Friday 27 June 2014

My one regret.... that I didn't travel enough when I was younger. I have a real yearning to see more of the world and wish I'd done more before I had real responsibilities. Don't get me wrong I've been lucky - I went to France twice with school and managed to persuade Dad that the German trip was educational! I went on a cycling holiday to Holland and went to France again with University. It was in my 2nd year in University I flew for the first time at the age of 20, when I went on an exchange programme and lived in America for a year. I also worked and saved hard to go inter-railing around Europe for 6 weeks in the Summer of my 3rd year and promised to return to all the places I briefly visited. So I didn't do too badly but.....

I then met Jeff and we both settled into work, house, responsibilities etc and holidayed on a different Greek Island every Summer until we honeymooned in Majorca and then had children. Holidays were then very much here in England until 2 years ago when we ventured as a family to Majorca, followed by Ibiza and there has been no going back. Only I want to travel more and have to be patient!

I want to go to Italy and tour the wonderful cities, I want to go to Paris and Barcelona and return to Prague. I want to go to Corsica and Island hop around Greece. America and Australia are on that wish list too. Sadly money isn't in huge supply, such that we can just go and the thought of 'traipsing' around various Italian cities is Sam's worst nightmare. With the children still in school and Jeff a teacher, the only time we can go is when everything is at it's most expensive. So that's were the patience comes in.

Now I'm not wishing my life away but once the children have left home in 6 years time (if they do!) then we will be able to holiday 3 weeks earlier than the state schools so hopefully it will also be cheaper. In 4 years time Sophie will be taking her A-Levels and Sam his GCSE's during the same year, so IF they wanted to still 'be seen' with us, we would be able to go away earlier then. I have made Jeff promise me that in our retirement years we will travel to all the places I long to see and so I have plenty of time to make lists, to research wonderful places and save up, so that when we can go off travelling I have it all worked out!!

I hope all those going off on a GAP Year or Summer adventures before University have the best time and see as much of the World as they can. I will certainly encourage my 2 to do that if they chose. 

Best I do some work and get saving!! Have a lovely weekend.

Monday 23 June 2014

Another week!

Another week has come and gone - I really don't know where the time is going at the moment. Jeff breaks up on Saturday and the children have just 4 more weeks of school until the Summer holidays. We have been enjoying the most glorious sunny weather, which really does make every day a joy.

I've even read a book. I only read when I have time, usually on holiday but with this gorgeous weather, I've been taking some time out in the garden and have enjoyed a little reading too.

The veg patch is certainly enjoying this warm sunshine - it's all gone a little mad - loads of peas and courgettes ripening up and lots of flowers on the pumpkins too.

The strawberries, now netted, are producing lots of delicious fruit too.

I treated myself to a little retail therapy in Bath last Wednesday - it was lovely to have a few hours completely on my own. I had to visit the new Anthropology store and was tempted by this little melon plate in the sale.

It looks perfect on my dresser - a 'meant to be' purchase!

I also treated us to some new bedding in the Cath Kidston Sale and swapped the duvet from a Double to a King Size - such luxury.

We have lots of things on offer in the Not on the High Street Summer SALE. We will be having our own SALE starting next week (once hubby is off  work and has time to do the technical bit)

So each evening is spent enjoying the last bit of evening sun - long may it continue, although I think the weather is about to change once Glastonbury starts, typical. Life around here is already starting to get busier with festival goers arriving early. My local Tesco's resembles a camping store and is frequented by a colourful mix of characters and individuals, not to mention the array of clapped out vehicles in the car park. A week today it will all be over and come home time next Monday life will be back to normal.

Enjoy your week x

Wednesday 18 June 2014

St Ives Snaps competition

I've entered 3 photo's into Poppy Treffry's 'St Ives Snaps' competition over on her facebook page. Go take a look, there are some fab entries which all make me really wish that I was in St Ives right now.

This photo of the seals feeding from the returning fishing boats was taken during the Summer 2010 and is one of my favourites.

I had to have one of the infamous St Ives seagulls - they are a real menace but it wouldn't be St Ives without them!

This final pic is all about the colour, the green seaweed and beautiful clear blue sea. It was taken one Summer when there was a very low tide.

I have 100's of photo's of St Ives from over the years but I thought these 3 summed up the St Ives I love. If you go take a look over on Poppy's facebook page, 'like' any that catch your eye. 

Sunday 15 June 2014

What a weekend should be!

We've had a lovely weekend, shared with family. 

I spent Friday evening avoiding the football by baking cakes for my visitors on Saturday.

