Monday, 20 March 2017


She passed!!!!!

So pleased for her - 8:20am in busy Yeovil and she passed with just one minor!

She's had a great instructor - would highly recommend him. 
Sam's booked in for August 2019! 

I will take some of the credit though - we have spent many an hour driving around together, reversing around corners, hill starts, reversing into parking bays, parallel parking, roundabouts - oh yes! 14 roundabouts a day on the school run. She's been extremely motivated and I guess now, well, when she's insured as a 'driver', she'll take over the school run - whooppee!!

Well done Sophie - just like your Mum, passed first time xx
Very proud of you x


Lisa said...

Well done Sophie - and to you too for helping. My son has just started and I've taken him out a couple of times. It isn't easy is it?!!
Happy and safe motoring to Sophie!
Lisa x

dots and spots said...

It's not easy Lisa - I've surprised myself how calm I've been. I think Sam (my son) will be a different pupil, when I have that challenge in a couple of years. She's been very motivated and since Christmas, once a little more confident, has been driving 40mins a day, to school and back, which has helped immensely. It's really down to clocking up time and experience behind the wheel and I must confess, I'm still quite shocked she's passed so quickly