Sunday 25 February 2018

Family trip!

We have had some beautiful sunny February days but boy has it been cold and it's set to get colder, soooo deceptive but better than rain any day.

Weighed in at group yesterday and picked up my 1 stone Award - pretty chuffed with my progress and only another 8.5lbs will see me back in target x

Didn't stay to group last week as this one was getting her hair cut! Looks fab, don't you agree? Love it shorter and styled, hoping she'll keep it this length now. All part of my 'Self love Sophie' mini campaign xx

Had a great family trip out yesterday to Birmingham.

 I bought tickets for one of Sophie and Sam's favourite American bands Imagine Dragons, as a Christmas pressie. They're only playing 5 dates in the UK for their Evolve World Tour and I got tickets! Their first 'poper' concert and it didn't disappoint, had the best night!

Although we managed to stand behind Birmingham's tallest man!!!! 

Great live band

And this is what it was all about- love these two to bits xxx

Have a great week x

Saturday 17 February 2018

Half term break. blink and you miss it!

Why do the holidays come and go so quickly?

It's been a mixture of work and pleasure - I worked the Monday, then met up with an old Uni friend in Bristol for lunch on the Tuesday. Thankfully it stopped raining whilst we were walking around. 

After our trip to Reading on Saturday, Sophie decided not to revisit Birmingham University on the Wednesday, so it felt like I gained an extra day off. The flooring man had a cancellation, so we got the new vinyl laid early - what a difference having proper flooring makes, after 2 years of plywood!

I also gave the 'loo roll cupboard' a little makeover too, with some new oilcloth.

The last few days have hinted heavily that Spring is well and truly on the way. Managed to get all 3 sets of bedding washed and out on the line to dry this week - makes such a difference.

Faced the scales and Slimming World this morning and got away with a 'maintain' - pretty pleased with that as it's been half term and I've probably been a little less focused what with days out, pancakes, valentine's etc.

Sophie and I have also been doing some 'Sugar Free' baking to find her some recipes to make for school lunches, snacks etc So far we've made cookies, coconut macaroons, jammy oat slices and macadamia rice krispie squares!!

I hope you've all had a good half term - I'm working tomorrow and then it's back to school on Monday - February is whizzing by, which means lighter, brighter, warmer days aren't too far away.

Sunday 11 February 2018

Half term hols.......

.... and we're all ready for the break!

Although no lie in for the first day, instead alarm set and out the door by 7:30am Reading bound. Sophie received offers from all five of the Universities she applied to but has 2 clear favourites. Both have Applicant days, where you are invited to revisit, look at the department and course a little more thoroughly and see the accommodation again. Saturday was the turn of Reading. It was a lovely start, super sunrise to get us on our way but the weather turned grey, wet and miserable - perfect really!! If you can still like a place in that sort of weather, then it'll be fabulous on a warm, sunshiny day!

It was well worth the revisit, perfect opportunity to ask any questions, iron out any queries and basically re-evaluate if it's the place for you. Could she be happy there for the next 4 years of her life!?! And (I think) the answer could be Yes! I could see her being happy there. It felt friendly, safe and a big positive is, that it offers a years placement in work during the 3rd year, so great experience, great for the CV and great for her future employability. Reading itself isn't a city, which is what put her off I think initially but it's big and just a 20 minute train journey to London, plus she could easily get a train back to Somerset. 

We now need to decide whether to revisit Birmingham or just park it away in a box. The thing is, Birmingham requires 3 A's and despite all her hard work, I'm not really sure if that's achievable. The amount of stress and pressure she'd have to put yourself under would be immense. Reading, if her firm choice, is ABB - much more achievable and I also think long term, would the course, working environment be less stressful too!?! Only she can make the decision but she's a clever girl and whatever she decides, she'll work her butt off to do the best she can xx

Saturday 3 February 2018

February is here!

Gotta love February - storming in with blue skies and sunshine, in January's wake! It was such a welcome sight, albeit short lived and grey skies and mizzle has returned today. 

As always, January was filled with flowers, in an attempt to brighten the gloomy grey days.

January was a great month for my Slimming World return. I lost 10.5lbs in total and a further 2lbs this morning, so just 10lbs will see me back at target again. 

I've been roasting rhubarb and 

......making chocolate filled raspberries and strawberries. 
This was for taster at group this morning and I came home with a very nearly empty plate, so I'm guessing they went down well.

I'm having to think up new food ideas even more now, as Sophie, frustratingly, has also been diagnosed with PCOS too. I have suspected it for the last couple of years but after a Dr's appointment, we now have the diagnosis. It's really unfair and so much to take on board. What 18yr old wants to have to give up so many foods they enjoy and have to either go without or find alternatives, which really aren't the same!?! We had a brainstorming session together the other evening, starting with what she does like - it'll be a long road ahead but we will get there together.

I always think that with Spring just around the corner, you can see so much more positively about most situations. Had a 10 minute potter out in the garden the other day and there was lots of fresh green shoots on the way, daffodils in bud and the odd crocus beginning to open.

Here's hoping the month of February is short and sweet and acts as that stepping stone to lighter, brighter, sunnier days ahead.