Sunday 25 May 2014

Project gravel is done!

Yesterday morning we took delivery of 2 tonnes of gravel. Due to lack of access to the back of our house, it had to be dropped off on the road verge........

......I then loaded each barrow full of gravel and

Jeff wheeled it all the way down the back alley way to the garden.

the prepped space was then 

All we now need to do is bring over the table and benches and pop some pots around and it's job done!

I had a well deserved night booked on the sofa accompanied by a mug of strong black coffee and a hot water bottle. I still can't feel my arms this morning but it's done - hurrah!!

Thursday 22 May 2014

Holiday blues!

Oh, how I wish this was us this Saturday!

Two years ago we ventured on our first holiday abroad since we had the children. It was fantastic, so much so it's the one thing we do now save up for and look forward to every year. Now for the past two years we have gone away this coming week in May half term - this year however, we have opted to go away in the Summer hols but I am wishing I was packing my bags now with a week in the sunshine relaxing, to look forward to!

The first year in Majorca was great, it was a week later due to the Jubilee but the weather and heat was perfect. Last year however in Ibiza, the pool was cold and there was a breeze so for the money, it wasn't perfect and the kids kept disappearing up to the room - they could do that at home! So we've opted to go away in the Summer this year but I'm already convinced it will probably be too hot for the boy even with a pool and air con.

So today in a spare half an hour I've been tentatively looking ahead to next year. I don't want to book anything until we've gone away this Summer and at least trialed the Summer heat. Next year is the last year Sophie could go away at half term as the following year she'll be taking her GCSE's (scary) so we do have a choice next year - I'm thinking possibly Greece at half term now they have flights there out of Bristol. Now if I was mega rich I'd happily do both but unless I win the lottery that's not going to happen. 

The forecast isn't looking great here for half term week but we've garden projects to do and I'm sure Sophie will be wanting to go to Bath shopping. I'll have orders to keep on top of and I have a few days in the shop penciled in (next year's holiday fund!), so blink and the week will be gone and it is only 10 weeks to wait until we do go away.

Sunday 18 May 2014

Glorious sunshine

The sunshine really has been very welcome - a few days of warm unbroken sunshine does me wonders. I certainly don't mind waking up to this every morning.

Annoyingly I was in the shop on Saturday, so had to leave this all behind me and spend the day inside - that certainly is the worst bit of the job.

However I was out on my walk/run before 8.30 am this morning and out enjoying my breakfast in the garden on my return. 

We've had our teatimes outside too - 3 nights in a row. 
It really does make a big difference.

We've been busy on the bottom bit of garden too. Earlier in the week I managed to level out the bit reserved for a seating area and...... we laid the weed mat down in preparation for the gravel arriving next Saturday. That is one job I am not looking forward to. Because of the access to the back, we have to wheelbarrow it up and down the back alley way. Rough estimate is 80 barrow loads!!! Come rain or shine it will have to be done - any helpers !?!

The veg patch is doing very well and I'm relieved to report the first bean has pushed it's way through. I was beginning to think they weren't going to show but patience.....

So the weekend is drawing to a close and the forecast is changeable for the week ahead. I do hope we are in for a good Summer and the last few days have just been a taster for the days ahead.

Have a good week.

Tuesday 13 May 2014


I do love my flowers - I very much have a favourite for every season. I like to start the New Year with red tulips and hyacinth bulbs, full of promise. I then move onto daffodils and more colourful tulips. Now into early May peonies start to make their way into the shops, these will be followed by heavily scented lillies and then sunflowers.

I just love the big, blousy blooms and if you are lucky, heady scent.

I've treated myself to two Peony plants, in the hope that I might grow my own next year.
The vegetables are coming on a treat but no sign of the beans we planted last week yet.

We started on the seating area Sunday afternoon - we plan to gravel it once levelled. It's been one of those jobs we kept looking at, talking about but kept putting it off. The realisation of only one more Sunday to get it ready for the gravel delivery pushed us on to make a start.

I'm still in love with my Allium's out in the garden - I just love the way they stand to attention.
The forecast for the next few days is supposed to be sunny, so I have a long list of garden jobs to do so I can make the most of the sunshine.

Have a good week.

Thursday 8 May 2014

A long 4 day week

On the one hand this week seems very short, a 4 day Bank Holiday week but on the other hand it seems a very long week - I thought today was Friday!!

I've just about caught up from last Friday's orders - all are packed and sent out and I've been spending time making up stock to fill the shelves again.

The weather has been on my 'work' side - as it's been soooo wet I've been getting as much 'inside' work done as possible. 

I'm waiting for the sun to come back and hopefully I'll be fully organised over at the unit to make the most of it when it does.

Despite the rain, the Allium's are continuing to bloom - the garden looks so very green at this time of the year after the rain. I've not checked on the veg patch for a couple of days as it's been so wet - I'm hoping the slugs and snails haven't been having a party in my absence!

So with the weekend nearly here and the forecast set for more rain, I've treated myself to this little burst of colour. I'm in the shop on Saturday so it won't bother me if it's raining although we have a few jobs to do down in the new bit of garden before half term arrives and it needs to be dry to get it all done.

Have a lovely weekend, whatever the weather.

Sunday 4 May 2014

My weekend off

WOW! What a 50% FRIDAY - you all love a bargain and I've been completely inundated with orders, my best day ever - THANK YOU. I decided as it was my Saturday off this week, to enjoy the weekend and get stuck in on Monday.

The weekend started in style with Sam cooking tea - Panini Pizza's all round and they were delicious.

I paid for our holiday on Thursday so started off my Friday evening looking through brochures for next year. We're going in August instead of May this year, so won't book anything until we've been this year so we can see how Sam copes with the heat. I fancy Italy but know it will be far too hot for sure.

I started Saturday with my run/walk, still more walking than running but I'm proud of myself - I've been out every day now for over a week. I spent the rest of the day out in the garden - whilst I painted the garden fence, Sophie had her head in a book. I love to see her read, she's a real bookworm - long may it continue.

The weather was gorgeous so with the fence finished, I spent the afternoon relaxing and enjoying our new garden.

This morning I was up bright and early to go over to Frome to The Frome Independent.
It's on the first Sunday of every month and is great.

 Catherine Hill houses the Artisan sellers with their suitcases of wares, the food stalls are fantastic and sell the most delicious treats, then there's the flea. 

I love it, there's a great atmosphere - get there early if you're thinking of going, it gets very busy.

So the afternoon was spent back in the garden. Things are really taking off - courgette, onions and peas in the photo above and we've planted out the beans and some sunflower seeds today.  There's still a bit more space, maybe carrots or pumpkins next. I love just watching it all grow - it will be great when we can start eating it all.

So it's back to it in the morning. Jeff doesn't get tomorrow off so it won't seem so bad having to work on a Bank Holiday. I hate having lots of orders waiting so I'm hoping to get it all posted out on Tuesday morning. Next Saturday I'll be back in the shop and before you know it, it'll be half term. Time seems to be whizzing by at the moment - how can it be May already?

Friday 2 May 2014

Last one (for a while)

It's our last 50% FRIDAY for a while so we've made it a good one.


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