Saturday 27 August 2022

Time is ticking.....

.....and the summer is rushing by!

Trying to make the most of day's together before term starts.

I worked the Sunday, Monday, had a meeting on the Tuesday, so on a mizzly Wednesday, 
Jeff and I decided to head into Bristol.

First up on our 'to do' list was seeing this fabulous sculpture. I have wanted to see it for ages. Housed in the Bristol University Chemistry courtyard, Luke Jerram's Palm Temple is a beautiful installation. 

You can read more about it HERE

 I have wanted to go and see the Grayson Art Club Exhibition ever since I knew it was showcased in the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. We had tickets way back in February but all got Covid and had to cancel, prompted by the fact it ends early September, we decided to go!

A brilliant collection of art created through Lockdown, showcasing everyday people, famous celebritities, Grayson himself and his wife Pilippa. Well worth the wait and visit.

Next up and by complete accident, we stumbled upon and climbed to the top of Cabot Tower. 

So glad we did climb to the top, as we were rewarded with 360 degree views across the whole of Bristol and it was free!!

There was a real autumnal feel in the air.

The conkers have fallen early due to the lack of water ....

...and are white!!

We really must go back to Bristol and explore. I tend to only go for shopping and to see a show. There is so much more to see and with it only an hour away, there's no excuse really! We enjoyed a final Greek meal together before heading home.

Thursday 10:00am, Coldplay tickets for Cardiff went on sale. Buying tickets is just so unnecessarily stressful!! I was 15,000th in the queue, Sophie 30,000th!! Anyway long story short, we got two tickets, up in the God's, 8 rows from the back!!! Annoyingly got offered better tickets once we panic bought the first option!!! BUT we were lucky to see them at Wembley, this will be a completely different experience, we know it's incredible, this is just go and soak up the amazing atmosphere!! With her living in Cardiff, it should at least be easier to get to and get home!!

The boy went off to Reading Festival on Thursday - his last Hoorah of the Summer!! He's still got a couple of weeks left to work, before heading back to Uni mid September. Things have happened apace for Sophie. She has put down a deposit on a flat after a virtual viewing, we hope to go see it next week, with a potential move in date, typically as Jeff is going back to school!

The pumpkins are doing great, should get two for Halloween!

And my sunflowers continue to shine!

The next few weeks are going to be a bit manic. I won't settle until everyone is moved in and back settled and sorted. It's Bank Holiday weekend but because I work, it doesn't really register!! Jeff has meetings and INSET days from mid week, back properly the 5th! A week to get organised here, Sophie packing, possible day trip to Cornwall, shopping trip to Ikea. Am thinking of actually hiring removals, as the flat is on the 4th floor!! Will see how expensive it is! 

I prefer September to New Year! For me, it's a complete reset, establish new routines and put goals, aims in place. It normally gets going straight away with the start of school but will be staggered this year, with school terms, new job start dates and late Uni returns! Patience Becky!!!!

Saturday 20 August 2022

Autumnal feels

Highlight  of the week has to be COLDPLAY

Am still in a bubble of Coldplay Incredibleness!!!

The rest of the week has sort of felt in limbo! 
The end of Summer feels are real and there's the distinct feeling of back to school, end of summer looming! Always is once the exam results start coming out.

My walk with Lynn on Thursday had all the autumnal feels and I think we'll be in for a very early autumn, due to the early summer heat and lack of rain.

The sunflowers out the front are in their second wave of flowering. The middle height row flowered a month ago now, but the dwarf sunflowers are now in full flower and the taller band are just coming out too. It's made for a wonderful display again, across the front of the house.

So Jeff has 2 weeks of summer left, one and a half if you count INSET days. Sophie now has confirmation she'll be in Cardiff, no start date yet but a flurry of activity on line with DBS, security checks etc. So she's now in flat hunting mode, just as Jeff's gearing up for back to school mode!! 
Sam is feeling sorry for himself as he's working, he'd rather not but doesn't that go for us all! He still hasn't had any proper confirmation about his course change but Jeff's read everything through and thinks he'll be okay. He still has Reading Festival next week, followed by a week of nights, then heads back to uni mid September. 

I love them all dearly but am ready for a bit of peace and calm and a little routine. I love the lazyness of summer, the no agenda days but now they're older and I'm still working through the summer, the relentlessness of food ideas, food shopping, cooking, timings, constant washing, comings and goings is just so all encompassing. So next week is completely fluid. I'm working Sunday, Monday, have a meeting on Tuesday. Sophie wants/needs to go to Cardiff flat hunting, I'm hoping to squeeze in a day trip to Cornwall before the bank holiday weekend, possible Thursday walk but it'll depend on everything else. It's all go!!

Wednesday 17 August 2022


If you don't like Coldplay, scroll on by......

A complete bucket list moment for me.

Bread Ahead Bakery - no cinnamon buns but a hazelnut doughnut!

Wembley - 90,000 capacity!!

Absolute fluke but we had brilliant seats

Special guest, Natalie Imbruglia

'Summer Nights' sung in honour of Olivia Newton-John

and Jacob Collier

Honestly - incredible!
So much energy, Chris Martin is a fabulous performer. 
Just an incredible night xx