, so doing this just took any stress out of the equation and we could enjoy a full beach day rather than hang around and waste the day.

The perfect spot!

Can I just stay here please 

6.30pm came around far too quickly!

Had to get the suitcase up these steps and some!!

And then wait for the taxi......

....with this tantalising view x

Jeff managed to book another minibus just for the two of us...

.....which got us to the airport with loads of time to spare..... we waited outside!
I got talking to the lady sat next to me and she knew Jeff's mum, had been a pupil at Cathedral School. What a small world. She's a singer and travels the world, what are the chances!?!

The airport Gate Area never has enough seats, so with over an hour to kill, Jeff bedded in for the night! We got onto the plane on time, then sat for just under an hour on board, waiting for clearance from Athens air space. Sophie dutifully collected us from the airport and we got home around 3am!


It's always lovely to get home and enjoy that first coffee wandering around the garden. The weather was good whilst we were away and remained so, so 3 loads of washing were done and out on the line and dry and back in the wardrobe by the end of the day. Just like we'd never been away!!

Kept the Greek feels going at teatime, eating Greek flat breads and tzatziki out in the garden, with Jeff's new Greek flag adding to the mix.

So what's next?
It's 13 weeks until our next trip and our first visit to Croatia and Dubrovnik. That's my job for the next week or so, research the area and find accommodation etc. Usually I'm planning next years summer holiday but that's already booked!! I'm super organised this year. We have 10 days booked in a villa with a pool for a family holiday and then 10 days in a cheap beachfront apartment in Corfu for just Jeff and I. Always good to have something to look forward too xx