Saturday 3 July 2021

Inching closer

This week has whizzed by. Obviously I came on here mid week just to give you a little update and share Sophie's fabulous news. As per normal, I worked my normal Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, then had my treat trip to Bath on Wednesday. Walked with a friend on Thursday, day at home catching up on Friday, lovely meal and much needed catch up in the evening with a friend, then today (Saturday) I've just got home from a day out to Cribbs in Bristol with Sophie. Then it's back to work again tomorrow for the next three days. 

Quietly behind the scenes I've been trying to get myself organised in case we do go away! Potentially we could be heading out the door 4am on Wednesday morning and not returning for a fortnight. There again we could still be heading out at 4am but returning home on a technicality. As I've said before, I'm trying to not look forward to it too much, in case it doesn't happen. If we go, I'll of course do a follow up on our return, if we don't, I'll be on here as usual next week!!

Anyway what will be, will be, it's out of our hands.
Have a good week xx

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