Monday 31 August 2015

August ends!

August has not delivered the sunshine we had hoped for. On the one hand that's been really disappointing and it doesn't feel like we've had a Summer but on the other, due to the decorating I've been doing, I guess I've not missed out on the lovely weather.

August started off with us returning from our holiday in Ibiza and promptly into celebrating Sam's 13th birthday. The rest of the month has pretty much been spent stripping wallpaper, decorating, sanding and painting floors and making up Ikea furniture! We've had the odd day out in Bath, a treat meal out, dots and spots orders to still keep on top of but decorating has pretty much been it for August. 

On a health and fitness level, I saw my first ever gain, post holiday 'All Inclusive' excess! I was nominated for Woman of the Year and although I didn't win, it gave me a chance to reflect on all I've achieved this year, size 18 to size8!!!! I've now been at Target for 10 weeks and this is where I'd now like to stay!

We as a family have taken out membership at the local fitness centre, as it's just 5 minutes walk from the house. The boys have been swimming 18-20 lengths of the pool EVERY day (I'm very proud of Sam) and I had my gym induction yesterday, as I know come winter I'll be making up all those excuses not to run when it gets cold and wet. I hope to continue to be active 3-4 times a week, be it an exercise class, a run, a blast on the treadmill or a swim - I'll have no excuse!

I still intend to continue going to my local SW group every week to get weighed, keep me focused and meet up with all my lovely fellow slimmers. I wouldn't have achieved all I have without them.

So, school starts for everyone this week - back to the school runs for me but a 2 minute walk for Jeff. This house move does feel like it's been a good move and once Jeff's term starts, we can really put it to the test and see if he benefits as we had hoped from extra time at home.

Here's hoping September is a sunny, warm month,
 I'm not ready to put my flip flops away just yet!

Friday 28 August 2015

We're getting there!

One room down, the rest of the house still to go!!

Saturday (yes we are mad!!!) saw us ALL in Ikea on a mission to buy furniture for Sophie and Sam's room's. Because their bedrooms were up on the third floor in our last house, we left a lot of the Ikea furniture there, as we couldn't get it down the stairs without pulling it all apart. 

Sophie's room is now finished - from this.... this!!
Jeff lived in Ikea flat pack making hell for 3 days, to get her furniture all made up and in place. Frustratingly we're waiting for an electrician to come next week to fit some extra sockets, before she can move everything in.

She's sleeping in there and doing her holiday homework on her new desk and once the electricians been, we can move her out of the box room and move Sam in, before I start on his room.

The new extension is progressing frustratingly slowly due to our architect not doing what he's promised. Planning Permission will take 8 weeks which he promised he'd do before we went to Ibiza at the end of July but still doesn't look like it's been accepted onto the system. So instead of an original September start for the build, we're now looking at a November start!! We have met one builder though and once the plans for the extension are talked through, the excitement returns. I have so many ideas, plans and just want things to get started but am realistic that it'll be February/March before we will be in a position to get everything out of storage.

So as the Summer holidays come to close, the decorating will continue in amongst the school runs, dots and spots etc. I'm mindful it's coming up to my busiest time of year and progress will be slow as a result but I'd like to get Sam sorted by October half term - best get cracking!!

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 21 August 2015


Today in our Slimming World Group, we crowned our 'Woman of the Year'
I, alongside 3 of my new SW Friends, was a nominee. I didn't win, my friend and well deserved winner was Jennie, who has lost an incredible 6 and a half stone.

Without the support, laughter, friendship and support of group, I wouldn't have achieved my weight loss this year. I love my Friday mornings and always leave feeling inspired and motivated for the new week ahead. I've managed to stay in my Target range now for 9 weeks and that's with a house move and holiday thrown in and all because of the fabulous people who come to group!!

It's hard to believe that just last September, I walked into my first SW meeting wearing the jeans on the left - size 18 and am now comfortably wearing a size 8!!

In fact just this week I actually bought and could comfortably fit into a size 8 pair of skinny jeans! Now if you'd have said that would be possible a year ago, I wouldn't have believed you.

Have a great weekend x

Thursday 20 August 2015

The decorating continues.

Since I last posted I've continued to decorate Sophie's room. The walls have been undercoated and have had 2 coats of Spotlight Grey by Crown.

The floor has been undercoated.....

....... and had 3 coats of Slate Grey by Ronseal.

I now just have to gloss the woodwork and a trip to Ikea is imminent to buy the furniture she wants. The wardrobe doors will be replaced eventually once we have the builders on site and I'm awaiting an electrician to put in some extra plugs. So we should be done before the end of the summer holidays as promised, then it'll be Sam's turn.

Sophie has a big year ahead with her GCSE'S her main focus, so having a nice room to work in should help with the study and revision. This morning she started things off with an A grade in Core Science - so proud. Jeff's students did well too, all passing, so a happy household today. 

Saturday 15 August 2015

It's started!!

So it's started ........ the decorating has begun!

Sophie's room is first to get started and she's helped!
I think she thought it might get done quicker if she helped, so she's stripped wallpaper and has done her first bit of painting too.

The floor has bee prepped, sanded and is ready to paint too.

The undercoat is done and today the first coat of colour goes on.
Watch this space!!

Friday 7 August 2015

First of many!!

Today we celebrate the first birthday in our new home!
Today my baby becomes a teenager!!

Not sure where the year's have gone but am hoping he remains a happy individual throughout his teenage years. He didn't have much for his birthday as his new room is his main present (will be for Sophie too) but he was happy with a new computer monitor and a few treats to open this morning. Pancakes were his breakfast of choice, followed by croissants and birthday cake for lunch and Garlic Bread is his favourite tea - think he's fed up of chips after having them daily on holiday!!

So how much taller than me will he get? 
He's already a good few inches taller than me now and seems to be growing daily at the moment, think Jeff might be worried soon!!

Happy Birthday Sam xxx

Holiday round up!

So we're back - rested and relaxed after 11 days of hot sunshine in Ibiza. 
Our hotel was right on the beach and....

...had a great pool - spoilt rotten.

Only downside to the holiday was the sunbed scrum at 9am. There were far too few umbrellas, so you had to wait from 8am on the steps, for the chains to be lifted at 9am to make sure you got an umbrella! Other than that, which was more stressful than the school run lol! it was a great break away from everything.

Plenty of reading and relaxing was done.

Much needed family time spent together.

Plenty of swimming each day and as we were on the 5th floor, plenty of stair climbing too.

Jeff and I celebrated our 19th Wedding Anniversary out there and ...

... left the kids in the hotel and had an evening to ourselves!
What a view! 

Most evenings were spent going for a walk, eating ice-cream or swimming in the sea.

It really was a fabulous spot right by the beach.

Sam coped with the heat - he doesn't really enjoy it, so swims and makes use of the air conditioning in between. To be honest he would rather not go!!

Sophie and I sheltering from the most torrential rain one morning (you can just make it out in the back ground) We got stuck under the umbrella whilst the boys were in the pool swimming. Thankfully the sun came out soon after to dry us and everything off.

So after a fabulous break away, it's back home and time to start decorating. I promised the children I'd get their rooms done this Summer. No more putting it off, Sunday it's project 'Sophie's Room' swifly followed by Sam's!!

Here's to next year - better start saving up!!