Saturday 29 October 2022

End of October

As I write this, I'm really struggling with the fact we are in the last week of October! Where has this month gone? It's actually still quite mild for the time of year but damp! This years pumpkin has done well, think Jeff's quite proud of his efforts, not sure it will get carved for Halloween though.

The large sunflowers are still bowing their heads in the back garden.
 I think that they look like giant shower heads. 
I'm hoping the birds will feed off the seeds eventually.
Jeff has emptied and refilled the front planters with bulbs ready for Spring.

The Smoke Tree is at it's best this time of year. I must say I'm not really a fan of the red leaves during the summer but then in Autumn it produces all sorts of colours and puts on a magnificent display.

So on Thursday afternoon I had a physio appointment, booked after my last HRT check up, when I mentioned my on going hip and back pain. I've noticed in yoga recently, that I just can't do certain movements, as I get pain in my lower right back and hip area. Working 8hr shifts, averaging 15,000 steps on a cold, hard floor doesn't help. It began 6yrs ago when I fell backwards off a table whilst holding a heavy awning we were removing. It's flared up in between but it's become much more noticeable and regular. So the nurse booked me in for physio and I have a pelvis x-ray in a week or so. I've come away with some daily exercises to do and a review appointment in a month's time and will just see if it helps. I MUST lose a few pounds too, I'm sure that will help!!

Friday was lovely, blue skies and sunshine, so Jeff and I made the most of it and ......

......headed up to the top of Glastonbury Tor!

Last chance of a walk together now until Christmas! He starts back to school on Monday, a 6 week slog to the end of term. He works a six day week and has Sundays off, I work Sundays! We only get to actually do things together during his holiday time, hence we make the most of it

Today, Saturday, it's grey! A day to cosy up at home. Jeff has gone out for a run and I'm going to spend my day finding out about Milan, at least have some idea of the geography of the city. Sophie is due home tomorrow, working from here Monday, Tuesday, then we fly out on Wednesday. I'm working Halloween, not really feeling it this year, so this is my contribution. Sophie will celebrate her birthday whilst we are away, all the excuses to eat cake!! She'll be 23!!! Wow! Where have those years gone? And Sam is off to Morocco with friends. It's his Reading Week and a few are celebrating their 21st birthdays, so they found a good deal and are off on an adventure! So another busy week ahead!!

Thursday 27 October 2022


We have just come home from an absolutely fabulous week in Dubrovnik.

7 very different days, all great! 
A fantastic holiday. 
Fabulous late summer sun, days packed exploring the wonderful Dubrovnik and beyond x

 Weds - arrive/explore, 
Thurs - cable car, Fri - Mostar and Kravice Falls, Sat - Lokrum Island
Sun - Lapad, Mon - Cavtat, Tues - City Walls, Weds - home 


Fab first day exploring Dubrovnik, getting our bearings, working out what to do next and soaking up some bonus late summer sunshine.

First encounter of the 1000's of stairs we would climb during the week!!

Glad to be here!


Fabulous day two! 
Got the Cable Car to the top of Mount Srd. Had a coffee with an incredible view. Walked, zigzagging all the way back down to the city. Found the sea and Jeff got his first swim, gin clear water. Had another coffee in the harbour, then headed to Buza Bar perched on the rocks outside of the city walls, to watch the sun set. Walked miles and more stairs!!!! 
A fantastic day

Coffee with the best view!

Cable Car in action!!
Came up in the cable car but walked all the way back down, zigzagging our way down the hill side. Fantastic views of Dubrovnik and Lapad all the way down.

Buza Bar


Fabulous day three! Early birds, 6:30 bus trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina, through border control to Mostar and it's famous bridge. The best views from the top of the minaret of the Turkish Mosque and got to see someone jump off the bridge!! Next stop the Kravica Waterfalls, Jeff bravely went for a dip in the ice cold water. A truly fab day, I'd highly recommend taking the tour, I understand so much more about the Balkan War of the 90's! If you ever find yourself here, take the tour!!

The famous Mostar Bridge


The Kravice Waterfalls


Day four and we took the boat over to Lokrum Island. Each day has been so different, another brilliant day! We spent about 5hrs there, exploring the coastline, the Botanical Gardens, climbed Paradise Path up to the fort, the highest point with incredible views and the perfect picnic spot for lunch. Jeff swam in the Dead Sea Pool, I paddled. Had the peacocks for company whilst having a coffee, another really great day. Walked 1000's of steps, climbed 100's of stairs......

The boat to Lokrum Island

The perfect frame!

