Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Pinch and a punch......

I love the start of a fresh month - hello March!
The promise of Spring just around the corner. The hope for warmer, sunnier days ahead. 
I really do not enjoy the winter months, so welcome March with open arms.

February was a something and nothing month - most of my time has been taken up with driving with Sophie, the odd cinema trip and the rare sign of Spring just around the corner.

I have however spent a lot of time reading, researching and planning the role 'Sugar' plays in my health and well being, so go into March and 'Lent' with my 'Sugar Free' focus, well and truly ready to go! I will really give it a proper go for the Lent period and see how it makes me feel - no cheating, no odd nibbles (it doesn't matter) 100% 'sugar free' for the next 40 days or 44 if you are counting exactly (something about Sundays being days off in Lent!) There is of course sugars in lots of food, including healthy fruits and vegetables, so I will be aiming for no more that 6tsps a day. Fruit will be limited to 2 portions a day and of a certain type, maxing out in the veg department instead and I will do my best to limit all the sugar I can in other foods - no refined sugar. I've opened a new Instagram account @beckyswandsprouts to track what I'm eating and share any 'Sugar Free' gems.

Have a great March! 

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