Saturday, 26 August 2017

Garden round up!

Not been the most exciting of weeks - Sophie's been working (last day tomorrow!!) Sam's been out with friends, Jeff's been back into work since the GCSE results came out on Thursday, so I've been pretty much at home pottering. Should really have been painting the bathroom but can't quite get motivated to start, have been out in the garden instead!

Found this photo of the garden, which acts as a great comparison. The top pic was taken early January and then the garden as it is now.

There's still the planting out of the bed along the back wall - I want to fill it with Allium bulbs, ready for next summer and possibly peonies or hydrangeas. And there will be, eventually, a 'proper' wooden path to connect the 2 decks.

The few vegetables we've planted are doing well now. The apple tree is full to bursting with fruit this year and my raspberry canes, strawberry plants and the rhubarb, are all getting established in their new spot, ready to fruit next year, fingers crossed. 

Mixed fortunes with the courgette and beans - both have been a little late to the party but are now producing great crops, particularly the beans.

These tomatoes have completely self seeded from the compost we put out in that bed. Hoping the tomatoes will ripen over this warm, sunny bank holiday weekend, such a bonus.

And these wild strawberries, left in the garden by the previous owner, have fruited all summer.

Although we back right onto other gardens, have neighbours either side, I don't feel over looked in this garden and we have the wonderful, ever changing view of Glastonbury Tor to look out to. 

Having glanced at the forecast, I'll be spending the rest of my weekend out there, enjoying this much needed and overdue sunshine. Have a great Bank Holiday Weekend x

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