Saturday 26 May 2018

Last 'official' day at school ever.....

Officially a LEAVER 2018!

Where, oh where have the years gone? It really doesn't seem like 5 minutes ago that she was starting school and yesterday she had her leavers breakfast, assembly and 'official' last day in school! It's half term now, 3 weeks of exams to follow, Summer Ball mid July and then Results Day mid August.

Sam's official last day at school isn't until July 5th, when he'll have his Leavers Assembly and Prom. Last day in uniform for him though, will be his last exam on June 15th 
(he was too grumpy to take his photo yesterday!!)

This pic was taken 2006, Sam's first day at school and Sophie would have been starting Year 2 // 2016 final year at school for Sophie and Sam would be Year 9

Of course this year marked the last of me doing the school runs too, with Sophie taking over the role. Although I did take them both in on Friday, I felt a little teary, that that really would be the last ever school run I'd do with them both together. Sam is going to the local College next year, just a 5/10 minute walk from the house, so definitely no more school runs ever!

End of half term for this one too but they hold their End of Year Assemblies, Award Evening etc this week, as many pupils filter away at the very end of term, once exams are done. Jeff's taking on a new role next academic year, so has relinquished his role within the football department. He very deservedly won an Award, the 'Spirit of Millfield Award for Contribution to Millfield Sport and Beyond' a thank you and acknowledgement for the many hours he's given to the football over the past few years.

So an end of an era really for the pair of them. Sophie, fingers crossed, all being well will be off to Uni and Sam will be finishing at Wells Blue and doing his A Levels at the local College. As a Mum I hope they'll both succeed, get the grades they need to do what they want to do and ultimately both be happy. 

Half term though to get through first. We've nothing planned as it's revision for the pair of them, work for me, although I've taken Friday off so will have a 4 day break at the end of the week. 

Hope you have a good week and Bank Holiday Weekend x

Sunday 20 May 2018

May...'re really spoiling us! 

It's been a beautiful week weather wise and more to come if the forecast is to be believed!

It's been a slightly stressful week, with GCSE's in full flow now and a reluctant reviser!! He's a bright boy, so I'm feeling frustrated, as I know he has such potential. If he spent the amount of time he does making up excuses not to revise and actually spent that time doing it, he'd be flying!!

In other news, we had a Royal wedding to celebrate. I put up the bunting and flags in the kitchen window, much to everyone else's embarrassment and 'oh mother!!'

It was a beautiful, happy occasion and I wish them every happiness together.

I saw this picture on FaceBook today 

Be. In. The. Moment.

I am as guilty as everyone in this picture, always taking photos to capture the moment, to create pictures of memories but Being. In. The. Moment......... something to remember.

My Mum and Dad popped in this afternoon, on their way up from Cornwall, left the bunting up in their honour! Was nice to see them, have a catch up, take a picture!! to remember!! See, I do it all the time, as I know I'll enjoy looking back and seeing this photo. 

The garden is looking good, the allium's and hosta's are looking fabulous.

My peonies came out all big and blousy and smell beautiful.

But the alliums, by far, have been stunning. We planted 50 bulbs and have 50 flowers, all along the back corner wall. Behind them we've planted sweet peas, so hopefully they'll follow on with a wall of colour and scent. The garden is feeling more like ours now, hard to believe we'll have been here 3 years in July. As I often say, where has that time gone but then I have this blog, full of pictures and memories to look back on.

Have a good week x

Saturday 12 May 2018

The time has come....

....exams start on Monday!!!

Where, oh where, have the years gone? This photo was taken on the morning of Sophie's first day at school, Sam had just turned 2 the beginning of August. On Monday he starts his GCSE exams and Sophie begins her A Levels mid week. I hope they have done enough work, I hope the exams are fair, I hope Sophie can control her nerves. It's out of my hands now, I've encouraged, cajoled, got cross and frustrated by Sam's approach to exams and revision, but there is now nothing more I can do, than try and keep things on an even keel for the next 6 weeks, be there to listen and cheer them on and silently cross everything and will them along, hoping that it all goes their way.

