Sunday 30 June 2019

Running out of time

I feel I've been on the back foot all day today, a rare day with us all at home, determined to enjoy some sunshine, I now have loads to do this evening.

I can't actually believe today we say farewell to the month of June, a jam packed month of fun trips to see Matilda, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Paul Young, Father's Day celebrations and end of term for Jeff. Sophie's return for the summer and a trip to Reading to pack her up and bring her home. This week saw a flying visit to Cornwall to check in with my Granny, who has been a little poorly and ending the month with a whizz up the Tor last night, to see the Festival lights but instead an unexpected sunset stole the show!

Night out with Paul Young - 1983, I was 12!!

Day trip to Cornwall to see Granny and a few Cornish treats too x

We've finally had a little summer sunshine, timed brilliantly for those at Glastonbury Festival and for Jeff as he starts his Summer break. I've been doing lots of overtime at work, so grab any free 5 minutes out in the sunshine when I can.

Last night we decided to go up the Tor to see if we could see the Festival lights, ended up in a race with the setting sun. Got to the top just in time to see it set beautifully - we are lucky to live in such a fabulous part of the world.

Saturday 22 June 2019

Year One packed up and over and out!

Been a busy old week adjusting to Sophie being back home, Jeff's end of term rapidly approaching so many different comings and goings to plan in and Sam just doing his own thing!! Glastonbury festival is fast approaching and the looming traffic chaos it normally brings in its wake, work hours are changing to accommodate this..... we grabbed an overnight stay in Reading to pack up all of Sophie's Uni stuff and bring her home fully for the summer, before the madness begins. Obligatory shot on Stonehenge...... 

...and some fabulous flashes of red poppy fields, on the way there.

We left straight after I'd finished work and got down earlier enough to pop in to Reading, a quick mooch around a few shops, then met Sophie's friend to take her out for tea! She's staying in Reading all summer as she has a job and can move into her house soon. Where as Sophie is going back into Halls next year and was fine about going back to where she worked last summer, here at home. They give her loads of hours and the pay is good! But saying that, I'm guessing she'll be back to Reading a few times in between.

As we walked back I did the embarrassing Mum thing and got her to stand by the sign for a pic! It was getting dark and I was pushing my luck asking to take another, so this was the best I got!!

She slept on the floor and I had her bed and this was my view at 6:30 in the morning - I wonder if she'll miss it!?! We couldn't do it in one day due to me working, as we had to hand in the key, so it had to be an overnight stay.

So up bright and early to pack. To be fair to Sophie, she'd made a good start and we were pretty much done by 9:15, 4 trolley loads if I recall. So lucky to have some sunshine, as it was torrential rain when we moved her in!

One empty, clean room! 
We won't talk about the state some of her flatmates have left the kitchen in!!! 

Where, oh where has that year gone? Doesn't seem five minutes ago that we were moving her in, giving her a massive goodbye hug and wiping away the tears, before leaving her to it.

The good old Micra came up trumps again and we managed to squeeze everything back in. Of course we were without Jeff but still, we had room to spare (Just!!)

So a long trip back, the A303 is notoriously bad on a Friday and it had been the Summer Solstice, so lots of extra people around, coupled with large lorries heading to the festival site. Still we were done!

A fabulous Year One!
Blink and we'll be back down, ready for the start of Year Two x

Sunday 16 June 2019

Father's Day

I've 3 father's to think of every year on Father's day.... Dad!...

...Jeff's Dad...

and of course Jeff, dad to Sophie and Sam.

Extra bonus that this one came home from Uni today.
Perfect timing!!

All 3 - fabulous in their own way x

Saturday 8 June 2019

Sophie Ellis Bextor!!

Fab night out with my sis on Wednesday in Bristol, a rare treat to see....

.....Sophie Ellis Bextor x

She was incredible!
Beautiful, stunning lady and performer, with the most incredible voice.
And at the end she ran up to our balcony and just meters away, she sang with 3 violinists


And we had the best view as the people in the seats in front of us didn't show up!

The only downside to the night was the room spinning when I got into bed. I wouldn't have minded had I had a few drinks but I hadn't! Got up the next morning feeling nauseous and dizzy, so got a Dr's appointment, who confirmed that I had Viral Labyrinthitis. I've had it once before, a year and a half ago just from bending down into a cupboard. I did a lot of bending at work on Wednesday, which may have started it off, plus my cold last week (the viral bit!) and generally feeling tired. So my days holiday on Thursday was spent in bed and my subsequent two days off have been getting myself in a position to be able to go to work on Sunday. I'll just have to pace myself, plenty of sleep, drink loads of water, no bending!! 

Sunday 2 June 2019

WOW! June already!

Pinch and a punch....hello June!

First outing of the new month and a trip to Bristol to meet up with my sister and niece to see Matilda (we missed you Sophie!!) Last saw it in London back in 2012 with Sophie and Sam. Still as good today, in fact would happily go again.

Final treat of the half term break, which has been a mix of work and treats.

Tuesday night being the main event and another trip to Bristol, this time to Ashton Gate, not to see Jeff's beloved Bristol City play, no something much better than that.....


This was my 5th time seeing the boys, Jeff's 4th!! They were brilliant again and Rick Astley was a real treat too, plus Lulu made an appearance. Only downer was not feeling 100%, an annoying woman sat next to me blocking my view and it was blumin freezing!!

Still, had a great time with this one x