Sunday, 3 July 2016

One whole Year!!!

Really not sure where the time has gone but it's one year today that we moved house.

A whole year ago, when I thought it all wasn't going to happen and the stress was unbelievable.

And in that year, we have gone from this .......

..... to this!

Over the year we had our planning application approved to build the extension, we decorated Sophie and Sam's rooms first before the chaos of the build started. Then we existed during the 5 month build. Once the builders left we have finished 'ish! the kitchen, our bedroom and nearly completed the boxroom. We have taken down trees, cut hedges, built decks, removed a summer house and put up a shed!

There is still masses to do and now with the summer holidays upon us, I am hoping to get the back garden finished and the sitting room done. Then tackle the bathroom once everyone goes back to school in September. We have no intention of moving again in the very near future so will work our way through the 'to do' list slowly but surely.

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