The house got tidied too - anything rather than watch the football!! 

So on Saturday my Mum and Dad came over with my 5 year old niece. They were on babysitting duty as my sister was away at a wedding. It was a beautiful day, a perfect day spent in the garden.

They left late evening and boy was I shattered, I had forgotten how tiring it was to entertain a 5 year old all day and to be fair Sophie did the majority of that! 

Today - Fathers Day, has been a more relaxed affair.
(LOVE the Coke bottle styling)

Jeff started off the morning been woken by Sam to go and play squash (he stayed up late to watch the football). On his return he got treated to his gifts to say thank you for being such a great Dad!

Of course Fathers Day wishes go to Jeff's Dad and my Dad  today too.
I love this photo of me and my Dad on my wedding day, taken 18 years ago now - eek!
We had a bit of scare during this past year with my Dad's health but fingers crossed all is good now.

I hope you have had a lovely weekend - a small confession, I realised it was the birds eating my strawberries not the slugs and snails, so have netted them and hopefully that's done the trick!

Wednesday 11 June 2014

The sun is doing it's magic

Breakfast outside in the garden, in the sunshine, is the best way to start the day. 
I've been going for my run straight after the school drop off, so can enjoy a more leisurely breakfast on my return. It's so peaceful and calm, if you ignore the cockerel and the neighbour's barking dogs but no bickering kids, no rush, just me, the sunshine and my garden.

4th May
12th June
In just over a month my veg patch has exploded. When you see it in pictures it really is impressive. We have chard, courgettes, onions and peas in this bed.

18th May
12th June
and my beans are suddenly taking off.

The peas are full of pods fattening up ready for picking

and annoyingly we have our first gardening casualty. This is what happens when you leave your 'very nearly' ripened strawberry one more day!
 Slugs and snail 1 - Me 0

Monday 9 June 2014

Time is ticking

Crikey now it's the 9th of June - not sure where that last week went. My Mum asked me if I was okay last night on the phone as I hadn't blogged - ha! life just sometimes gets in the way. Nothing big, nothing exciting just the normal everyday stuff.

I've been working in my friend's shop and

 keeping up with dots and spots orders.

We've picked our first home grown strawberry of the year - boy did it taste good.

I'm trying to keep up with my healthy living - I'm actually enjoying my run/walk - never in a million years thought I'd ever write that!

We've had a real mix of weather but I certainly try and make the most of the sunny days - the best bit of self employment, choosing when to work and when to enjoy the sunshine.

The garden continues to be 'my place' I love it out there, sat quietly on my own or at the weekend with the rest of the family thrown in. I love just sitting, taking in the heady scent of the honeysuckle in the evening, watching my vegetables grow and simply enjoying such a lovely space.

Right I'm off to do some work - have a good week.

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Star Dad!

I guess now we're in June Father's Day isn't very far away - less than 2 weeks away to be precise, on Sunday the 15th of June

Our simple Dad card is a perfect way to tell your Dad you love him

or maybe give him one of our 'Star Dad' wooden star's.
Available in red or blue.

We have a great selection of wooden boats too - available in red and blue in either a star, spot or stripe design.

Sunday 1 June 2014

Goodbye half term - Hello June!

So it's June - crikey!
Not sure where the time is going at the moment - half term has certainly come and gone.

The weather hasn't been great - grey and miserable for the most part with heavy downpours and very little in the way of glorious sunshine.

I've done the inevitable shopping trip with Sophie, have worked in the shop and kept on top of dots and spots orders. The highlight this week for me was on Wednesday when I met an old friend who I have not seen for the past 10 years. She lives in Abingdon where we used to work together, so we picked a half way point which happened to be the Trouble House Pub near Tetbury. It was fantastic to catch up and 3 hours of nattering later, I turned round and came home with the promise of not to leave it as long next time.

I've been keeping up with my run/walk regime and am at the point of almost running more than walking - I'm very proud of myself. I certainly would never have considered myself a runner of any kind. 

The new bit of garden continues to merge into the old space. 
The veg plot is looking very healthy and productive.

We even have our first pea pod.
I always joked with the children that they had to eat peas to be a proper Peabody (our surname) - now they can grow their own.

 We've added the table and chairs to our new bit and have had our first meal down at the bottom of the garden.

Before in April
After in May

I think we've done a good job.
Now the garden is finished we can hopefully sit out in the sunshine and enjoy it.

So it's back to school/work tomorrow and the normal routines - then a 7 week plod until the Summer hols. Here's hoping there will be plenty of sunny days in between.