Sunday 31 December 2017

2017 REVIEW of the year

So I decided to do a review of 2017 after a little self persuasion. Had 2017 been worthy of a review, not much happened, did it? Well once I started sifting through the photo's, looking back through my blog and instagram feed, I guess quite a bit happened. So here's a look back at a few highlights each month, from the year that was 2017!


So January pretty much was spent out in the car with Sophie driving, driving and more driving! Met up with an old uni friend after 15 years, which was brilliant and definitely something to repeat, which we actually did in the Summer, just forgot to take a pic!


February was more driving and a passed theory test (phew!) 


March was a pretty big month with Sophie PASSING her driving test 'first time' with just one minor and me announcing my farewell to dots and spots. Jeff celebrated his 48th birthday and I started doing a little more supply teaching.


April was a big month for me - I went back to Shropshire after many years away, to celebrate my 30 years school reunion - had the best time catching up with everyone. Jeff bought me a mini convertible, well dots and spots did, with the money from closing down the business, after nearly 9 years trading - a mixed event! And Jeff spent his Easter holidays building a new deck in the back garden, in readiness for the Summer.


I spent most of May exam invigilating and had an impromptu day trip to Cornwall to surprise my Granny. Bath brought out the brollies again for the Summer and we were treated to the most wonderful skies over the Tor.


Had a family get together early June, a fab night out in Brum to see Take That and Sophie and I started on our University Open Day Tour, with trips to Exeter and Birmingham.


Sneaked off for a day trip to Burton Bradstock early July, whilst the kids were at school, felt a little naughty and Jeff had his first dip in the sea for the year! Sophie and I continued with the Uni Open days with visits to Surrey, Cardiff and Southampton. We all enjoyed a few sunny'ish days down in Cornwall, celebrating Granny's 94th birthday whilst we were down.


Enjoyed the whole of August off - no work for Jeff or I and it was great, with much of it spent out in the garden! Sam celebrated his 15th birthday and is now officially taller than Jeff. I met up with old school friends at Gloucester Quays for the day, so glad we're all back in touch. Sophie had a mixed bag for her AS results, bombed a bit in Maths but did better than expected in Physics - still got 2B's and 2C's and has subsequently got offers to all 5 of the Universities she applied to.


Started September with the annual gathering of Jeff's clan, celebrating his brother and dad's birthdays. Sophie took over the school run!!!! and I started work as a checkout girl in Sainsbury's. The garden was late to get going but we picked our own homegrown peas, beans, strawberries, raspberries, apples and squash into the autumn.


Completed our Uni tour in October with our last visit to Reading, which also became a top two contender! Sam had to knuckle down with GCSE mocks looming (he did ok, better than expected) and Sophie posted off her UCAS application. Sophie and I enjoyed a birthday trip to London to celebrate early her 18th, with the highlight being a trip to the Sky Garden, a 'must do' if you go to London..


November is always the birthday month to me, with Sophie celebrating her 18th and first legal cocktail and me my 47th!! I treated myself to a day out in Bath, visiting the Christmas markets and my sister and I went to see Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott (aka Beautiful South / Housemartins) in Bristol - can't beat live music!


Jeff and I got December off to a great start with another night out in Bristol, to see Scouting For Girls - the best live band out there and a band we both equally like - fab night out, especially as it was a school night!! My side of the family came up mid month for a Christmas get together and present swap, as I've spent most of the month working, the busiest of days!! Poor Sophie was sick Christmas Eve, so was pretty much a spectator for Christmas day - good job it was just the four of us at home!


I'll waffle on about 2018 next time - potentially another busy year with A Level and GCSE exams going on this Summer and then subsequent decisions to make, about College choices and subjects for Sam and University options for Sophie. The house could become quite quiet!

Hope your 2017 was a good year x