Sunday 19 May 2024

What a week!!

Not gonna lie, this week has been a little stressful. I didn't realise when doing exam invigilation, how much involvement there would be with computers. I've been fine up until now, as nothing has majorly gone wrong and there's always been someone more qualified/capable than me to hand. But on a couple of occasions this week, I've felt a little out of my depth. The worst situation was on Thursday evening, a 3 hour exam, with 45 mins of extra time......and something goes wrong when the IT staff have all gone home!!! I can't go into detail, but boy, was I a little stressed. It's such a responsibility!

On a lighter note, I did come home to this lovely little gift in the post, from my mum. A sleeping mosquito cap, she had made for me!! We did laugh!! But never say never.... it may be needed in Greece!!

After such a stressful week and I've been really focused on my health kick, I did go in search of this deeeeelicious cinnamon bun, on my first day off on Saturday. It's a good alternative, to THE best Landrace Bakery cinnamon buns, so close to home. In fact it was just in Glastonbury.

So whilst I was there, I took the opportunity to go and see the new Dahlia Mural at the top of the high street. Painted by local artist Jonathan Minshull

Look at the detail!!
It's fabulous x

I then got home and had a catch up with Sophie. 
She's been up in Manchester for a conference. A paper she'd helped put together had been published and was being presented at the conference, so we had a lot of exciting news to catch up on!! You wouldn't believe me if I said I was seeing her on Saturday!!!!

I have felt shattered this week. All the stressful scenarios have been playing over in my mind a 4 o'clock in the morning and I've been needing to go to the loo in the early hours!! I think I'm aware that I'm not drinking enough in the day, because you can't go to the loo in the middle of invigilating an exam, so I'm making up for it when I get home in the evening and drinking more than I would normally!!

I also think I've been getting hot! 
So we changed over to the lighter weight summer duvet today. 
You can blame me if the weather changes dramatically!

One thing a stressful week has helped with, is keeping me on track diet wise! I'm actually celebrating, because on Wednesday, it'll be 9 years since I lost my weight and reached target with Slimming World. And over the course of those 9 years, I've manage more of less to keep 4 of the 6 stone I lost off!! I'm pretty proud of 'me' for doing that!! Obviously I fluctuate within a couple of stone, but on the whole, I've done okay. 

As time has gone on, my focus/goal changed, from being thin to being healthy! 
From 2015-2019, it was easier to maintain. I still went to Slimming World for a couple of years after reaching target to keep me on track but found that I wasn't really following the plan because of my PCOS, so went it alone. I incorporated fasting and really focused on protein, good fats and fiber, going low/no carbs and sugar, which is what I'm still doing today!!

The Covid years were hard! Working in a stressful environment, having everyone at home, so many carbs and treats on the table, meant I had to really knuckle down, focus and commit to keeping on track! But with a holiday planned and swimwear to wriggle into, I got my 'why' back in focus!!

Throw the menopause, a bad back, frozen shoulder, aching joints into the mix, and it got even harder!! But it's made me more determined to keep the weight off and be as healthy as I can be x

So on Wednesday, I will be raising a glass to me, even if it's just water on a fast day!!!

Here's hoping this week coming is a little easier.

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