Monday 29 July 2013

About time!!

Last October I gave Sophie's room a makeover - she'd just turned 13 and wanted something more stylish and appropriate. It was her birthday present and I promised Sam I would do the same to his room for his next birthday.

He has the smaller of the 2 rooms and it always seems so crammed in his room, so I had to think hard as to how to try and create extra space. His computer is his big 'must have' which he saved up for himself  but also plenty of space for Lego building and Lego animation.

So with his Birthday approaching in August, we headed off to Ikea to get the storage we needed - everything has to flat packed to get it up to the attic rooms. Yesterday was D-Day and by midday I had reached the point of no return. It was so tricky to get everything into an already small, cramped space!

Firstly every single piece of Lego was sorted into colour themed drawers (this has taken a few days!!) This was no mean feat, I am talking 1000's of bits of Lego. It may seem like a stupid idea but he gets so frustrated that he can't find the bit he wants, that he'll often just not bother despite loving his Lego. We have put them in shallow 'plan' drawers so it is easier to find what he needs and hopefully he will feel inspired to create again, rather than just spend hours on his computer.

 By this afternoon, it is finished and it looks great and yes, we have somehow created more space. With a little bit of a re-jig, sort out, a few bags of rubbish and a pile of bits to be car booted, he now has a new room!

We got rid of his old wardrobe and bought a taller thinner one to take it's place and somehow managed to fit in this set of drawers too, which doubles up as a bedside table.

We replaced the Ikea cube unit with these two Billy Bookcases. They are taller and thiner and because you can set the shelves at what ever height you like, there is no wasted space for all his Lego creations.

So one happy boy!
And one happy Mum, as long as he keeps it tidy!!

Saturday 27 July 2013

It's not every day you're 90!!

 So today is a special day, a day when flowers are in order.

A beautiful birthday Bouquet

Presents wrapped for a special someone

and cards chosen for that special occasion.

Balloons were dutifully collected,

for my Granny's 90th Birthday!

Mum and Dad chauffeured her up from Cornwall for the day and we all met for a family lunch in the Spread Eagle Hotel at Stourhead.

Great Grandchildren



My sister made her a fabulous cake.

Well, it's not every day you're 90!

I'm very proud of my Granny. She may be 90 but she still lives independently, she walks every day and just over a year ago, she got her own i-pad and happily emails the children, 'facetimes' and has even started following me on twitter!!

Her present was this beautiful Kirsty Elson commission of her old bungalow on the clifftop at Portreath, complete with Pepperpot. I spent all my childhood Summer's there and it was where she spent her happiest years with Pa-pa, my Grandfather whilst he was alive. It was so hard to buy something for a 90 year old so I hope it is something she can enjoy.

I'm now on the hunt for a 100 card to hide away in the drawer!!

Tuesday 23 July 2013


It is always hard to say goodbye, particularly if you have been happy in a place. Both my children have loved their time at Ditcheat school, I wish I'd moved them there sooner but our 4 year connection with the school has come to an end, it is time to say goodbye as Sam leaves to move onto his new Secondary School.

When Sophie left 2 years ago, I did a collage of the school as a gift for the headteacher who was also moving on.

Sam is a young one for his year, still only 10. He was labelled a 'reluctant writer' at his old school, hated reading books and had little confidence. Under the care and encouragement of Ditcheat school and their truly lovely staff, he has found a comfortable relationship with writing, still hates spelling though. His confidence with reading has grown in small, nurturing reading groups, and for a boy who hates to draw any attention to himself, he shared the leading male role in the school play. His ability with numeracy has been encouraged and celebrated. He has achieved so much and loved his time there.

I often see debates about teacher's gifts and whether or not it's right to give gifts. I don't agree with the way some parents get competitive in their gift buying and try to outdo each other but I really wanted to say a big thank you to Sam's teacher, so did put together a special 'dots and spots' gift. Having been a teacher, I know the hours they put in and how hard the job is, having 30 children all day. I view school as education not childcare and I know Sam's teacher has helped him incredibly over the past 2 years.

All the staff go out of their way to support the children in their care, so I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the staff at Ditcheat school. You have given both my children a very positive, encouraging and nurturing environment and prepared them well for their next endeavours.

