Sunday 26 June 2016

Bit of a catch up!

It's been a funny old week, around here is pretty much ruled by Glastonbury and Wednesday was pretty much spent sitting in traffic or trying to dodge the tail backs, in an attempt to get on with everyday life. Thank goodness Sophie had finished her exams is all I can say. 

We spent Tuesday in Bath, Prom shoe shopping - wasn't a task I looked forward too but it ended up being a lot easier and cheaper than I'd thought. We are now ready for the big event on Thursday and I'm here hoping the sun shines for them all.

We have had far too much of the wet stuff! I really do hate the rain and when you go from blue skies one minute to this the next, you can appreciate why!

We woke up to this news on Friday of course - feeling very unsettled about what the future holds.

So we cheered ourselves up with pancakes for lunch, as it was an INSET day
and Sam LOVES pancakes!

Saturday was a 6/7hour round trip to Cornwall and back, to surprise my Dad on his 70th Birthday and it was great, he really didn't have a clue we were coming

Cake and Birthday bunting made by Sophie

So a lovely family lunch then headed home to what is today, another soggy Sunday in Somerset. Come on sunshine we want you back! What's the betting that it'll be glorious sunshine the week I'm in Italy and nothing here either side #sigh!

Have a good week x

Sunday 19 June 2016

Father's Day

To the three Dad's in my life - 
My Dad, Jeff's Dad and Jeff, dad to our lucky two!
Wishing you a very Happy Father's Day

Saturday 18 June 2016

YAYYYYYYY! Exams are over!

YAY!!! The exams are over.......

and now the Summer can begin, for this happy one anyway, her poor brother still has another 4 weeks to go and that means I still have the school run to do!

So proud of this one though, whatever the outcome she has worked jolly hard x

I've finally motivated myself to get back into decorating mode - gave myself a few weeks off whilst it was sunny and things could be done outside but really want to get the box room ticked off now, ideally before I go away in 3 weeks time. The hard bit is done now - the prep! and boy there was so much prep for such a little room but I've just painted the first coat of the ceiling and am about to go up and start on the walls, the end is in sight.

This weather is making inside decorating jobs easier, it's been pretty soggy the last few days here. I think better weather is forecast for next weekend when Glastonbury Festival is on, we need the sunshine to return, for the rest of the Summer please.

Sunday 12 June 2016

4 weeks and counting!

Four weeks tomorrow, Sophie and I head off to sunny Sorrento. It was her Christmas pressie and post exam treat and something she has to plan, although last night I started looking through the guide books whilst the football was on, to start getting a few ideas. We want to go to Rome for a day and Capri is on the list, as is the Amalfi Coast tour and either Mount Vesuvius or Pompeii - will have to see what we have time for, as we also want a couple of days just relaxing.

I've now got a little challenge on my hands - 4 weeks to get to the bottom of my target range, so I can enjoy the Italian food whilst away.

So I'm being extra good with my food and....

....back running after a little injury.

I've also got back into the decorating today whilst it's been raining. I WILL finish the boxroom (was going to type, before I go to Sorrento but not sure that will honestly happen), so I Will finish the boxroom asap!!

Wednesday 8 June 2016

Sheds and summer houses!

Forgot to mention in half term the new shed arrived and with a couple of 'unwilling' helpers, it was up within a couple of hours.

It's now painted, although needs a second coat and everything inside has gone through a very tough de-cluttering process lol! We are not keeping anything we will not use!

So with the summer house now empty, it was time for it to come down as it annoyingly happened to be in the sunniest corner of the garden. We would never on a lovely sunny day, sit 'inside' a summer house, so it's had to go........


And there you have a nice decked corner. The base is still that of the shed, it won't stay but can remain until we have time to do the next bit.

So the garden is beginning to have our stamp on it. It was a lovely garden but had been split into two halves and with the build etc we have had some 'making good' to do. Next year will all be about the plants, pots and actual gardening. Hopefully we can get lots of bulbs in for Spring next year and get lots of pots planted out for next Summer and maybe a little area for some vegetables too.

Monday 6 June 2016

Bees buzzing....

Just had the most fascinating visitors - a cast of bees, 
that have swarmed away from their hive.......

 and a bee man who subsequently came to take them away to join his bees.

This is the most brilliant website if you ever find yourself in this situation -
 15 minutes after the phone call this fab bee man was here to rescue the bees.

Wednesday 1 June 2016

Under my umbrella....

Pinch and a punch .....Hello June!

Five and a half weeks until Sophie and I go to Sorrento, so that's the same five and a half weeks to lose a couple of pounds before we go. Ideally I'd like to be at the bottom end of my target range before we go, so I can indulge a little once we're there!

Sophie and I headed to Bath for a little retail therapy today leaving the boys at home.

I bought myself some shiny pumps for Rome - the perfect footwear! 
and with a bargain 20% off, I couldn't resist.

We lunched at Prezzo's as they have a 'light' menu option and I use my Tesco's vouchers to pay, so it always feels like it's a real treat.

I'm not sure how long the Bath Brollies are up for 


I'm guessing they're inspired by Agueda in Portugal, where during the month of July many streets are covered by floating umbrellas to offer colour, shade and something interesting to look at. 
It certainly brightened up a grey damp day in Bath.