The Dead Sea Pool

Paradise Path - I wouldn't describe the walk up as 'paradise' but the views from the top were! Apparently featured in Game of Thrones


Another day of 20,000+ steps. Day five and a walk to Lapad, the modern area of Dubrovnik. We walked along the coastal road out of the Old Town to find a vintage flea market in Lapad!!!! We then walked the Wielka and Mała Petka hills on the Lapad peninsula, ending down some steps (yes more!!) to the sea. Jeff swam and I paddled, crystal clear water, beautiful. Walked across to the port on the other side of the town, then back to 'Sunset Beach' to watch the sunset. We stayed to eat in Lapad, was cheaper, then got the bus back to the Old Town. Another enjoyable but different day x

" Jeff just move that red thing!!" 
The things I make him do to get a good picture!

The vintage flea market.......
 ......not exactly what we'd hoped for!  

The beautiful crystal clear sea.

Sunset from 'Sunset Beach'


Still walked 1000's of steps but a more relaxed feel to the day. Day six and we caught the number 10 bus to Cavtat, a small coastal town, only 10/15 minutes from the airport. It is the end of the summer season and the atmosphere of the place was very quiet, calm, restful but enough going on to make it feel visitors were welcome. We walked the tree lined peninsula's either side of the town bay. BOTH of us had a dip, yes!!! I went in too and it was lovely. Stayed to eat, getting a later bus back to the Old Town. A lovely, sun filled, chilled, relaxing day x

The number 10 bus to Cavtat.
We always use public transport where we can.

Beautiful tree lined peninsular walk.

So inviting! Even I went in for a dip!!

Would happily return to Cavtat for a holiday.


Day seven, our last full day and we decided to walk the City Walls, 2km long, 1.5-2 hours duration and 1080 steps!!! Brilliant blue skies and incredible views and not super busy. Got a traditional pastry for lunch, burek meso, a filled filo pastry sausage and watched the filo being made! Spent our last afternoon soaking up the sunshine and Jeff enjoyed his last dip of the year!

The city walls.

Little postcard framed shots.

Views across the city to Lokrum Island

Filo pastry being made.

The food has been delicious but definitely more expensive than other places we've visited. We found a good coffee and croissant spot for breakfast. Bought bakery bits for lunch, had the odd treat ice-cream and still ate out every evening but just having a main, no starters or pud!


Time to go home and navigate the stairs for the last time!

Early birds = empty streets!

You can easily catch the Atlas Shuttle bus direct to the airport. Had a really good flight, super efficient, in fact we actually left early and Bristol Airport was fine on our return.

Our accommodation was okay, not the best we've stayed in. We chose it for the courtyard area but this had an ornate entrance, so people came up into the courtyard to see what was beyond, so you ended up being a tourist attraction. If we came again, we would stay outside of the Old Town, would negate a lot of stairs - 120 stairs up and down, every time we came and went from our accommodation.

Our accommodation entrance.

Do not come to Dubrovnik if you can't 'do' stairs. Bad knees, bad hips, bad back, Dubrovnik is not your place. Literally there are 1000's and 1000's of stairs. If you go up a flight of stairs, you know you'll have to come down. Honestly, it's 120 steps just up to our accommodation!! You'll recognise this flight of stairs if you're a Game of Thrones fan, the start of the 'walk of shame'. Means nothing to me as I've not seen a single episode. 

All in all it has been a brilliant week. The perfect time of year to see Dubrovnik. It was busy enough to get the vibes of the place but not heaving with tourists as it would be during the summer months. The big cruise ships come into the port and tours get bused into the Old Town. There were a few around but nothing on the scale of summer. We didn't have to queue for anything, could easily get a seat at a restaurant, no problem. The weather was stunning, clear blue skies, warm late summer sunshine. You had to wear an extra layer first thing in the morning if in prolonged shade or when out in the evening but during the day, in full sun, you were still having to apply sun cream.

Jeff got to swim, I even took a dip!!
We got to spend time together xxx

If you want to see more photo's I have a travel Instagram account @ha_pea_travels
Whilst we are away, I try to load up as many pictures as I can, to give a flavour of the place. It may or may not inspire you to go yourself  but I like a visual reminder of where we've been xx

Now we're home! Two loads of washing out on the line as soon as we got back.

The weather today, Thursday, started off really damp. Jeff ran, I postponed my usual Thursday morning walk due to the rain! It's brightening up a bit now but I suspect it'll be a catch up day. I have a physio appointment this afternoon about my back and hip. No idea what to expect or how it'll help, I just know it hurts more now than it ever has. Have an x-ray the following week on my pelvis, hopefully something might come to light!!

Anyway a few days of nothing planned, then work Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, then I'm off again!!!! Sophie and I have a few days in Milan to look forward to, her postponed 21st birthday present from 2020. The weather isn't looking too good yet, will have to hope things change closer to the time but it'll be lovely to catch up and spend some time together and eat all the Italian food!!!