Saturday 30 June 2012


.....has resumed!

 It's been at least 5 weeks since I last walked, I can't say a huge chunk of my life has been missing because of not walking but I've just 2 stubborn pounds to shift before I reach my 2 stone goal and I need all the help I can get!

 I don't, not enjoy my walking, it's just another thing to fit into an already busy day but I still have more weight to lose and also want to improve my fitness levels, so walking it is!

 It was a beautiful morning to start out again - hardly another soul out and about, just the baby ducklings to keep me company.

 I am lucky to have this on my doorstep too, so here's hoping my new resolve will last. I want to lose another stone by the end of September for the posh Swan Auction event in the Bishop's Palace and then another by Christmas. I then have a University 20 year meet up in March next year to get to my target before....

.....a week in Ibiza next May to look forward to (YES! I just booked next years holiday!)

So motivation and goals a plenty, just need to stick at it. Oh, and there's a denim jacket I haven't worn for years and years I'd love to get back in to.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, keeping my fingers crossed the sun will shine.

Thursday 28 June 2012

Hello! Sunshine

 It shouldn't be such a rare occasion, worthy of it's own blog post but the way this Summer is shaping up, it well and truly is most deserved - today, the sun actually came out, only for a couple of hours this evening ....

 ...but out it came and with just the one sunny spot left in the garden, I have just made the most of it.

 It was beautiful feeling the sun on my bones, the first time in weeks.

Don't think it's going to last, tomorrow's forecast is already set for change so my new motto this Summer is,

Make the most of the sun when it does shine!

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Time to say thank you teacher!

 It's that time of year, as the term draws to a close, when you say 'Thank You' to your teacher or classroom assistants for all they have done throughout the year.

 We have put together a collection of our apple themed products to make your choice of gift simple and saving you over 15% of the full price. You get a fine bone china apple mug, magnet, pair of A6 notebooks and a card all for just £15.00

 And for just one extra pound, we will wrap your gift for you and all you have left to do is write the gift tag and card to accompany your gift.

to find out more or buy anything individually

I packed and gift wrapped 5 sets today for one organised customer and although I do say so myself, I think they look lovely.

Sunday 24 June 2012


As I said yesterday whilst busily hanging the bunting, we celebrated my Dad's birthday today with a special family lunch. Unfortunately the weather was not on my side, the sun did come out eventually but all the chairs were soaking so we all squashed inside (just like Christmas). It was a lovely day, spent with family - it will be my Granny's birthday next, hopefully it'll be warmer weather and the sun will shine!

Saturday 23 June 2012


Tomorrow I am doing a lunch for my side of the family - Christmas was the last time we were all together. Mum and Dad are travelling up from Cornwall for the day and bringing my Granny with them and my sister and her family are joining us too, to celebrate my Dad's birthday.

So I have spent the day cleaning, food shopping, writing lists, finding enough crockery, baking cakes, tidying up the garden and of course, hanging up the bunting. I'm willing the rain to stay away - it doesn't have to be sunny (although that would be very nice) but just dry enough and warm enough for us all to eat outside!

I'll let you know what happens - off to wrap some pressies, decorate the cake and find some suitable CD's!

Have a fun weekend where you are.

Wednesday 20 June 2012

4 Today!

Today dots and spots celebrates it's 4th Birthday and, just for me, the sun is shining!

It is hard to believe where the last 4 years have gone and what we have achieved in that time. This past year has seen some changes and for the better too. We have taken the decision to only do one main trade show a year. We have managed to jump off the treadmill and slow things down ever so slightly. I am back to designing and developing my ideas with thought rather than 'Quick, I need 4 designs yesterday' and 'filling spaces in minutes rather than producing something that has taken time and an idea worked through'. The hardest thing, has not been having lovely new products to share with you on a regular basis but  it has certainly made my life a lot easier.

 It has also meant that I have been able to do some other projects, like the swan which I would otherwise have struggled to do. Today I have had a photographer around at the house for two forthcoming magazine features about the house and studio which is super exciting. I really do feel very lucky to be doing what I am doing on a day to day basis. Yes, some days I question whether I did the right thing giving up teaching but these are very few and far between and only seem to be when it gets so busy, I can't think straight!

