Saturday 5 September 2020

Into the 'ber' months

Pinch and a punch.....

....hello September!
As we enter the 'ber' months!!

We say farewell to August, a busy month celebrating - our 24th Wedding Anniversary, Sams 18th and his A-Level results. Jeff was happy to return to refereeing, we got a new car as a result of the mini failing it's MOT . The weather has been nothing special, in fact there has been a strong autumnal feel for the past couple of weeks.

Sophie and I day tripped it to Cornwall on Wednesday, to see Mum and Dad and mainly to visit Granny, who is sadly beginning to show/feel her age. She's fiercely determined to stay at home, which puts a lot extra on to my dad and now has to have carers in 3 times a day. We had to be indoors this visit, so wore our masks, still no hugs, keeping our distance....

.... but it was still lovely to spend some time with her and see Mum and Dad.

It was a lovely day, the journey home on the other hand was nothing to write home about. There had been an accident 2-3hrs before we got caught up in it and we ended up in crawling traffic. As a result, instead of getting home around 6pm, we walked through the door just before 9pm!!

Thursday was a first! The first time I'd been home ALONE in 6 months.
I had the whole house to myself. Sophie had gone to meet friends...

....Jeff was back to work....

....and Sam too!!
He's been taken on full time from his Sunday job, for the duration of his Gap Year. I think he's glad to have something to get up for, plus he'll be happy to receive his first pay cheque.

So with Autumn in full stride, the cycle of returning to school and work begins and we start to settle back into some form of a routine. Obviously it's not like previous years. Jeff will be the most 'normal' in his daily comings and goings. Sam will be working different hours every week but I'm sure that'll settle into a pattern and Sophie? Well she remains at home, starts with the ONS for her Placement Year on Wednesday but from the luxury of the box room! It will be lovely to have her around at the weekend, when she's not off visiting friends. So a different time ahead. It feels good to be opening back up into a new 'normal'. Obviously things could change again, just like that, but hopefully we can settle into a new routine and I can enjoy the odd period of peace and quiet at home xx

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