Friday 3 February 2017


So this morning I faced the Slimming World scales and was rewarded with a 3 pounds weight loss - yippee! I weighed in at 9 stone 4&1/2lbs on the official scales, so back in my target bubble Phew!

As you know, I've been researching my PCOS condition and am looking for ways to fine tune my eating habits, to make maintaining easier and manage my PCOS better. One thing I have enjoyed is introducing more snacks, so 6 eating opportunities a day! The idea behind this, is to keep your blood sugar levels more constant. Obviously the food has to be the right food and I'm supposed to eat protein and carbs together but I have enjoyed the extra snacks this week.

And I have been doing an awful lot of reading up around the subject, whilst also enjoying daily up dates via the PCOS Diet Support Starter Kit emails. I have decided for now to try:

Low dairy - no more than one portion a day.
Gluten Free choices when I can and low/no carbs.
Choose Low Glycemic Loaded foods where I can and
Go Low Sugar rather than No Sugar for now, 
(although I am still reading up around the subject)

So we will see what this new week brings - fingers crossed a couple more pounds off, seeing me more comfortably in my target range.

Have a good week x

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