Sunday 28 January 2024

The end is in sight!!

I do not like January!

So I'm glad we are nearing the end of the month!
Spotted these gorgeous lambs out on my walk the other day, so cute!
Seemed very early though.

Spotted snowdrops too!

Lynn and I walked on Thursday. I haven't done very much walking this week, been tied to my computer 'holiday planning' most of the week instead. It needed to be done and once you get into researching places, you don't want to stop, in case you forget where you were up to.

I looked out of the window at 4.30 each evening instead, to see the starlings!!

So yes, I've pretty much spent my whole week in this corner of my kitchen, plotting out our Greek adventure. Barr a couple of coffee dates with friends, that has been my whole week.

I do enjoy the process, but I'm not gonna lie, this has felt a bit of a slog at times. Partly due to budget, partly leaving it a tad too late to get a better/bigger choice of accommodation for our budget, partly as I needed Jeff to confer with, partly the sheer scale of the task! How long to stay for on each island, in each resort, the ferry connections, budget, accommodation requirements, proximity to the sea....and so the list goes on!!  

I worked it all out eventually, in time to present it all to Jeff today. Came up with a couple of choices of resort on each island, 5 or so different accommodations on a short list and then presented it all to Jeff. There's only one I'm not sure about our final decision, which I shall revisit with fresh eyes tomorrow. 
Here are three out of the seven we've booked!




But on the whole, I think we've done okay and we've come under the £100 a night budget. Still need to book all the ferries but have worked out the route and know what is available. Just need to look at it a little more, as we think you can get a sort of pass for multiple journeys.

The other main focus of my week, has been on the final three episodes of .....
....The Traitors....
best bit of TV in a long time!!


Have got a busy week ahead. Am trying to catch up with friends before half term and I start back in the gallery 4 days a week. My only free day is Monday, so need to get lots done.

Have a good week x

Sunday 21 January 2024

A beautifully cold, frosty, blue sky week!

It's been a beautiful week. Frustratingly I've had to work a few mornings, which means when I've not been working, I've been getting outside and making the most of the glorious weather. So on Monday, I had a full day off so headed over to East Harptree Woods on my own.

I should have got there a little earlier but I was really there on the hunt for...

....the Scarlet Elf Cup, and I wasn't disappointed.

And the sun lit up the ferns beautifully.
A lovely, cold morning.

I then worked Tuesday and Wednesday but had the day off on Thursday, 
so I met with my friend Lynn and we headed over to Wells.

The mud and pathways were still frozen, so it made life easy.
Although we did walk a fair way.

Saw a few friendly robins on the way but.....

....the pièce de résistance, a kingfisher. 

Just sat sunbathing!! along the Bishop's Moat!
Wow! wasn't expecting that!! Will have to go back when I have more time.

Jeff was home late on Thursday, he had detention. Every evening from 4.30pm, I watch the starlings return to their roost. They fill the sky like silent shadows, drifting behind the Tor. So I decided to go to the top of Wearyall Hill, in an attempt to capture them and I waited and waited, as the sun went down.....nothing!! 

Just before 5pm, I gave in and started to walk down the hill, and there, in the distance, were the silent shadows filling the sky, coming in from a completely different direction tonight!! (Sod's Law!!) 
A beautiful sunset nonetheless, so not a complete waste of my time!!

I worked Friday morning, my last exam! But as soon as it was done, I headed home, got changed and got out again. The forecast is for warmer, wetter weather ahead. I so prefer the cold, frosty, blue sky days we've enjoyed, so went out for one last fill!!

Icy paths.....

.....but look at that sky!!
What's not to love?

Saturday, and I was back in the gallery. My last day for a while.

I have a few weeks off now, then it's back in for the Sustainable Exhibition at end of February. I've really enjoyed it so far, so looking forward to going back for 4 days a week.

Today, as expected, the weather has turned wet and windy! 
So a quiet day at home. 
I finally got around to taking down the New Year bits and having a bit of a tidy up.

Am keeping my bulbs inside for another week.The hyacinth flowers may have gone over, but the splash of fresh green is still very welcome and my daffodils are still so cheery. I have the next 3 weeks off before half term and my return to the Gallery for 5 weeks. So I'm catching up with friends, getting out for walks when it's dry, doing lots of jobs around the house and just making sure I'm back on top of everything before it's back to work again. I really need to get our Greece trip planned out, book our ferries and accommodation, so I will spend my free time doing just that!!

Have a good week x

Sunday 14 January 2024

Half way through!

Made the most of my day off!

Only had Monday off this week, so headed over to the Newt, my first visit of the year. My aim is to go at least once a month, to get the most out of my membership and enjoy the changing seasons. Am not going to lie, it was freezing but......

....the fire pit, on arrival, was a most welcome sight.

Whatever the weather, there's always something to see.

