Tuesday 31 December 2019

Farewell 2019 - Review of my year!

WOW! Another year over!
It's been a fab year, full of memories and good times.

January, February, March and April





May, June, July and August





September, October, November and December





You can of course look back through my blog for any detail.

I've seen some WONDERFUL theatre

Enjoyed some INCREDIBLE music

And been to some FABULOUS places

Farewell 2019 and the 2010's!
Tomorrow we welcome in a new month, a new year and a new decade!!!

Breakfast Bags

So, I briefly mentioned the breakfast bags in a previous post. 
Each bag contains a similar type of gift wrapped in the same paper. 

Brought about because this one can't wait to open presents on Christmas Day morning. As they get older and want money as their main gift, there is less to open. I like to save opening presents for the afternoon, when I'm less busy and can appreciate what I've been given. So the compromise came about in the form of a Breakfast Bag. Not dissimilar to a stocking really, only we all opened a gift wrapped in the same paper at the same time.

Now this year, I of course knew what every gift was, although my memory or lack of it, challenged me even on a few!!! We each had a magazine, bottle of booze, scratchcard, chocolate, toiletry, travel toiletry, game, socks, gift, decoration and even an......

.....Easter egg!!!!

Jeff's selection




So as we were eating breakfast, we all opened rounds of presents....

....taking it in turns to chose a round!

They were a hit and so the Breakfast Bag is born!!
Next year I'm tasking everyone to buy a round of 4 gifts, of a type 
and wrapped in the same paper, so I get a few surprises too.

Saturday 28 December 2019


Merry, merry Christmas from us both x

Christmas morning, breakfast bags were a hit...

...and before you know it, the table is all cleared and set ready for lunch!

CHRISTMAS on a plate!

Lovely lunch, done and dusted in time for the Queen's speech....

....then more presents.

My two x

Me and my girl x

Me and my boy x

Us xx

A lovely day, just the four of us x

Boxing day started later, another family lunch, then a few games.

I spent a spare hour in the morning sorting through all my gifts. I usually enjoy the 'lost days' the days between Christmas and New Year, where you lose track of time but I was back in work the day after Boxing Day and am in again now on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday straight.

So I enjoyed the final festive feels last night......

....because today it all came down and got packed away!

The worst bit, packing away the lights, all 720 of them!!

And now the stage is set, ready to welcome in the new year 
and this year, the new decade too.

Tuesday 24 December 2019

Christmas Eve


The final food shop is done.

Christmas brownies are baking as I type!

The tinsel antlers are on for a final time, as I head off to work....

...and this evening, we will watch a Christmas film together, before heading off to bed, still with the excitement of Christmas's past, for Christmas morning after just one more sleep!

Merry Christmas x