Thank You and Goodbye

Monday 22 July 2013

Productive weekend

In between 'making the most of the lovely weather' I got on with something I've been meaning to for a little while. I love my studio but being a conservatory it gets really hot in the summer 'when' the sun is shining. So I snuck up to Sophie's room on Saturday afternoon and borrowed her sewing machine and....

.....created some shade covers for the glass roof.
I think it looks great. Not only is it gorgeous fabric but it does what I intended - stops the sun/heat from being too much.

On Sunday morning we were up bright and early and joined the queue's at the Bath and West Showground for the Shepton Mallet Giant Flea. I haven't been for a while and was very good considering - I had my eye on a couple of nice cupboards but with Hubby with me, I just 'looked'.

We did bring this home with us - our Anniversary present to each other.
They once belonged to the Army as hatch covers. I have an idea where it will go, just need to persuade Jeff to get his drill out!

The rest of the weekend was spent out in the garden making the most of the sunshine.
Last day of hot sunshine so the forecast says, so I know where I will spending the rest of the day.

Saturday 20 July 2013

Nearly the holidays.

Another glorious week of weather has been with us. Yes it's been hot but I've not been complaining because as we know, it all too quickly can change and alas, I think that might be ahead in the next few days.

We've been making the most of the lovely evenings, going on a longer walk across the fields and Somerset countryside. Our efforts have been rewarded by dunking my feet in the paddling pool on our return! Bliss!

Blue skies and sunshine for days on end have been wonderful. I always wondered whether it would last in to the children's holidays and I guess that will have to be a case of 'wait and see'

Sophie finished her first term at her 'New' School and has broken up for the Summer. It was a very brave move on her part but has been a really positive one. She has made good friends and is really upbeat about her studies. Next year is 'Option Year' so the timing has been right as she feels happy and settled before she has to make her subject choices.

The boy, well Sam has still 2 days to go! He is exhausted and in need of the holidays. There seem to be so many things on at school - the final Year 6 fete (above) was a lovely final event followed by a sleepover for a friends birthday. Just the Leaver's Assembly to go on Tuesday followed by a skittles evening and then he is 'done'. No more Primary school - the end of an era. 

dots and spots will continue to function as 'normal' over the Summer Holiday period. There will be a few days in early August when orders will be delayed, as we have a small break away in Cornwall. I will of course keep you posted when I know. As we are staying with my parents, we can be flexible and time it with a spell of good weather!! Otherwise, orders will go out as normal. I hope you all have a lovely Summer break and fingers crossed, the sun will continue to shine

Tuesday 16 July 2013

Sunny Somerset

 This extended GLORIOUS weather is taking me back to Summer's of my childhood.
Waking up to warm sunny mornings and 

walking in warm sunshine in the evenings.
I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of England here in Somerset, surrounded by the most wonderful countryside.

The garden is in full use from sitting in a shady spot to full on water fights - boys and their toys!

Plenty of salads are on the menu - yummy in this weather.

I'm certainly making the most of this glorious weather.
I dream of being beside the seaside but for now a Sunny Somerset is good enough for me.

Saturday 13 July 2013


WOW! Aren't we lucky? 
I'm loving all this glorious sunshine although my studio is a little on the warm side at the moment.

I'm not complaining though. I have been wishing for this weather, so am more than happy to put up with the extra heat. I tend to do bits first thing in the morning or late in the evening.

My fan has been working over time.

There have been the odd cooling treat

and I've been finding a shady spot to have my lunch.

Life has been busy on the school front with Sam's end of term play, visits from family to watch him in his starring role of Fagan. As it's his last year at Primary school, Year 6 had a surprise Activity day out, at Mill on the Brue.  There is still another week and 2 days to go and lots of things on the calendar to attend - sports day, whole school trip to the seaside, Year 6 Summer Fete and the inevitable Leaver's Assembly (tissues ready!).

I've been kept busy with orders and making up continuous amounts of stock so I can do a little less once the school holidays commence.

I've also been making the most of the children's paddling pool to keep me cool.
I can dream I'm somewhere in the Mediterranean!

I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous weather.
I hear the sun is staying with us for a little while longer too.