Lynn and I met up on Tuesday, as I was working in the afternoon and the rest of the week. Another freezing cold walk, up and around the tour, to kick start the year

It's hard to know where to walk at this time of year, with everywhere so wet and muddy. We stuck to roads and firm tracks and warmed up with a coffee and some toast at Middlewick.

It's hard to think we're already half way through the month. Walking, work, daffodils and good telly certainly help get me through the month. The traitors is brilliant TV, although the Friday cliff hanger is super annoying. I think the first series was better as it was all so new and you didn't really know all the twists and turns. They aren't following the exact same format but people are more clued up, although still making some ridiculous decisions. Worth a watch!

So I have been in this week for exam invigilation and another day in the Gallery. I think I commented before, it's a million miles away from my previous job in Sainsbury's and for the better!!

I'm happier, less stressed and not going home in pain!

And I'm enjoying a lazy Sunday at home. I used to think working a Sunday was okay, better than a Saturday. But having worked the past two Saturdays and now enjoying a chilled out Sunday, I was wrong! Feels much more restful. Maybe because I crammed things in on a Saturday as I knew I had to work a Sunday!?! Who knows.....?

Still the best £1 you'll spend in January!

And outside too, in amongst the weeds and the moss, we have daffodil  'beginnings' x 
Every year, Jeff plants a few more bulbs in the lawn, and every Winter we wait for Spring to do it's thing! It's always such a simple but lovely thing to see in January. The promise of warmer, brighter days ahead. The week ahead looks cold but on the whole, sunny. Could get a flutter of snow midweek!?! I've a few more exams penciled in and my final Saturday in the Gallery for the Student Exhibition. I'm then back in in mid February for The Sustainable Art Exhibition. I like this pattern of a few busy weeks, then a couple of weeks off, then back in for another busy few weeks, then a few weeks evens out nearly 50/50. I don't mind doing Saturdays, as I know it's not every Saturday and I know I get all of July, August and December off and the rest of Jeff's holidays. I've just given my availability for the summer exams, over an 8 week period. I think it'll be just about enough money to continue to pay for the nice things and stop me having to do something far, so good!

Sunday 7 January 2024

Week one already done!

The first week of the year done!!

I always like to start the year off with fresh Spring flowers.
In my opinion, this is the best £1 you can spend in January!

Bright, cheery, daffodils x

The start of the week was soggy, so I decided to just crack on with inside jobs.
The Box room for's now super tidy and organised!

We binge watched the 4 part ITV drama 'Mr Bates vs the Post Office'. An excellent drama based on a true story, but bloody disgraceful what those poor people went through/are still going through! A devastating, tough watch! Lives lost, lives ruined, absolutely shocking! And still no one has been made accountable. I can't even begin to imagine what they are/have gone through!

I spent my Wednesday afternoon in our local cinema. Managed to catch Wonka before it came to an end. Glad I made the effort, a very enjoyable watch. Although, normally when I go to an afternoon matinee, with free coffee and biscuits, it's me and just half a dozen others, who are normally a good 20 years plus older than me. Today I got the last seat, as the kids were still off school.

Thursday it finally stopped raining! I was meant to go in and invigilate an exam in the afternoon but that got cancelled. I spent a couple of hours over at Ham Wall instead. I love it over there but the tracks are so wet and muddy and flooded in places, it was just a case of sticking to the main footpaths.

Still, got my first encounter of the year with the friendly Tits......

....and robins x

Friday I had to go over to Shepton to get my hair cut. There is so much flooding about, that I gave myself plenty of time. Managed to capture the Tor reflected in the flood plains. We have had so much rain and there are a number of impassable roads locally. I think, next week is supposed to be drier, it needs to be, just to clear some of this water!

So 2024 has got off to a soggy start outside.....
.....inside it's looking bright and cheery x

Friday evening I was invited to the Private View of the Student Exhibition up at Millfield.
A complete showcase of work, from Pre-Prep right the way up to A Level.
It was busy! I did my best to mingle but really did not know anyone, so felt a little bit of a spare part but I'm sure that feeling will ease as time goes on.

And so on Saturday, I officially started my role as Gallery Invigilator... the Atkinson Gallery.

My spot!!

Sadly, I'm not able to share the fantastic Student work on display in the exhibition, as it's current exam work and can't be shared on social media. If you are local however, you can pop in and have a look around.

I'm just in for a few Saturdays for this exhibition, but will do 4 consecutive days in two 5 week blocks for the outside exhibitions. One in February/March and another in September/October.

I had quite a few visitors and honestly, it couldn't be more different from Sainsbury's. It was cold, that's the only comparison. Will need to layer up more next week!! But it wasn't stressful, I didn't feel anxious and I didn't go home exhausted, dreading my next shift!! So a huge win for me!! And it was nice to have a reason to dress a little smarter x

Went into town today to buy a gillet !!
Jeff is refereeing this afternoon, so a chilled Sunday...
....what a treat!

Next week is busy, invigilating A Level mocks. They're peppered over the week, so hopefully, if it remains dry, I can squeeze in a walk or two too!
Have a good week x