Saturday, 28 May 2022

How are we in the last week of May?

Time is literally flying by! 
I worked my Sunday, Monday, had a dentist appointment on Tuesday, work meeting on Wednesday but in between caught up and ....

....walked with Jeff on Tuesday evening. 
The weather had been wet all day, so it was nice to make the most of the evening sunshine.

I walked with my friend on Thursday, thankfully it stayed dry.

We're both members of the National Trust, so we headed over to Stourhead Gardens.

The Rhododendrons looked fabulous, much needed colour on a grey day.

Then in the evening, on a school night!! the much anticipated, rescheduled
 KILLERS Concert in Bristol.

We seriously couldn't have got a seat any further away!!! Can you spot Jeff??
It was bloody freezing as the wind whipped through the metal grate behind us ...

.....we had an incredible view.

An absolutely FANTASTIC evening, albeit a late one!

Yesterday was sunny and I spent the afternoon relaxing!!
I need to acclimatise as the weather in Florence next week is HOT, HOT, HOT!!
I've started packing, worked out what to wear, caught up with my sister about what we're hoping to do. 

All very exciting and even more so as we've waited 2 years to go! and I guess 30yrs to return to Pisa and Florence, when we inter-railed together in the summer of 1992. Just got to work my Sunday and an early on Monday, then an early flight on Tuesday morning and pray that the airport chaos of recent weeks doesn't affect us xx

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