Saturday 26 March 2022

SUN, glorious .....

.....sun x

What a week of beautiful weather.
Worked Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and an early on Wednesday, worth getting up early to see this lovely sunrise, one of the only positives of a 5:40 alarm x

Everywhere is looking beautiful - neighbours Magnificent Magnolia...

....the carpet of daffodils up an Jeff's school.

So first day off on Thursday, I went walking with my friend Lynn....

....then out again on my own on Friday.

Wild daffodils x

A quick whizz around the block, taking in the beautiful blossom this morning (Saturday.)
Slightly chill breeze today, so not sitting out weather.

First tulips are up....

...and my new sun lounger got it's first airing this week!
Yes! It's been warm enough, in March!!

So it's Mother's Day tomorrow and I'm working!

I believe Sam may make an appearance later today, as he's around visiting friends and Jeff is Reading bound tomorrow, to collect Sophie and bring her home for Easter. Sam still has another week, so I think Sophie and I will collect him late next week, maybe add in a little shopping!! Jeff breaks up on Friday, later than usual as it's his birthday on Monday, which he can sometimes be off for! The weather is supposed to cool, typical. It's been absolutely glorious, bright, warm sunshine and beautiful blue skies, makes the world of difference. I wish it could be like this all the time.

Saturday 19 March 2022

Spring Sunshine

What a difference a little sunshine makes to lift your mood!
It' s a beautiful blue sky day here but a chill wind. Yesterday however was glorious and I had my first lunch of the year outside in the garden and actually sat at for an hour and read a book!

These plates have just arrived - perfect addition. They were bought as a fundraiser for Ukraine. Sadly the war continues and Putin seems as determined as ever to cause mass destruction. So many dead, so many staying put and in fear and so many have fled, now refugees. Such a sad, unnecessary mess. 

So I worked Sunday and Monday but on Monday morning went off in search of paint!!
£78 for 2.5lts!!!
So you will find this blue everywhere, until the tin is empty!!

Had a welcome rest bite from painting on Wednesday because Sophie decided to come home for the day. All her friends are busy writing dissertations but she decided not to do one and do an extra module instead. So whilst they're all stressed and busy, she has free time on her hands. It does come back to bite her during exam time, she has the most exams and goes on the longest but for now.....she came home for 5hrs!! We went to ASK for lunch, had a few hours together at home and then I took her back to the train station - lovely xx

On Thursday my IKEA delivery arrived and I built my first flat pack!!

I needed a little help to maneuver it into position but I did it!!

The downstairs loo is nearly complete, just the boiler pipes to hide away, when Jeff gets a bit of time but after 6 long years, it's done and looking good!

I've been spending my free time away from painting researching holiday's for next year, July '23!! The kids decided they want to go away all together on a family holiday, as our last planned break together was cancelled in 2020. Last year Jeff and I managed to get away and we booked this years break as soon as we got back, thinking they wouldn't want to holiday with us. But probably due to lack of funds and the fact they can never seem to organise anything with friends, they've asked to go away as a family. There are worse things I could be doing with my free time!!

So I'm currently procrastinating from starting my next bit of painting! I need to sand down the door frames, undercoat/prime one set of doors, then I'm ready to get painting the utility. I'm breaking it all down into smaller projects, that way it's all a little more bearable!!

Thought I'd leave you with our neighbour's magnificent Magnolia tree.
Stunning! Shame it only lasts for such a short time.

Plenty of sunshine forecast for the week ahead. Annoyingly I'm in work 4 days straight for Plinth change, but will be making the most of the sunshine when I'm not in. 
Not much painting will get done this week!

Saturday 12 March 2022

Out out on a school night!!

So my new normal start to the week, working Sunday and Monday! I've dropped my Tuesday but will go in and help with plinth every third week if overtime is available.

So I walked with my friend Lynn on Tuesday, instead of our normal Thursday, as I was now free. We've not walked in weeks, with me being off with Covid and her away. It was bitterly cold and the wind made it hard going but we did a 3.5 mile loop over at Burrow's Mump. 

