Saturday 25 September 2021

And then there were none!!

 How does the saying go ? 'Time flies when you're having fun'.....

...... or in my case when you're just super busy!!

So, finally the time has come for my baby boy to leave home! 
All Granny ever wanted was for Sam to go to University, 
well sadly she's not here to actually see it...

...but on Wednesday morning we packed up the Micra....

......and were Cardiff bound!
Sam being as laid back as he is, got a 3pm move in slot. We got there a little earlier and there seemed to be no one checking timings, so as we got a space directly outside his block and moved him in. Followed by the big Tesco's shop....

And then I left him to go and park the car. He's in a mixed flat of six, three guys, 3 girls and out of the 3 I've met, they seem great. Sam is a very social individual and I've never had any worries about him settling in, making friends, it's just the 'work bit'!!  Will he find his lectures?

I'd decided to stay over in Cardiff for the night, as Sam had no idea when or if any of his housemates were moving in that day. Had no one showed, we could've spent the evening together but it worked out fine and I left him chatting to his flatmates in the kitchen. The walk to my accommodation was lovely, along the river....

....through the park and this'll be Sam's daily commute to lectures!

I booked a room through and very nice it was too.
I hadn't realised it was above a pub but that worked out beautifully...

... a beer, bowl of chips and a much needed coffee on arrival!

I then spent the following day (Thursday) in Cardiff exploring, shopping and drinking coffee. I met Sam and one of his flatmates for lunch, which was lovely, as she just seemed a really nice girl and made me feel happier leaving him, knowing that he would be okay. I quickly picked up some bits from Sam's to take back and headed for home, exhausted!!

Friday and for the first time in a long time, I had the day completely to myself. Spoke to Sophie first thing for a catch up, got 4 loads of washing done and on the line, then headed over to The Newt in Bruton for the morning.

It was a beautiful blue sky day and the autumnal colours were stunning.

It is a beautiful place. I have a years membership, which was £17. They've now upped the yearly membership to £48, which I feel is too much to justify continuing with. So I plan to make the most of my time left and go at least monthly before my membership runs out.

I did manage to see the deer...

...and the wire walkway of gourds was stunning.

There were nods to autumn wherever you turned....

...and the autumnal colours shouted out.

So today is Saturday, more recently spent with Sophie.....

...but it's an Exeat weekend, which means Jeff has a rare Saturday off, 
so we got to spend the day together

And we went for a long walk this morning, down to the Reed beds and more autumnal feels all the way. I'd not done that walk in a long time, since May, as I was charged at by a cow, so thought safer going with Jeff. It's a lovely walk and so close to home.

And so with the new season, a new era begins, just Jeff and I at home!
New adventures lie ahead for Sophie and Sam and they will hopefully get to enjoy a more 'normal' year away at university. Sophie in her last year but with the pressure off enough to enjoy her final year, knowing she has a job lined up for when she leaves. Sam on the other hand starts his Uni life and the next four years living in Cardiff. Am a little bit jealous, it looks a great city and I just know he's going to have the best time. We plan to visit in half term, check up on him, probably a food shop and free lunch thrown in for good measure and Sophie is home for a few days in early November for Reading Week. Their beds are stripped, washed and made up again if they need to come home but I think that's very unlikely xx

Saturday 18 September 2021

One down, one to go!

Another busy week!!
Worked Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and was glad to finish. 
I find it exhausting with so much else going on!

Took time out on Wednesday morning, to take a final walk with Sam.

We headed over to our favourite spot - Stockhill Woods.
Can you spot the web bathed in sunlight?

A close up!

I actually had this photo shared on a bigger site x

There were a few 'fab fungi' about but not the classic red and white Fly Agaric yet!

Still lots to photograph

I will be back!

Anyway after a lovely calm morning, wandering around in the woods, I came home to a packing challenge! Sophie seems to accumulate more and more stuff and we still only have a Micra!!

A 6am alarm and in Reading before 9am and this is Sophie's home for the next year! 
Top floor, no lift, 100's of journeys up and down .....

....but she's all moved in!

Time out on Friday for a much needed coffee and catch up with a friend....

...and now it's Sam's turn! 
I've been buying bits and piling them up at the bottom of our bed as there was no where else to put it all. Am about to start packing it all up today, as am working Sun, Mon, Tues and we head off to Cardiff on Wednesday, although he's got a 3pm slot, so can pack the car up on Wednesday morning!

So a busy old week. 
One down and one to go!!

Sunday 12 September 2021

A quick round up of the week

So I worked the Sunday and then had a rare night out! Drinks for a couple of lads from work heading off to Uni!! REMEMBER don't go out with 18/19 yr olds!!! Amazingly I didn't wake up with a hangover, more luck than anything!! But was exhausted by the end of my late shift on Monday night!

Had Tuesday booked off as holiday and lucked out with the weather. 
A glorious day, so we spent it in the garden.....

.....eeking out the very last ray of sunshine.....

....and enjoying our meal together outside. Quite possibly our last!

On Wednesday Sophie and I headed to Winchester for the day. Originally we had these few days earmarked for a little European adventure. Obviously the way things still are, we thought it would be safer to stay here. We had booked Brighton but not knowing when granny's funeral would be, we changed tack again and so decided to day trip in to Winchester. I was in Winchester about 39 years ago, when we used to live in Romsey!!

Then on the way home we decided to take a detour and drive past where I used to live in Romsey, from the age of 4-11, my infant and junior school years. Mum was a nurse at Winchester hospital and Dad worked in the Winchester office for the Ordnance Survey. Happy days, so many memories came flooding back, bike rides to the farm shop, roller skating, playing marbles, first Rubik's cube, picking blackberries......

Thursday, a different day,a different city, Bristol! and very different weather!!!

Sophie and I booked last minute tickets to see Beauty and the Beast and we're so glad we did. It was wonderful, watching live theatre again, so much talent.

We also found a brilliant Greek restaurant, selling the most delicious food. 
That'll become a post show favourite  for sure.

My figs are thriving....

...picked another 13!! Now picked over 60 figs this year!

Friday evening and another night out in another city!! the city of Wells! We decided it was the last chance to all go out together as a family before they both head off to Uni

And a lovely evening it was too x

And then of course yesterday, Saturday, we headed down to Cornwall early for Granny's funeral (see previous post) So a busy old week all in all. I worked today, hence the evening round up, then working Monday and Tuesday, then Wednesday I shall be packing up the car before Reading bound on Thursday, taking Sophie back to Uni! 

Have a good week, just praying for it to stay dry for moving in day x

Saturday 11 September 2021

A final Farewell

Saturday 11th of September 2021

Today we said a final farewell to my Granny.

She didn't want any fuss, no service, just a simple burial and to be reunited with Papa, the love of her life, whom she missed terribly. It was a simple, yet appropriate send off. As the Vicar spoke and her body was laid to rest, the sun shone down on us all. My dad picked a rose from her garden in the morning and laid it on her coffin.

My two did me proud. I'm not good with emotional stuff, can't hold it in, blub away. Without prompt Sophie's hand held mine and Sam's arm was around my shoulders. They did me proud, propping up their old mum and checking I was okay, as Jeff could not be there.

I miss my Granny terribly, but am happy now she is finally at peace and reunited with Papa.
I was very lucky to have her around as long as I did xx