The allium's have come on a treat - need to add some grasses next year, so they have more support and context. We've planted sweet peas behind, hoping for a wall of colour and scent this summer. 

Not too much has happened this week, week 1 on work rotation, so worked Monday to Thursday, normal yoga session on Wednesday evening, which did throw up an area to work on. I'm very conscious of my back and posture, years bending over 4 and 5 year olds, years picking and packing orders, years carrying too much weight and carrying around a bigger bust. We did an exercise with our hands behind our backs, which pushes out the chest and strengthens the back - it felt so good, so I'm doing the exercise every day. Our instructor also suggested getting a block to lie on for 20 minutes every day, again it pushes out the chest and straightens the back, both are worth a go and hopefully as a result, my posture will visibly improve.

Leaving you with this image - beautiful peonies back in season, love them.

I'm working tomorrow, Monday and Wednesday - have Friday off, so a 4 day weekend to look forward to. Hope the forecast stays as it is - plenty of sunshine if it does!

Have a good week x

Sunday 6 May 2018

May Bank Holiday

It's on days like today, when the weather is glorious, that I miss the perks of being self employed! The Bank Holiday weekend is set to be glorious and yesterday I stupidly agreed to do overtime, today I have made the most of the weather, as I've had a day off and am then working for the next 4 consecutive days. It's been lovely to spend the day at home, soaking up the sunshine as much I can!

Earlier on in the week the boiler man came and rescued us from our 'no hot water' hell! Our little white box of happiness, as Jeff now affectionately refers to it!

I spent Thursday in Bath, enjoying the start of the sunny weather and knowing I won't get a chance to go there until the half term break. I had a few birthday presents and cards to get and Sophie and I wanted to try out some new gluten free pastries you can only get in M&S.

It's always lovely to leave Street and venture somewhere different, I love Bath and a spot of people watching in Kingsmead Square.

Life at home is still in 'revision' mode, with some more effective than others! Keeping everything on an even keel is key at the moment - it's moments like this that I want to remember. I spotted the first apple blossom out, went to take a pic, with everyone following on behind me and my phone camera was in selfie mode - this 'accidental shot' made my day - just wish Sam was hanging out of the bathroom window waving!!

This was the apple blossom I intended to take a pic of!

Enjoy your sunny day tomorrow, both Jeff and I are working, so I'll try not to glimpse outside, to see what I'm missing. Think Friday, my next day off, rain is forecast - will have to get used to set hours and not dwell, at least the washing will be dry when I get home!

Have a great week x

Tuesday 1 May 2018

Farewell April, hello May!

Where did April go?

April has whizzed by, doesn't seem 5 minutes ago that it was Easter and the kids were going back to school. In 2 weeks time exams start for them both! Sam just wants to get them over and done with now and to be honest, I think we all do! Sophie ends a week later than Sam but then hopefully they can both enjoy the Summer. Sam has no plans!! Sophie wants to get a job and pretty much work the whole of August to put some money back for Uni.

I set myself a little challenge in April - to walk every day - challenge complete!! I'm flirting with the idea of starting up my running again.Will need to see if my hip agrees but will quite probably give it a go. I'm inching closer to target, just 4.5lbs to go, so I definitely want to get to target by the end of May, bottom of target before our holiday in July.

I'm hoping May is going to be a warm, sun filled month. I'm currently sat typing with a hot water bottle on my knee! It is for once sunny but still a chill in the air. I currently have the plumber here, after a week of intermittent hot water, followed by a week of no hot water, it's time for a new boiler and today is the day we could marry everything together - him a free day and me a day off. Fingers, toes, everything crossed, we will have hot water by the end of today - kettles, jugs and a trug just aren't the same as a lovely hot shower, particularly when you have 2 teenagers in the house too!

Wishing you all a warm, sun filled month ahead x