Friday, 1 December 2017

Pinch and a punch......

....hello December.

Not gonna lie, so happy it's December - from December the 1st, I'm allowed to get christmassy. We won't put our tree up until next weekend, generally 2 weeks before Christmas but I start to 'drip out' the odd bit from now on.

The advent bits are ready - a paper calendar to share and Sophie and Sam have a Hotel Chocolat one this year to open in turns, plus the chocolate tin is out!!! It's basically a mix of Hero's, Celebrations, Quality Street and Roses, all mixed up and the tin gets refreshed 'once' when empty but then when they're gone, they're gone! Christmas tunes are officially now allowed to be played, Christmas films can be watched, Christmas candles can be lit.....

....and the coffee mugs can be filled!

Oh! And the wreath is up on the door!

Here's to a fabulous and festive December xx

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