Tuesday 31 January 2012

A little treat

I had a little bit of Christmas money hidden away and have decided to spend some of it on these lovely prints by Zoe badger of Zebedee Print. I have bought a print from her before but couldn't resist this little collection.

Helter Skelter Lino Print

I will have to find time to go to Ikea in the holidays to get some frames, as I also have the above print to frame to. Jeff bought it for me for Christmas from Little Owl Design

Must add fantastic service - I ordered the prints late morning yesterday and met the postman on my way out this morning at 8am, with a parcel to sign for!

Monday 30 January 2012

Mugs - Part 2

I thought I would share the second set of mug designs with you before they arrive - which is soon I hope! Part 1 - view here

Doodle Bird

Hen Peck!

Apples and Pears

Love and Home

*Star* Dad

Super Mum

There are also 4 red and blue spot and star print designs too
(see top of photo below)

All 24 designs are fired on a bone china mug.
They measure 8.5cm height & 8cm diameter and will retail at £8.95 each.

Just need them to arrive now and 'obviously' I will let you all know as soon as they do!

Sunday 29 January 2012


Remember the lovely daffodils I treated myself to on Friday?

Well they are looking gorgeous now they have opened out.

Shame the forecasters are saying we're in for a cold spell over the next few weeks. Was enjoying the thought of Spring just around the corner.

Friday 27 January 2012

It's Friday!

Yesterday I just managed to take this photo and capture the sunshine streaming through the sitting room window - a truly lovely sight in this grey, dull, damp Winter we seem to be having.
It has seemed a long week and if truth be told a long Winter. I know we haven't had the snow and the cold but it does seem to be dragging on.

I have powered on this week, through the post show orders. I have managed to get all orders made up and sent out, that were placed before the show. All orders placed at the show by existing customers are done and I have even completed pro-forma orders that have made payment and these too, are packed and ready to go. This sight has greeted our courier every day since we returned from the show last week. He LOVES me!

We still have a pile of pro-forma invoices ready, awaiting payment so have something to keep me busy next week.

And we are still getting daily enquiries and orders from people that saw us at the show or have seen our advert in Gift Focus Trade Magazine, so all in all business is good. I feel a little exhausted as have not really stopped and having had poorly children in the mix , am feeling a little jaded.

So today, as it's Friday, I'm spending the day at home, catching up on all the little things that get neglected, forgotten, put on the back burner. I had a little wander around the garden and embraced the few hints that Spring is just around the corner, which lifted my spirits no end.

I also treated myself to my first daffodils of the year - a lovely fresh sight.
I better get on with all those little jobs that won't do themselves, so it only leaves me to wish you all a lovely weekend.

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Mugs - Part 1

A year ago I met Jeremy and his lovely wife Jane at Top Drawer. Jane has a shop 'Creativity' in Sheringham, Norfolk and stocked dots and spots already, her husband Jeremy is the owner of Stubbs Mugs. Together they approached me about working with them on a range of dots and spots mug designs. Once we agreed, he chipped in that he wanted them in 2 weeks time so he could exhibit them at Spring Fair ( a huge Trade Fair at the NEC). I worked on the designs ASAP, posted them off and that was that!

It has taken a little time to get the colours right and I personally felt the original size mug was a little small but they have been selling well to trade customers for the past year.

The photo's I'm sharing with you are very much at the design stage, where I work on paper and wrap the paper copy around the mug to see if the design works. You can tell from the state of the photo quality what time of day I was it.





Twitter Bird



Coffee and Cake
Time for Tea

Beach Huts

Camper Van
Sail Away

I thought I would share these designs with you, as I have now ordered in all of the designs and hope to have the mugs for sale on our website in a few weeks time. All the designs will now be on the larger size mug, alongside a set of 12 NEW mug designs produced for this years show. Some of you will have spied these on a show blog post but I will share the designs in more detail with you another day.