Saturday, 30 October 2021

Half term - week two!!

New bedding from Habitat, thought I'd treat myself!

So after my rare Sunday off, I worked my normal Monday, Tuesday.....

Sophie was celebrating her birthday early, as it's reading week next week and most people go home, including her. So with a friend visiting who is Vegan, a flatmate who is vegan, another who is gluten free, I sent her these vegan/gluten/dairy and refined sugar free treats!! 

I've also set up a travel account on Instagram to share future travel plans and adventures, 
so if you are interested it's @hap_pea_travels

Then on Wednesday, day off, Jeff and I headed to Cardiff to check in on the boy!

"Meet you at Tesco's at 12:30!!!"
So obligatory food shop done, bedding changed and fresh towels! 
Booked into our accommodation for the night and spent the afternoon walking along the river and enjoying a coffee....

...... before meeting up with Sam for the evening.

Jeff and I were up early on Thursday, quick walk around the park before coffee, then a few hours wandering around the shops of Cardiff (Jeff hates shopping!!)

Then met up with Sam for Lunch, after his Lab session finished.

Dropped him back at his Hall's and then headed on home. 
It was good to just to check in on him, chat again to some of his flatmates, make sure he was doing some work!! He's obviously enjoying the social side of student life, looked knackered but is happy and that's the main thing.

Friday at home and a bit of a catch up day! I did a big food shop, got my hair coloured, then in the evening Di came over to cut it. I then spent an enjoyable hour sorting out the Christmas chocolate tins, ready to give all the ones we don't like for the trick or treaters on Halloween. Am doing an extra tin for Sam this year, as he's not due home until the 17th of December! Sophie wants a proper chocolate Advent calendar this year so I don't have to do her one.

It's hard to believe we're nearing the end of October and it's Halloween on Sunday. Clocks go back too, which is one of my least favourite things, hate the dark evenings and waking up to it being dark. It's still quite mild though, not had a cold snap yet!

I'll leave you with this photo - graffiti on the wall in Cardiff!

Got another busy week next week with Sophie home for reading week and her birthday. Have a few days out and treats planned in, blink and it'll be time for me to sit here writing next weeks blog! I know they say that time goes by quickly, the older you get but really, where does the time go??? I must get myself into Christmas mode and start sorting out what needs to be done. Work will start to get busy, extra shifts no doubt, so I must get organised!!

Have a good week xx

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