Sunday, 7 August 2016

Birthday Boy - 14!!!

How did that happen? Where does time go?
Today we celebrate Sam's 14th birthday!! 

We went to bed last night with the scene set - presents wrapped, birthday bunting up. the cake made and wake up time negotiated (not ridiculously early)

and here he is - my baby! 
14 years old today and getting ever closer to be the same height as his father - maybe next year he'll be taller!

This 'memory' came up on facebook today - 5 years ago!

I am very proud of the young man Sam is becoming - he's still a sensitive soul who doesn't like any attention on him but he is kind, caring, considerate and empathetic and is becoming a lovely young man. I know I'm biased but.....

Big GCSE years are now ahead of him. He, like Sophie, has no idea what he wants to do but I'm sure with hard work, he could do anything he wanted.

Have a wonderful Birthday Sam x

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Sam!
Know how you feel Becky, my baby boy is now 19!
Have a lovely day celebrating.
Mandy X