Wednesday 27 November 2013

Nearly Advent

It will be the 1st of December on Sunday 

Time to treat yourself to a lovely Advent Calendar, if you haven't already done so.

All I have done for the past week, is pack Advent Calendars. Not that I'm complaining but there isn't much time left. Our Advent Garlands were so popular that they went out of stock early November but we do still have some of our lovely Owl Advents in stock *HERE*

Sunday 24 November 2013

Where did my weekend go?

When I was teaching full time I never really felt I had much of a weekend, as there was always prep, displays, worksheets etc to do. When I changed to part time, I worked my days off, so that I could 'have' a weekend. When I started my own business, I thought I would have the luxury of a weekend off but as I've come to realise, I work harder now than I did then!

I don't actually mind working over the weekend, it just makes one week seem to go into the next and I loose all track of time. This weekend has been super busy. I worked in Maddie brown on Saturday and I did not stop - lots of Christmas shoppers out. I prefer it like that, so busy the day just whizzes by.

Today I have been over at the unit catching up on all my orders, so that they can go out in tomorrow's post. This weeks 50% FRIDAY wrapping paper offer was VERY popular, so many orders going out to happy customers in the morning.

So it's nearly 3pm and I'm sat with a coffee typing this post, thinking where has my weekend gone, no, where has my week gone! I can't quite believe that in 4 and a half weeks time it will be Christmas! I will need to find some time in the next few weeks to write my cards and shop for my own presents but I bet in a couple of weeks time, I will be sat here saying the same thing - where has the time gone.

Have a lovely weekend - the little bit of it that's left x

Tuesday 19 November 2013

Display Fun!

Today I have been super organised to make time to help the lovely owner of Maddie Brown, do her Christmas window displays. Sam has the most lovely shop in Wells and another over in Sherborne. We have been friends for years and I have always been a very good customer, loving EVERYTHING she sells. As you know more recently, I have been working there on a Saturday and helping out now and again with other bits and pieces and today was the fun stuff! It's torture working there. I get to see all the lovely things as they arrive and often spend my wages before I even start!

My favourite so far this year, is this gorgeous fabric holly. It's by Gisela Graham and as it's wired, so you can bend it anyway you like.

I've put it out on the side as it's too pretty to put away. In fact over the next few weeks bits and pieces from my Christmas cupboard will start to come out of hiding. 

Well, 5 weeks today it will be Christmas Eve.  

Sunday 17 November 2013

Birthday 'busy'ness

I'm really not sure where the time is going at the moment - all a bit of a blur really.
It's been Carnival time here in Somerset. It means our road is closed for 3 days as the Carnival floats are parked directly outside the house. It makes doing the post etc a little tricky!

 But it does mean, you can watch the Carnival from the comfort of your own home.

On Thursday it was my Birthday - 43 this yearI
It was something and nothing if I'm honest. Jeff had Parent's Evening at school and wasn't home until gone 9pm and I had loads of orders to do. The children tried to make it special, with a candle in a slice of cheesecake but that was it. I will have to do something a bit special in the New Year when everything has calmed down.

I was spoilt though. Mum and Dad sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from the very talented Charlotte and Kay at Classic Flower Designs and my sister-in-law treated me to a Karen Christensen Voucher and Sophie made me a fabric heart, plus all the above bits and pieces. 

But as I said, we are very busy at the moment! 
Poor Sophie just about had room to do her homework.

This coming week isn't looking much different - I'm really looking forward to Tuesday - I'm helping 'do' the Christmas window displays at Maddie Brown. I used to love doing displays when I was teaching, so I'm looking forward to a day of being creative.

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Happy Birthday from me!

Tomorrow it's my Birthday and as promised, here is a little something from me to you!

 We all love getting presents on our Birthday, so I'm offereing you 


from now, until midnight tomorrow night (Thursday 14th November)

Yes, that's
off everything!

Just fill your basket and type in the code 
at the checkout (no spaces - all one word)

Happy shopping - a Birthday treat from me to you!

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Customer Service

I pride myself on dots and spots customer service. We listen and we act. We try and sort out any problem or mistake that arises however big or small it may be.

Today I have been extremely shocked by the way a company does business. I feel rudeness and bad manners  are totally unnecessary. I have actually been really upset by the way I was spoken to, by someone who made a mistake. HIS mistake, not mine. He has turned HIS problem all onto me and been really very rude in the process. 

I really struggle to see how this helps resolve anything. We are all human, we all make mistakes but it's how we deal with them and make the situation right that is important. I will not stoop to his level. I will try and resolve HIS mistake because I simply don't want to have to deal with this horrible person ever again.

Rest assured, that if and when a problem arises at dots and spots, we deal with it in a pleasant and helpful way. We try to put right the problem in the most appropriate way. We are all human, we do all have feelings and sometimes I think some people should think about what they say and how they say it.

Sorry rant over!

Sunday 10 November 2013

Head down!

Autumn is the busiest time for me - it's a real juggle of time. Time at home and time for work and somehow, getting everything done and keeping everyone happy.

 The step up to 'Big School' has meant extra homework time. Both children seem to get quite a bit. Sophie is slightly better about being motivated and organised - Sam on the other had needs to be kept an eye on! We were all ready for the half term break, we now see it as a 7 week slog until the end of term.


dots and spots has gone into festive gear, well and truly.
There is no let up from making up stock, picking and packing orders and keeping on top of it all.

This does of course mean that Christmas is just around the corner. I treated myself to this little sign, a reminder to myself when it all gets too busy to think!

This was one of my first Instagram pictures I took last Christmas. It's a few weeks away yet but with the Christmas TV adverts in full swing last night, I am beginning to look forward to the festivities ahead.

It's my Birthday this week too - look out for a special Birthday code mid week. 
It will be valid for one day only but well worth having. 
A little Birthday treat from me to you!

Friday 8 November 2013

Spotty Bag 50% FRIDAY!

We know how much you love our spotty paper bags, 
so for today only, they are HALF PRICE

and the matching stickers too!

This offer won't come up again before Christmas, 
so grab a bargain set *HERE* whilst you can.

Monday 4 November 2013

My baby is 14!

I can not believe Sophie is 14!

Where has that time gone? 
It only seems like yesterday that we were welcoming her into the world.

 My beautiful baby has grown into a gorgeous, independent, young lady.

 We had a birthday tea last night as Jeff is working late tonight. 
Cheesecake was the cake of choice and delicious it was too!

So I'd like to wish my gorgeous girl a VERY Happy Birthday xx