Friday 28 July 2023

Beautiful Cavtat

I know I'm lucky, we're back from a bonus extra week in beautiful Cavtat, Croatia. 
Originally the plan was to go to Corfu. I'd found this fab apartment, way back last summer, literally on the beach for €600 for 10 nights!! But the owner cancelled our booking and said we could re-book in a few months time.....of course she increased the price!! Still doable if we could get cheap flights.......we couldn't! So PlanB was to go to Manchester/Hebden Bridge for a few days, as there was an exhibition on I want to see, but by the time we factored in travel, accommodation etc it would be just as cheap to go abroad. So, whilst idly looking, I found a place for €450 for 8 nights, throw in flights, it works out at £50 per person, per night!!! So we went to Croatia!!

Day one! 

Fabulous first day in Cavtat, a beautiful place. Made the most of the day, finding a spot to swim and relax. Caught our first sunset and watched a bit of water polo. What a fantastic spot. 

Day two! 

Found a spot, in a wonderful little cove, mix of sun and shade and just spent the day in and out of the water. Discovered we had a roof terrace at our accommodation with the most fantastic view over Cavtat and Dubrovnik in the far distance. 

Day three! 

We bused it to Plat! A steep hill/steps down to the most fabulous beach. So beautifully quiet and a bargain €10 for sunbeds and an umbrella for the day. Of course, we had to climb the steep hill/steps back up to get the bus to Cavtat. Wandered around a different side of the resort in the evening, caught the sun set. Perfect end to a fabulous day ❤️

Day four! 

Back to our little cove! We never intended to adventure much this week. We were lucky enough to visit Dubrovnik in October, so did all the sights then - the cable car, city walls, Lokrum Islad, Lapad, etc. Dubrovnik in the heat and crowds just wouldn't be enjoyable, happy to just swim and chill this week. Had the nicest meal out, food was deeeeeelicious, definitely one to go back to. Ended the night with a thunderstorm and lightening show, which lit up the whole bay. Walked up our hill the quickest we ever have, rescued the washing from the downpour just in time!

Day five! 

A cove day, same as the day before. Just a relaxing day. Evening spent at a roof terrace restaurant with a beautiful view and delicious food. Then happened upon the Cilipi Folklore Band and Dancers just about to perform. Love it when that happens and the red shoe, white sock combo ❤️ 

Day six! 

We returned to Plat by bus. The beach was just too nice not to revisit! It is a steep walk down to the most beautiful beach, which makes it worth it. Probably no more than 30 people on it throughout the whole day. Enjoyed a lovely meal and got treated to the most beautiful sunset to end the day.

Day seven! 

Change of plan, as we woke to smoke, up in the hills on the Plat side of town. Decided to stay closer to home and spent all day watching a continuous assault on the fires by the sea planes. We thought things were dying down, but the winds picked up, and in the evening you could clearly see them still burning away. The fires apparently started late the night before, and a huge area was up in flames throughout the night. The weather changed, strong winds and rain was forecast for the early hours of the morning. We were fine and safe. We just hope others are too x

Day eight! 

Last full day and rain was forecast. And when it rained, it rained. Torrential downpour, thunder, lightning and then 15 minutes later over and done with!! The sun didn't appear though, it remained cloudy until the evening. The sea was very choppy and another heavy downpour in the afternoon, but the fires from yesterday were all out! We walked up to The Mausoleum in the evening, fabulous views across Cavtat and revisited our favourite restaurant for our final meal out! 

Day nine! 

A bonus day really, as our host allowed us the use of the room until our 3pm departure, rather than our 10am checkout time. Meant we could get 4 hours on the beach and come back and get a shower before leaving for the airport. Would happily stay another week, although I am looking forward to no mozzie bites!! Been a fab bonus holiday x

This week was just what we needed!
Beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, warm sun filled days, delicious food ....

.....just a relaxed, chilled out week x

More pics over on @hap_pea_travels if you're interested x

Home to a garden which has had lots of rain and not much sun! 
So much growth! The sunflowers out the back are beginning to flower. 
We have our first pumpkin, and the figs are ripening,

Spent my morning enjoying a coffee with  a local lady I've chatted to via Instagram. We'd never met until today, and it was lovely to put a face to the Instagram account. As we thought, we had a lot in common, 3 hours later, I had to go!! Could have chatted allllll day! She gifted me these beautiful sweet peas from her garden, the scent is heavenly. I must try and grow them again x

Tuesday 18 July 2023

FINALLY!! Up, up and my beautiful balloon

FINALLY!!! It happened!!

Back in February 2022, I won a Stardust Award at work and with it, £250’s worth of LOVE IT vouchers, which was a lovely surprise. My Manager was adamant that I was to spend the money on myself. So I looked through the reward scheme and decided to put my Award money towards something I would never otherwise do, a ’Virgin Experience Balloon Flight’. Our first flight was timed perfectly for our 26th Wedding Anniversary. Little did I know how fickle ballooning is……. 6 attempts and a year later than first planned, we actually got to do it, this morning!!!!!! So a really BIG, heartfelt thank you to Sainsbury’s. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do since I was a child and it lived up to all my expectations and more. It was amazing, a ‘bucket list’ experience for me and worth the 5am alarm, for the sunrise alone ❤️

Glastonbury and Street


Our Balloon Pilot, Steve.

We landed upright!! in a field near Wedmore. 
We waited for the recovery crew to arrive and then all helped pack the balloon away.


When can I go again???