Thursday 28 February 2013

In need of cheering up

February has been a funny month, the sort you blink and miss on the one hand but the sort of month that's taken it's toll, on the other. It's hard to believe it's been and gone already but I'll be glad to see it gone, particularly if it takes the bitterly cold weather with it.

I've been finding it hard to eat 'well', craving carbs in this cold weather. No weight has gone on but no weight has come off either. Not really salad, fruit and yogurt weather!

My friend bought me these beautiful tulips this morning to cheer me up. We both have a longing for some warm sunshine and a change of scenery!

Tomorrow's 50% FRIDAY will hopefully cheer you up - it's a 'mixed' bag!! 
You will see our fabulous spotty bags on sale tomorrow for the last time for a while, so stock up! There will also be lots of 'mixed' items and some Mother's Day treats if you haven't bought yours already or need to hint to your other half, what you'd like to receive.

Monday 25 February 2013

Party Shop!

This year, in the Summer, dots and spots celebrates it's 5th birthday.

A lot of our new products have been inspired and produced with parties in mind.
We have a huge selection of cards on our website for that special occasion.

Our party bags are a huge hit. 
The party bags are available in red, blue, pink and mixed and come with 
complementary stickers in each pack of 12.

Any party has to have invitations and we have a great selection for you to chose from
and of course the thank you cards for afterwards too.

We sell sweets, sourced and bagged from a local sweet shop - the must have party bag treat.

Balloons and spotty ones at that, are a birthday decoration essential.

Stickers are a fun party bag, gift.

As are our new, fabulous badges, mirrors and magnets available individually or in packs of 3.

We've put together a special deal on our popular notebooks - buy 6 and get them half price. They make great, quality, take home gifts.

 Of course there is the party table and 
we have the perfect finishing touch with our place setting cards.

Your presents can be wrapped in style, with our new range of gift wrap.

So, there you have it, our party shop is ready and waiting to help you with your celebrations. Do get in touch if you want anything in larger quantities - we may be able to help with quantities and special prices.

Keep a look out in June, for a range of special birthday treats - giveaways, special offers etc all coming to you, in our special dots and spots way!

Thursday 21 February 2013

Hurry up.....


I don't do cold very well, I am definitely someone, who enjoys the sunshine and 'warmer' days. I have loved seeing the sunshine this week but it is bitingly cold. I can feel myself willing Spring to arrive, with warmth and sunshine in abundance. We had no Summer to really talk about last year, so I am really hoping that this year will be different. The sunshine and warmth, really lift me and I am so much jollier when the sun shines.

Tomorrow I pay for our holiday. After our first time away for 13 years, last year, we realised how important a family holiday, away in the sunshine is to us all. A week away from any distractions, from computers and phone calls and work is a must. So tomorrow I pay for our week in the sunshine and have something lovely to look forward to, whilst the cold weather continues.

Monday 18 February 2013

Mother's Day

Mother's Day has crept up rather fast this year and it is less than 3 weeks away,

 on Sunday 10th March.

 We've put together 2 special gift sets for you containing a mug, notebook and magnet. It comes gift wrapped in our quality paper with a co-ordinating gift tag and finished with double satin ribbon. Our 'Mum' greetings card is the perfect finishing touch.

 We also have our fabulous hand painted wooden hearts - the perfect way to say how much you love your Mum. There are a choice of 3 colourways and 2 styles - flowers and spots (of course)

Check out our mug page for some other ideas too. 

Saturday 16 February 2013

The sun.......

.......made a glorious appearance this morning.
Always such a joy to see at this time of year, well any time of year.

Early morning glimpses of it down the stairway.

Then in the late afternoon, if lights up the front hallway,

moves into the sitting room and

 catches the back of the house.

The evening walk around the park was beautiful.

Fingers crossed, we see a lot of the sunshine this year. 
I think we deserve it.

Thursday 14 February 2013


Stupidly, earlier this week, I embarked on a bit of a re-jig over at the premises.

I decided to move, literally everything. 
Why did I do that?

I have moved 100's of boxes and shelving units and cube units and .......

.........there is still a lot to do - that's my weekend sorted but I think it will have been worthwhile.

It looked so neat and tidy before,

and I'm sure it will by Monday - famous last words.

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Re-stocking....... paper drawers.

Yesterday I received a visit from my printers and my new stash of papers.
I LOVE paper.

I have lots and lots and lots of paper in various colours and prints. 
When I come to start a new collage piece, I am spoilt for choice.

 These new papers are scaled down versions of our new wrapping papers and some green added into the mix. The pattern is reduced so that the print is much smaller when collaging.

Not every drawer is kept as tidy and organised and believe me, they don't stay as tidy when I'm working away on a range of new designs.

I also have my scraps tin. I can't bear to throw anything away, you never know when you need just a little scrap, so I keep this tin overflowing with all my bits of paper.

New paper is a joy!

Sunday 10 February 2013

Lazy Sunday's

I LOVE Sunday's

Lazy starts - no school run to do

Treat - croissants and coffee for breakfast

Morning's spent on the sofa, in pj's

Walks in the park (when it's not raining!)

Slow lunches, whilst reading the paper

Me time - just playing in my studio

Family time - enjoying a roast dinner

Relaxation time - evening on the sofa watching TV

My kinda Sunday!