Then on Wednesday I went over to Bath, for a night out with my sister.

We went to see Sophie Ellis Bextor and her Kitchen Disco Tour.

When we last saw her in Bristol, she came up to our Balcony at the end and sang right beside us. Well she only did it again, incredible. She has such a great voice and is such an energetic performer. Well worth going to see if see comes on tour near you.

The rest of my time has been spent painting!! I hate painting! But there is sooooo much to do and we can't afford to pay for someone to come in and do it, so I best just crack on!

I did squeeze in a colour and cut this week!
My hair has really changed in the way it takes colour, keeps colour, the texture and it's got so thick, it's a pain, so we went pink! Why not!?! I really don't know what to do with it!! The menopause has a lot to answer for!!

What I'd really like to be doing whilst it's dry, is get out walking, take photographs but I really do have to chain myself to the paint brush and get on. The rest of the house ends up being in a mess whilst it's being done and I hate mess just as much!!

If you're lucky and are out and about, enjoy the beautiful daffodils. They seem to be in abundance this year. On my drive to the hairdressers yesterday, the verges were full of yellow. Always a cheery sight to see and makes me smile. Have a good week x

Saturday 5 March 2022

Pinch and a punch....hello March!

March!! how is it March already!?!

February was quite a speedy month. 
I guess I missed half of it having to stay at home and isolate!!

The tiler has left the building!!
What a difference!

I missed him on the Wednesday, as I was in work early but he left me this lovely little note. I enjoyed his company whilst at home. He was nearly in his 80's, so I sort of felt I had to look after him!

He's done a brilliant job, we're super pleased. It's all down to me now to get on with the painting! When did paint get sooooo expensive??? I was looking at some of the online brands that constantly pop up in my feed, £78 for 2.5lts!!!!!! Crikey, need to find an affordable paint!

Wednesday was yoga day! I missed last week due to isolating and so it was good to be back. I never want to go, more due to the time of evening it's on but once I'm there and stretch, it feels good!

The school grounds, as they always do this time of year, look stunning.
Crocuses and daffodils as far as the eye can see.

I came home yesterday (Friday) to this beautiful delivery of Cornish Blooms from my Mum and Dad.
A lovely, most welcome surprise and they smell lovely x

Yesterday was sunny, so I took myself off over to the Newt, my last visit. I do like going but my membership runs out on Saturday and it's gone from £17 to £48. If I went once a month, it would work out at £4 a visit but I do wonder how often I'd go! It was great to go with Sophie last year, when she was living at home, as it's no dogs (she's petrified of dogs) but I only went 3 times on my own, 14 visits in total for the whole year! I won't renew it immediately and see how I feel. Did have a treat ice-cream and coffee in the sunshine today and brought home a cinnamon bun for my lunch, made sure I used the posh loo's and walked the whole estate, it was a beautiful blue sky day. 

The walled gardens

Last of the snowdrops

First of the Hellebores

And first frogspawn spotted for the year

What a difference blue skies and sunshine make!

It's was a beautiful day but I can't finish here and not mention the devastating, ongoing situation in Ukraine. Russia or rather Putin, is still hell bent on war and destruction and it really is quite worrying as to how far he'd be prepared to go. This time 2 years ago we watched the unfolding Covid arrival in China, thinking it wouldn't affect us, it was so far away. A month or two later, we were locking down our country. I think Putin's irrational, invincible attitude is most worrying. The fact they shelled the Nuclear plant, knowingly, makes me worry exactly how far he will go. Only time will tell and we as bystanders can only do what we can, in terms of financial support for the people of Ukraine. The news is difficult to watch, the lives of the Ukrainian people shattered, those fleeing, those having to be left behind to fight. Even those Russians who don't want war, who don't want to fight their neighbours, it's needlessly heartbreaking. I don't understand in this day and age how this can be happening.