So tonight we celebrate with cake! 
Here's to another busy, successful year with lots to look forward to and share with you along the way.

Look out for a big giveaway too - haven't had a minute to photograph something yet but will post it here once I get organised. 
What was I saying about having more time?

Monday 18 June 2012

She's back!

 YEAH! after nearly 2 weeks of absence - she's back and in a new home outside Maddie Brown, where she belongs!

 Royally Dotted and Wells Spotted is one of 60 Swans on display in Wells this Summer. She is sponsored by St Andrews Press (my printers), Maddie Brown (one of our lovely stockists) and by dots and spots (me)!

 As you know she didn't like the rain on her first visit out, so she's had time to dry out, extra varnish has been applied and fingers crossed she will now reside in her new home for the duration of the Summer!

 She has a lovely sunny 'spot', weather permitting and if you are visiting and want a dots and spots memento - just pop into Maddie Brown  and treat yourself to our lovely things.

Not sure who these two are!!! 

Family Time

Yesterday we went over to my Sister-in-Law's for a family get together BBQ to celebrate Father's Day. It was a lovely afternoon, plenty of chat, good food and wine and lovely family time. Sadly the rain came before the day was done but a lovely afternoon never the less - thanks Jane and Mark.

Saturday 16 June 2012

Father's Day

Sunday is Father's Day - a day to say thank you (if you don't do it anyway!) to your Dad.

 So a big Thank You to my Dad - who is always there for me, normally on the end of a phone these days but nevertheless always there. I must take a more recent photo of him this Summer, when we go to Cornwall to visit - had to hunt high and low for one he'd be happy for me to print and this was years ago!

 Then there is my father-in-law - who has always been lovely to me and this picture shows him coming to support me recently at the swan launch. He lives locally and comes over for his tea once a week, so gets to see the children on a regular basis.

 And then there's Jeff, the children's Daddy and a fab Daddy he is too.

 Jeff is such a good Dad, the sort of Dad I had and I'm sure he could say the same of his Father. He is ALWAYS there for the children, be it going on a bike ride, swimming in the sea, sneaking chocolate in for him and the children! Helping with the homework, solving technical problems, gives cuddles and telling's off, watching silly programmes with them - he is there whenever, whatever and they are 2 very lucky children indeed.

 He can sometimes be a little mad, like swimming in the see on Boxing Day but I guess, that just makes him even more of a fun Dad!

 So we will be celebrating with a family BBQ (in the rain - no doubt) tomorrow with Jeff and his Dad and then next weekend I'm hosting a lunch for my Dad as it's also his Birthday. I am lucky to have such wonderful Father figures in my life and I hope (I'm sure they do) my 2 children realise what a fabulous Dad they have.

Happy Father's Day

Thursday 14 June 2012

Next week dots and spots will be celebrating it's 
4th Birthday.

It doesn't really seem possible and my, hasn't this past year flown by. To celebrate, I will be doing a giveaway - haven't decided what yet but will give details very soon.

Tuesday 12 June 2012

London bound!

 Yesterday I sneaked off to London for the day - on my own for a little bit of business and a little bit of pleasure. I went to visit a trade show 'Pulse'. We have always exhibited at Harrogate for our mid year show but wanted to see what Pulse was like, as it's closer to home and a day shorter. It was good but it's the beginning of May next year so will have to give it all some thought!

 I did enjoy London - I'm always really nervous going to London on my own, navigating the tubes etc but Jeff had given me little route cards so I was fine.

 Having missed the Jubilee celebrations, it was fantastic to see the flags flying along Regent Street and this image of the Queen in Hamley's toy shop window made entirely from lego!

 I managed to get to Liberty's - a shop I'd never been too, for a quick whizz around - definitely one to re-visit when I next go!

I had a thoroughly good day but it's back to reality today as I've a lot of orders to get done which 'pinged' through whilst we were away! I also have a date with my swan and fingers crossed, the last coat of varnish!